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Husband accidentally takes 'past love' to 'their restaurant,' on his wedding anniversary.

Husband accidentally takes 'past love' to 'their restaurant,' on his wedding anniversary.


"TIFU by spending my wedding anniversary with another girl. (On accident)"


Last monday I went out with an old friend (female) whom I haven't seen for ages. We were both hard pressed to find a time to see each other. So, when we finally arrived at the meeting place; we were both pretty hungry.

Luckily, I knew a great steakhouse nearby! So, we went for two amazing steaks. Overall, we had a ton of fun catching up! We planned to meet for just a couple of hours but ended up getting back home past midnight, with a promise to repeat this some time later. So far, this doesn't sound too bad.

Well, the story begins couple of years ago, on my first wedding anniversary. You see, back then me and my wife had a couple of things planned for the day and eventually ended up starving in a random part of a city. Pondering that we actually don't want to cook today, we decided to find a restaurant.

Unfortunately, we had no idea what we wanted... But while discussing that we stumbled upon a steakhouse in a relatively hidden alley. The steaks were pricey, but it's our anniversary right? We can go for a good meal on this day... And it turned out to be an amazing decision!

We accidentally discovered the most famous steakhouse in our city and the steaks were absolutely stunning! We have been going there every anniversary since, always having a great time and meal.

Since I liked the story, I of course mentioned that to my friend during our meeting on Monday; That I know of the steakhouse by accident. And that it is actually really funny, because It's been actually this exact date in next month when we went here for the anniversary back then.

You see, I am a guy that cannot remember dates... The thing is, me and my wife had our first date and our wedding two months apart but on the same day of the month. So, it's easy to remember the day! But for the love of me I cannot remember the months...

And back on that fateful monday, I thought our first date and our wedding anniversary were only one month apart... And I actually remembered the date of the first date! So I believed our wedding anniversary was the next month. But it was that Monday...

To add a bit more to the story, this friend I have met is someone who I used to have romantical feelings for... My wife of course knows about this.

Well, earlier today, My wife expressed sadness that we weren't able to plan anything for our anniversary. I asked why, since it hasn't even happened yet... And that's when I discovered that I have not only missed our anniversary, but actually spent it in our restaurant with another girl that I used to love! (And to top it off, had a great time.)

You may be asking why hadn't we been planing anything for the anniversary. That's because my wife'd been ill for 2 weeks... (She is good now.) My wife hasn't made the connection yet... What do I do?!

Here were the top rated comments from readers after the husband's post:


First: Pray. If you're luck she will forgive you.

Second: cell phones have a neat app called the calendars. Set up years reminders so you don't land your scheduling challenged brain in this situation again.


Third: Take the woman out for a belated celebration. You realize the screw up. Now show you learned and fix it.


Pick the right one, though. Check their ID to be certain.


This is not funny or cute or quirky. It is sh!++y. Really sh!++y.


I have doubts that OP told his wife this is a woman he used to have feelings for, and that they went out to dinner at a restaurant that meant a lot to them as a couple. What man or woman in a relationship would be okay with their partner doing that??


How hard is it to remember an anniversary? Put a reminder in your phone dude.

2 days later, the OP returned with an update.



Hi, this is Mrs. Cheetah. My husband told me today that when he went out with his friend it was on anniversary of our wedding. Well ok, funny. But he acted very anxious and not usual. So then he told me that he was not sure if it was bad or against "relationship protokol" or whatever. So he asked reddit. So I read it. Oh boy. The comments. I read them all.

So first - english is our second language so chill. Don't assume everyone is american. I would love to learn better, if you are going to correct our grammar, just don't be di!cks. Even by accident.

Second - When I started reading I felt touched that so many people stand for me, then realized that it is actually not that. On base of limited context you imagine people that are projections of your limited experience. But people are different and relationships do not work the same way. For me there is nothing to forgive, nothing bad happened.

I tell you from my point of view. I was sick, my husband wanted to go out with friend, hurray, finally he was able to arrange meeting without forgetting it. I ate (what he cooked me!) and went to sleep. Sometime after midnight he went home.

I woke up, asked if they had good time. He said yes, very much and said he didn't expect to came home so late. He said that they were hungry and so they went to that place. I told him I'd like to eat steak. (meeeat my preciousss)

Later I spoke to my doctor about when I can go back to work. So we spoke in dates. Then it hit me that we forgot our anniversary. Bad but I couldn't go anyways we will go another time and that's all.

It does not surprise me. We used to be celebrating the anniversary of dating. The number of years are more impressive. We even picked the same day in month for our wedding date for easy remembering. It's not working apparently. I forgot either, he has sh!++y memory, mine is excellent and still.

And I don't think smartphone would do miracle about it. He has perfectly functioning old phone, we don't toss out working things for new ones. And about the ring, I don't wear it either. I work with hands and it annoys me, so I wear it only occasionally.

My husband is an awesome person. Sometimes he overthings things. Things that are not even issue for me. He cute, like a hobbit. Because we trust each other, talk to each other. I want him to have friends, good ones. Most of his friends are female.

Also as many of you wrote. If he buys me things, fancy trips, flowers, romantic gestures, it would be weird, it would not please me. We don't do that, but that does not mean we don't care. We show love differently, we don't hold the other on a leash. I don't ever need to worry whether he is cheating. If I may cite Frozen II, My love, or better our love, is not fragile.

So the worst thing he did is probably seeking advice on reddit, although I had fun reading the comments. I am not angry. No divorce. Don't expect the worst of people and have healthier relationships. Screw you, Reddit. Bye.

Here were the top rated comments from readers after this latest update:


Okey so the Update clearly is OOP and not his wife, right?


Clearly OP, and I don’t buy that they aren’t a native English speaker either. The first post just reads like the sloppy writings of an 18 year old dramatist, and the update reads like someone who doesn’t know what a non native English speaker sounds like trying to make random errors to sound like a non native English speaker.


both written by the same person.

turn off your phone liz and go to bed


As usual - life is going great, they're laughing at the comments with spouse and this one even had the 'wife' show up herself to say everything is great. 🙄


So my friend and I randomly walk into a steakhouse…

I only go to steakhouses on special occasions because they’re like 40-50 bucks a plate before drinks or appys. 💀

So, what just happened here? Do you think this is how everything actually went down?

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