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17 non-Americans share the hardest thing to comprehend about American culture.

17 non-Americans share the hardest thing to comprehend about American culture.


Overprocessed food, red Solo cup parties in the basement, tailgating, health insurance, and refusing to ever use vacation days--Americans can be a confusing crew for people in other parts of the world...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s the hardest thing for you to comprehend about the American culture?' non-Americans and tourists everywhere were ready to share the most baffling, confusing, or disturbing things about the way people live in the United States.


Americans love french fries, cheese, and gravy, but poutine never took off south of the border. Always found that odd. - righthanddan


Your healthcare system, so complicated and expensive. And people going bankrupt because they get sick, what bullsh*ttery is this? - MrTempleDene


You are allowed to drive a car at 16, own guns and sign up for the military at 18. But alcohol - behold the devil's liquid - is only for 21+ - lover_of_wisdom_


If you're rich you get all the help and preference you could ever need but if you're struggling or poor then f*ck you and you don't deserve a single thing, just work harder. It's as backwards as can be. - theone58


You Americans seem to have both the smartest and the stupidest humans on earth coexisting in your country - vomahaf244


How dental and eye care isn’t included in “health” insurance - Tight_Wallaby_7929


Private health insurance that is tied to your employment. And sucks. And yet 50% of the population vehemently defend. - WittyMonikerHere


Why they don't include tax in the total price of something. Just include it and make life easier. I don't want to have to do maths every time I go there and buy something. - Old_Understanding325


Having to tip almost everywhere. It definitely makes sense at some places, but feel like we have to tip at the most random of places these days. - Educational_Word_647


A lot of people follow and worship politicians like they’re gods - flags and all that sh*t. In the UK it’s universally acknowledged that we hate all politicians pretty much equally. - Monkeytennis01


'Entrée' means main course. - Caractacutetus


School mascots. Where I live, we just have teams and just play matches against people. In America, it’s all like “GO EASTTOWN EAGLES!!! OOGACHACKA!” and there would be some person in a cheapo eagle suit spinning a basketball on his fingers or something. You would have a full dramatic cheerleader dance off before your match, we just shake hands and stare at each other. - benderbrodriguez2


Entering america from canada is strange. Immediately i see billboards about abortion and religion lol - Paralta


Super rich televangelists - Advy87


Having 2 weeks vacation, or no PTO for most. In my current country you have to takes 2 weeks of mandatory leave in a row. Including public holidays I get about 7 weeks vacation a year - poor_decision


Living to work - HairyNippleCrust


How casual debt is. how easy it is to take loans and credit cards out in other peoples names without their knowledge - StrangeDarkling

Sources: Reddit
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