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21 normal things that happen in America but nowhere else.

21 normal things that happen in America but nowhere else.


Galileo was put to death when he said the Earth revolves around the Sun. That was 380 years ago, and today we all understand that the Earth revolves around the Sun. But in 2022 Americans have a hard time remembering that the world doesn't revolve around them.

On a popular Reddit thread, commentators made a list of things that only happen in America.

1. Ruhestoerung says:

Naming mere suspects of crimes with their complete names and a picture in the news.

2. Pope_Khajiit says:

Veterans discount. When I worked in retail, I would occasionally have to explain that being a past or active member of the American military doesn't qualify you for a discount in Australia. It was usually the family of the veteran who would be asking, sometimes demanding, the price reduction

3. bobbi21 says:

The waiter taking your credit card at a restaurant. Most other countries bring the machine to you so you can pay at the table and at least reduce the risk of having your credit card information stolen.

4. Rwebberc says:

The gas pump only turns on after you’ve paid. I was in the UK filling up my rental at a somewhat rural station and was astonished that I was supposed to pay after. I asked the guy if people ever leave without paying, and he just shrugged and said, “sometimes, but not often enough that it’s a problem.”

5. GlimmerMage12 says:

Drinking Root beer. My Brazilian friend told me they do not drink that, as it is the flavor of their toothpaste!

6. Ruhestoerung has another one:

Hospitals connected to specific insurances (and you have to make sure you go to the right one, how do you even do that after a car crash?)

7. NotCleverNamesTaken says:

The over the top customer service attitude. On a trip abroad my wife thought that she upset the waiter somehow because he was generally neutral in his interaction. It was generally neutral because it was a generally neutral interaction. No need for that customer service attitude!

8. mommyrella says:

Drinking out of red solo cups in college. A friend of mine studied abroad in London and said her new friends asked if we actually used them or if they were “only in the movies.”

9. AldousSaidin says:

Free refills on sodas

10. SuvenPan says:

Having a garbage disposal unit installed under the kitchen sink.

11. Highland_Dragon says:

Have grape flavored foods. I'm sure it exists elsewhere, but I've never seen it here in the UK. We have blackcurrant flavor instead, which is the 'purple' version in sweets and drinks.

12. drax3012 says:

The sheer amount of ad breaks when watching a tv show. In the US, there seems to be one every 10 mins, but here in the UK, you get a break halfway through a show and then in between shows and that's it.

13. iebi says:

Born and raised in the US (Massachusetts). When I went to Australia, I automatically assumed that the waiter would bring the bill over when they think we're done eating and just tell us to pay whenever we're ready.

I sat at the table for a good 15min just browsing my phone with no food or drink on the table until I decided to call a waiter over. They told me when I'm ready, I can pay at the front counter.

Went to Brazil to visit my wife's family and we ordered some street food. I tried to pay upon order and my wife told me they take payment after we finish eating even if it's street food. After eating, we totally forgot that we hadn't paid yet and just got up and walked away. About 50 meters of walking, I was like, wait, we didn't pay for the food. We rushed back to pay and the cooks had a good laugh about it.

14. Old_Consideration_31 says:

No joke, I knew a girl who thought every country lit fireworks on the 4th of July.

15. 3rdtimeischarmy says:

An American woman and I watched Donovan Bailey run a race, he's a Jamaica-born Canadian, and she called him African-American.

16. GolgaGrimnaar says:

Peanut butter and jelly... I couldn't believe it wasn't a worldwide thing.

17. Mahaloth says:

Having public bathroom stall doors that do NOT go all the way to the floor.

18. Profeshyprocrite says:

Growing up, I thought baseball was as widely played as football (soccer) worldwide.

19. AT1787 says:

When I came to the US from Canada to see a friend, they asked if I could Venmo it after dinner when we were splitting the bill. And then I told them we don’t have Venmo. And then I saw the shocked Pikachu meme face around me.

20. SuvenPan says:


21. VapoursAndSpleen says

The first amendment. I howled with laughter when some Canadian convoy protestor claimed he had first amendment rights when the first amendment in the Canadian constitution provided for the government of Manitoba.

Sources: Reddit
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