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Woman's ex asks her to be surrogate for woman he cheated with. AITA?

Woman's ex asks her to be surrogate for woman he cheated with. AITA?


"My baby daddy’s fiancée wants me to carry her child."


I F(26) and my ex M(28) (I’ll call him Harry) met when we were in high school, we met through mutual friends and instantly connected. We started dating not long after I finished high school and everything seemed to be going extremely fast. We moved in together after college and 2 years after moving in, I got pregnant with our daughter.

He was automatically excited to become a father and I was thrilled that we was going to become a little family. That was until during labour I got a call from Harry’s friend telling me that Harry was supposed to meet him but didn’t show, I told him I had tried getting in touch with him myself as I was about to give birth we then became worried.

After I had given birth, Harry’s friend rang me back to tell me Harry is at his affair partner's house. I was shocked. I hung up and started crying thankfully my mum was with me and calmed me down. Harry tried to explain himself but I didn’t care. I immediately packed my bags, took my name off the lease and went to live with my parents.

That was 5 years ago and I am now in a much better place physically and mentally. Me and Harry co parent our daughter and he is engaged to the woman he cheated on me with which stung but i got over it. They have 2 kids together but once his fiancé had their second child she found out due to complications with the births, she couldn’t have more kids.

They were both crushed and I sympathised with them mainly out of trying to keep peace for my daughter. 2 days ago I got sent a message from Harry’s fiancée asking me if we could meet at a local cafe. To me, this was odd as we never really spoke unless at parties and gatherings for a few minutes but I usually spoke to Harry regarding everything else.

I replied “sure” and we met yesterday morning. As soon as I walked in, it was her and Harry sittingt at a table, so I automatically knew something was up. I walked over and sat down and they said they 'we are just going to come out and say it.'

Harry spoke up and said “due to us not being able to have another child, we were wondering if you would be our surrogate.” I was stunned. I laughed and said “this is a joke right?” to which his fiancée replied “we are dead serious, we want at least 5 babies so we need you to be a surrogate for us for 3 babies.'

I laughed more and said “YOU? You want me to carry 3 babies for you?” I literally couldn’t stop laughing at the audacity to ask such a thing from me. His fiancée started crying and called me so many names I genuinely think she was making some up along the way.

She stormed out and Harry turned to me and said, “This is why we didn’t work. You’re a horrible human being. You’re so heartless. We asked one thing from you and you laugh in our faces.”

To which I replied “NO we didn’t work because you’re a cheating scumbag you have 2 kids, 3 including our daughter. If you want a surrogate, then save all the money you spend on your fiancée's rich lifestyle and get one.”

I left the cafe and went to my mum's house. When I got there, I was bombarded with calls and texts from my ex, his fiancée, his mum and dad and sisters, and even his fiancée's family. They were all calling me an ahole. My family is on my side but honestly I just want to know if I was a bit harsh towards them. Am I the ahole for just laughing at them?

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NTA. You handled that perfectly. They are absolutely insane, all of them.


Since when did your uterus become rental property? Tell Harry all communication from now will be only in regards to your child, and thru a parenting app. Block everyone else harassing you. NTA.

The OP responded here:


I have chosen to go very low contact with Harry and have blocked his family his fiancée and her family but they are harassing my family now and threatening them.


I would have laughed too. They're absolutely bat sh*t. The audacity. Not just one but THREE? And they think they're sane? Oh hell no. Laugh away.

The OP again responded here:


We have split custody of our daughter but Harry is very much more involved with his 2 kids with his fiancée he randomly went on holiday without telling me last month on the weekend he was supposed to have our daughter and it crushed her.

So, does any part of this seem appropriate? Is this a possibility the OP should even consider?

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