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'TIFU by trapping my boyfriend in a spiderman suit' + 4 year update

'TIFU by trapping my boyfriend in a spiderman suit' + 4 year update


"TIFU by trapping my boyfriend in a spiderman suit"


Obligatory this actually happened yesterday. Throwaway because bf doesn't want friends knowing... My boyfriend and I are going to a superhero party next week and he bought a spiderman suit to wear.

It's one piece with two zip pullers on the back, one from the top and one from the bottom to meet somewhere in the middle, covering his whole body and head. (a morphsuit)

He tried it on as soon as the package arrived, just as I was getting ready to go out to the store. He was struggling to reach the zippers, so I pulled them together for him. The suit looked good and he was happy.

I left and didn't even think about how he'd need help getting unzipped. It turns out I had left both zip pullers in the middle of his back where he cannot reach at all, he's pretty muscular and there's a good 4-5 inches he can't get to.

To make matters worse the costume has built in gloves, so he could barely use his phone. I got back after about an hour and just burst out laughing as soon as I walked in and saw him.

He was FURIOUS which just made me even more hysterical. I effortlessly unzipped what he had been struggling with for an hour in 2 seconds. He's having second thoughts on the whole costume idea now... he's about to try it on again and reluctant for me to zip him up. It was so funny but I feel bad.

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No you didn't. This is just hilarious. I have a cousin who I put in a similar situation. I put a sticker on a spot on his back which he cant reach and proceeded to watch him struggle to get it. All this cos he likes flexing with his shirt off in the gym.


I don't know, I'm laughing, but putting myself in his place, I don't know. I can't stand it if I feel like my hands are trapped. I just freak the hell out, it's happened before. I am not claustrophobic, but if I feel like I am, or will become trapped, that's where I can't stand it.

The OP also commented:


OK so he tried it on again and let me zip him up. He hasn't asked me to let him out yet, wondering if he's found a way to do it himself. Will update...

She then quickly updated:


He has not found a way to do it himself and was screwed again, I have assisted. LOL


He willingly got in the costume again knowing he couldn't get out by himself?? You definitely should have punished him for that one!

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

"TIFU by trapping my husband in a spiderman costume AGAIN"


Four years ago my boyfriend, now husband(33m), and I(31f) were going to a costume party. He tried on his costume a week before, I zipped up the back and went out without realising there was no way he could reach to undo himself so he was stuck for over an hour until I got back 🙊

Today... Our 6yo nephew is spiderman-obsessed and we remembered we still had that costume so my husband put it on to surprise him. Once again I zipped him, and he even reminded me I'd need to let him out after.

My sister came to our house with her kids and the plan was that I was going out with them today, leaving husband at home. You can see where this is going... Nephew loved the surprise of meeting spiderman. I went outside to put some stuff in the car and husband sat down to await unzip after the kids were gone. Of course I forgot to go back in and we all left!

Two hours later I came home to find a very angry Spiderman sitting on the couch watching football. I made him promise to forgive me before I unzipped it 🤣 My nephew is very excited to see Spiderman again some time so I hope my husband trusts me to ever go in it again too 🤭

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Tell husband to attach a lace or strap so that he can reach at a next entrapment :P

The OP responded here:


We tried a lot of this kind of idea last time. Sadly the zip is the tiny invisible kind, there's no hole in the zip puller to attach anything. He really wanted a solution for independent toilet breaks at the party we went to but we couldn't get anything to work 😔


These are the types of hijinks I could totally see Peter B Parker and his Mary Jane getting into lmao.


I'd like to imagine he is a Jets fan. Just picturing him sitting on the couch home alone so angry at the Jets stuck in his Spiderman costume makes me crack up.


OP's husband "if I had a nickel everytime my partner left me stuck in a Spiderman costume for hours I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice."


You are an absolute bobble head for doing this twice to the same man in the same suit.

The OP responded again:


🤭🤭 yup

Or is he an absolute bobble head for going back in the costume when this keeps happening? 🤯


I love how he just resigned himself this time to the couch like welp, that’s that until she gets home 😂

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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