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17 non-Americans share how they can spot an American when they see one.

17 non-Americans share how they can spot an American when they see one.


Red Solo cups, flag merch, loud talking at restaurants, or asking for Ranch dressing everywhere they go--Americans aren't always hard to find...

Oh, you're from Florida? I couldn't tell from your giant American flag-printed T-shirt that says 'Florida.' So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are obvious immediate giveaways that someone is an American?' people were ready to share the obvious signs that they've spotted an American tourist.


When they say they are in Europe and not France, Germany etc. - jarris123


The volume of their voice. Every time I’m with my American friends I am shocked at how loud they are. - monkmaniac9


Covering things with assorted cheeses of the liquid persuasion. - Wooden_Dragonfly_608


Deliberating whether or not to go to the hospital after a serious injury. - desisenorita


Trying to communicate with other languages by just speaking english but slowly and making way too much hand gestures - Few-Creme-9254


When they talk about the 2 kinds of political ideologies. - Rubber_Fist_of_love


Talking about American laws before asking what country you live in. - odysseyshot


My friend (Australian) walked into a McDonalds in the US and there was a man sitting at one of the tables reading a Bible and openly wearing a gun around his waist. That is a uniquely American combination. - Enceladus89


When they’re in another country (vacation, business etc) when a local asks them where they’re from they say their state instead of their country. I’m sorry but not many people in Brazil know what a “Delaware” is - ConferenceBorn1544


Having a private conversation that everyone within 20m can hear. - jayjayprem


Claiming that they 'Don't have an accent,' when literally everybody has an accent. - MarginallyMack


Gleaming white teeth, using the word 'restroom,' sneakers and soda. - dropthemasq


Ranch - Madam_Voo


Talking to strangers in public. After living in Germany for two months I was horrified when a stranger on the bus commented on my shoes. - Mustard_ass


I'm Canadian, generally americans are far less reserved and love small talk.- Generallybadadvice


I'm an American that works for an international company. Europeans are often amused by how we describe distances. Instead of saying, 'we're x number of miles from that city ', we'll say, 'we're two hours away' , or 'that's a four hour drive'. They're also universally blown away once they realize how big the US is. - TheBishopOfNorwich


British man once told me he knew I was American because I was wearing a baseball cap backwards. - I_Fart_Cum_Bubbles

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