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What's something you hope will be gone in ten years? 16 people share their answer.

What's something you hope will be gone in ten years? 16 people share their answer.


Life on earth has changed drastically in the last decade. So it's reasonable to expect that in ten years from now, things may be unrecognizable.

When Reddit user u/moneybot posed a question, the internet was all too eager to answer and debate. Which ones do you think are most likely to come true?

'What is the one thing you really hope is no longer around ten years from now?'

1. From padawansound:

Current social media habits. I'm not naive enough to think social media will cease to exist, but I'm hoping we become a bit more mindful in how we choose to engage with it.

2. Bobmiser2000:

The need for a 2 income household.

3. willstr1 says:

Rush hour traffic. Between telecommuting (reducing the number of physical commuters), better public transit, and the potential for self driving cars there is really no need for a 30 minute drive to take over an hour.

4. Neither-Fix4327 wishes:

Payday loan companies.

5. From carissadraws:

Unaffordable housing. Either raise wages or force housing prices down. Or at least give people renting/housing credits so they can afford the exorbitant costs to live.

And no2rdifferent agrees:

I think it's a travesty that many young people are forced to rent. If someone has 10+ years as a renter and has a good credit score, there is no reason (besides greed) to deny them that security. My life became better when I transitioned to a mortgage (at 41).

6. Stormflier says:

That feeling of dread and hopelessness for the future. I miss the hopefulness and ambition of getting older and the future.

And it struck a chord with many Redditors, like ATCP2019:

Ok so its not only me? I used to be so excited about the future, even during my worst times. Now I'm doing the best I have ever done in life & can't get over the constant fear & anxiety of the future. I should feel excited & happy but my fear of failure is consuming me.

And looseleaf-coldbrew:

I’m a school teacher and I feel so guilty about encouraging my kids to graduate and “get a job”. Because we have no idea what the future holds anymore. Nothing is safe or guaranteed

7. From astrielx:

Child beauty pageants.

8. Imaginary-Mail2610 wants:

Politicians focusing on issues that aren’t going to better the day in day out lives of most Americans.

To which zekeweasel responds:

Problem is, most Americans don't vote. That incentivizes politicians to pander to those who do vote, and the electorate is older, whiter, and more wealthy than the population as a whole.

9. SinisterCell takes it further:

Dark money in politics. Honorable mention: Entertainment companies that have 'news' in the title but broadcast people that 'no reasonable person would take seriously.'

​​​10. vivivivivistan thinks:

The insane focus on culture war issues. I don't care about how Bud Light made an ad with Dylan Mulvaney or how upset republicans are about it and how they're boycotting, tell me about the politician who's advocating for legitimately free healthcare and let's focus on the discourse surrounding that. The culture wars have to be the worst thing about politics today.

11. From HALO-there-new:

The wealthy being above the law.

12. Donequis, on a serious note:

School shootings. :(

Volume-Alive speaks from experience:

My kid had his first active shooter lock down, not even a drill, but actually due to an active shooter, at age 2 at his daycare/preschool. Granted the shooting wasn’t inside of his building, but right near it.

Please, if you have to say something negative about this feeling and experience (saying it’s fear mongering, et cetera), by all means say it, but I really would like those to consider that once you are in that position, it’s hard to go back to feeling like it couldn’t happen.

At the end of the day, I am a parent who wants my kids to have every chance they want, especially to grow up, and whether someone else believes that this is an issue or not, if you have children that you care about, I think that desire is our common ground.

13. Disastrous-Judge8122 says:


14. Ukhupa:

Pitiful wages that would keep even a recent college graduate with no debt living with his parents for years still because they can't afford to even rent a place.

15. plushrush reminds us:

Credit card debt. The 80’s ruined people with credit card usage and credit reporting….nasty system.

16. From pickle_rick_42:

Gender reveals.

What's something you wish would be a figment of the past a decade from now?

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