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Woman finds out fiancé's married 'work wife' named her baby after him.

Woman finds out fiancé's married 'work wife' named her baby after him.


"My fiancé and I just found out that the married woman he worked with 5 years ago that professed her secret love for him, named her and her husband’s now baby after my fiancé."


As the title states…. I’m just completely shocked overall. I feel so bad for her husband and that baby. I also feel bad for my fiancé as he is incredibly creeped out now realizing someone who seemed so insignificant at the time has been still obsessing over him this many years later when he hasn’t even given her a second thought. A little backstory for clarity -

My fiancé (we will call him Randy Charles) who goes by his middle name, Charles, and this married woman (we will call her Natasha) and myself worked together at a restaurant back in 2019.

My fiancé and I were only friends at the time, and we were close enough that he was comfortable opening up to me about Natasha and his “relationship” with each other. To make a long story short here, Natasha got Randy’s number from work info one day and reached out to him outside of work.

From there, the two of them would exchange regular texts that were flirty and on occasion she would ask him to talk dirty to her, and after about 4 weeks of the text exchanges she professed her true feelings: she was falling for him.

Charles (my now fiancé) realized at the time things started getting out of hand (obsessive) and he put an end to it. Full stop after that message, letting her know he was no longer comfortable texting so often with a married woman and he didn’t want to be involved with her in that way anymore.

Natasha was heartbroken over this and started reaching out to him every day, multiple times a day. Begging and pleading that she had been crying constantly over him and why doesn’t she get a say in any of it?

He would explain to her that she’s married and they needed to be coworkers and maybe friends but no more secret texting or flirting, and draw a line in the relationship. A boundary.

My fiancé began “ghosting her” after the daily/nightly texts of heartbreak persisted as she would send him messages repeatedly reminding him how much she loved him and needs him and couldn’t bear to lose him. They had never seen each other once outside of work. Hell, they never even spoke on the phone.

Fast forward to now- Turns out Natasha had a baby in 2022 with her husband (same one she had then, we will call him Brody Harper.) And guess what? We just found out what their baby’s name is. Charles Randy.

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This chick is a wackadoodle

The OP responded:


One flew over the cuckoos nest level.


He banged her at least once. Dna test for fun times.


Well, the woman isssss being accused of being obsessive over a small number of text interactions but yeah, the man could have trickle truth downplayed how far they actually went. Wouldnt it make a lot more sense that she was more attached because they were physical?


Natasha should not be caring for a child with that level of obsessive delusion. That's the most concerning part of all of this.

The OP again responded here:


Exactly. I am so tired of children being roped into or used as ammo for parents unresolved issues. Therapy is a great resource and there is no shame in seeking help when you need it.


Okay. This is absolutely insane, but are we just going to gloss over the fact that he knew she was married when they started texting, indulged her by responding to her heartbreak, and told her that friendship may still be a possibility after some of that?

Like, by the time all that transpired he had to know she was….unbalanced to say the least, and to some degree was still interacting with her. Also, there’s no way in hell they didn’t sleep together at some point in this story. God help that woman’s child, but I really don’t see why everyone could be blindsided by the fact that she was THAT crazy. It didn’t just happen out of the blue.


Telling the husband would be tempting but the last thing I would want would be to create animosity from the dad towards the kid. Due to that reason alone I’d probably let it slide and keep moving.


Ugh about that woman. Well, try and be philosophical about it in front of other people. Your man has a perfectly good name. The baby has a perfectly good name. Just never, ever make a big deal about it. Never.

If she's obsessed, the idea is probably to get his attention. Don't give it to her. If someone ever brings it up, you two reach out to each other, smile tenderly, and thus whomever was hoping to blow up your marriage will be disconcerted because they failed to cause a brouhaha.

So, we are all doing the 'turns to camera' look here, rignt? Do you think there is more that the OP doesn't know.

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