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Person floating lazy river bumps into mom carrying baby, they get in argument. AITA?

Person floating lazy river bumps into mom carrying baby, they get in argument. AITA?


There are awkward moments that we forget minutes later, and there are awkward moments that make us feel so bad we replay them in our heads, searching for some conclusive evidence we're not simply bad at being adults.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, the OP asked if they were wrong for bumping into a woman holding a baby in the lazy river. They wrote:

"AITA for bumping into a woman holding a baby in the lazy river?"

I was at a water park last week and my friends and I went into the lazy river. To my knowledge, I thought you were meant to lay in the tube with your belly facing up and just kinda let the water push you through the course freely. This particular lazy river has certain areas that move much faster than others, so I found it difficult to maintain control and avoid bumping into other tubes as much as I'd like.

There was a woman, without any tube, just walking slowly in the lazy river holding a baby. Unfortunately, the course of the water pushed my tube right behind her; I tried to paddle myself away but the current and other tubes now up behind me prevented me from being able to move myself. I ended up nearly right up behind her, bumping into her a couple times with my tube.

She turns to me and shouts right in my face, "You're bumping into me and I'm holding a BABY" and I wasn't expecting it so I panicked and apologized and said I can't control it, and started clawing at the concrete to try and stop myself but I couldn't. I feel like I may be TA for this here, because I argued back rather than finding a solution that actually helped in that moment.

I feel like a huge AH and complete idiot. I keep replaying the events in my head, what should I have done differently? Should I have tried to get out of my tube to stop myself? I also feel like that would've bumped her more as I'm trying to get myself out of a big tube in a crowded part of the lazy river. I can't stop thinking about this interaction. So Reddit, AITA?

People had plenty to say about the awkward moment.

Tangerine_Bouquet wrote:

All I can think is, WTF was she doing there? With a baby?

NTA. If it's recent, or you have any question, bring it up to management of the lazy river. Anything that happened was entirely on her. That's just...weird, and probably very much against the rules.

PinkNGreenFluoride wrote:

NTA. What in the Action Park heck did I just read? Why was she allowed to be standing in the lazy river? Why was a baby in the lazy river? Where the heck were the park employees? No, no you do not get yourself out of your tube - you're not supposed to be out of the tube in the lazy river.

You really don't have control over where you're going. You'll bump. Everyone else is supposed to tubes. Barring an accident, which the park should be prepared to respond to.

BeeYehWoo wrote:

What kind of AH takes a BABY into a lazy river - an amusement park ride? She is the complete idiot, you are not. You are in a floating ring with no controls or brakes. Why doesnt she go play in the street, holding her BABY, and then argue with drivers when she gets struck by a car? NTA.

CoupleAdventures69 wrote:

NTA. As far as the event unfolded, she got what she deserved as you were in the right how you were using the lazy river, and bumping is to be expected on the lazy river. As to how you reacted to her, you have to assess the situation quickly to see what type of person you are dealing with.

If they seem like a rational/calm individual who just doesn't understand how it works you can educate them. If they are an AH themselves it is best just to leave them be as no amount of arguing is going to change their perception on how they believe they are in the right. Just move along and continue to enjoy your day and don't let it bother you.

nakedfotolady wrote:

NTA. You don’t go in the lazy river, unless you’re in a tube. The lifeguards should have yelled at her. You can’t control where you go or how fast. This is as dumb as if she stood at the bottom of a water slide and was pissed the people were running into her. Go to the regular pool with your baby, you weirdo!

Clearly, this mom was on one, because it makes no sense to carry your baby around the lazy river given the risks.

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