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Wife threatens to disappear before their twins are born so she can legally choose their names.

Wife threatens to disappear before their twins are born so she can legally choose their names.


'AITA for giving my wife an ultimatum about baby names?'


Before my wife and I got married, we made an agreement that she would get to name our first boy, and I would get to name our first girl. We recently discovered that she was pregnant with twins, and after talking about it, we decided to stick to our original plan.I thought everything would be fine, but ever since I heard the name she chose, we've been having problems.

The name is bad. It sounds really stupid, and it's absolutely the kind of name that will get our son bullied. I immediately vetoed it, but my wife said I can't because that wasn't our agreement. I asked why she insisted on this particular name. Apparently it comes from a character she identified with in one of her favorite books when she was growing up. But emotional attachment doesn't make the name itself any better.

I said fine, then I may as well name our daughter Hortensia Beerbong the Third. It sounds just as dumb. She told me I couldn't do that, and I just said why not? It's my choice. That was the agreement. We've been at an impasse ever since.

Now, obviously, I'm not actually going to name my daughter that, and I'm pretty sure my wife knows that too. I was just trying to help her see the mistake she was making, but she's not listening to reason.

Recently, she's started hinting she might just take off around her due date and give birth somewhere without me and my naming input. I think that's uncalled for, but I've got a week long business trip that I can't get out of about a month before she's due, and I'm worried she'll take the opportunity to disappear until after the twins are here.

I've told my brother to keep an eye on her while I'm gone, but it's not like he can watch her 24/7. I think her name choice is dumb and will cause problems for our son, and she thinks I'm being controlling and overdramatic. Neither of us are willing to back down, but with her hints about skipping town for the birth I've been wondering if things have gone too far. AITA?

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I think you and your wife have more issues than just naming the children. For her to threaten to take off and have the birth without you, and name the children to spite you, and then you escalating by asking your brother to watch her, is NOT a good indicator for the health of your marriage.

For many couples, naming their children is a two yeses is a win, a single no cancels that choice. You both should agree on the names.

In an unpresidented state of affairs with these type of Reddit posts, we ACTUALLY get to know the names!!!

From the OP in the comments:


Neville and Rose


The name is Neville. It's a classic, normal name. OP is making up reasons to be mad about it.


Neville is not a bad name. It's a real and classic name, it's not like she's naming the kid f*cking Albus Severus or Roonil Wazlib something. Ask if you can pick each other's kids' middle names or somethihg. YTA.


wait the name was Neville? I thought it was going to be outlandish. That's an actual name...


Ok, now that we know the name, ESH. Your wife is correct. You are being completely overdramatic. The name in your post you used as a comparison is dumb and absurd. Neville is actually really cool.

P.S. In the future, your agreements shouldn't be so broad. Basically you said you can name a boy but never said what would happen if you hated the name. More like, you pick your top 3 and I have to agree to one of them. Something like that. But hinting she'll leave to give birth is not okay either.

So, do you think these parents are both just being equally ridiculous? Have any parents reading this had name disagreements? How did you solve them?

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