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Woman calls out sister's 'f**king stupid' baby name; 'I'm worried for the baby.'

Woman calls out sister's 'f**king stupid' baby name; 'I'm worried for the baby.'


'What's in a name?' said Shakespeare. 'Your kid's name is f**king stupid,' said the internet. Names have always been a point of cultural fascination — but now that we have Reddit, we get stories of baby name drama on our phones rather than theater in the round. On Reddit's Am I the Asshole, a sister asked:

AITA for telling my sister her baby's name is f**king stupid?

I (21F) found out not too long ago that my sister, Bea (36F) is pregnant after a long struggle with infertility and I'm pumped and can't wait to be an aunt.

Last week was the gender reveal party where my Bea broke down crying after cutting the cake and seeing it was pink inside.

Her and her husband are thrilled because they apparently wanted a girl. She said right then that the baby would be named Mary.

For reference, Bea is a 'born again' Christian. She found Jesus during her third time in rehab. She'll go on and on to anyone who'll listen about how she had 'visions' of the Virgin Mary by her bedside telling her she would get better, that the pain was temporary and how she would do great things after recovering.

That was eight years ago. She met her husband not long after that, in church of course, and fell head over heels in love saying that God made them for each other.

I kind of rolled my eyes at the declaration. Mary is just so old, and boring. Bea asked me what was wrong. I was honest and told her I thought the name was a little boring, and at the least she could do something like Miriam and make Mary a nickname.

It's 2023, kids will make fun of her for having an old lady name once she's older.

I myself have an old lady name, think Edith or something and it's a PAIN, kids in grade school constantly called me Grandma Edith and the sort, saying I was destined to be an old hag who would live in the woods and have a crooked nose.

I'm also worried for the baby. Bea isn't a reliable person, she's been sober for years and everyone still walks on eggshells around her. She used to run off to go on drug binges all the time, a few times leaving me home alone as a kid so she could meet one of her dealers while our parents where out.

She brought it up a few days ago, mentioning how she was hurt I didn't like the name and asked if I was being honest in my feelings.

I told her I was, Mary is a f**king stupid name, she'll get bullied in school for it or at the very least if she goes to some kind of Christian school it'll confused the hell out of her because every other girl will be called Mary.

She called me cruel and an asshole and accused me of hating her and not caring that she was finally in a good place in life. As if she hasn't been 'in a good place in life' before and relapsed, leaving our parents in debt paying for therapy and rehab that don't work and letting us clean up all her messes over and over again.


It's possible this isn't just about the name. But we'll leave that to the desk chair psychologists in the comments:

columbospeugeot writes:

YTA. Mary is a perfectly normal name. Your suggestion of Miriam sounds a lot more “old-fashioned” to me. Regardless, you were extremely rude to your sister.

Isomorphic_reasoning writes:

YTA Mary is a perfectly fine name. When I read the title I was expecting it to be something ridiculous but you're just being judgmental here.

ReviewOk929 writes:

YTA you are literally dripping with hate from the get go here. There is the hate, then the false concern then the comparative, then more hate, then more false concern, then the scorn, then the pathetic attempt at poor me. But yup you’re the hero…..

Voidg writes:


What is wrong with Mary. Miriam would get her harassed.

zodiac1360 writes:


Mary isn’t an outdated name, plenty of people are still given it. It’s not your place to criticize it.

You also seem to have a lot of resentment for what she did in the past. Should probably figure out how to resolve that.

ArkeryStarkery writes:

Oh hon. I'm sorry, this is cruel and mean as hell. YTA. Are you really looking forward to being an aunt, or do you just want to take the chance to hurt your sister for everything she's done to you? Because you're not going to have much relationship with this kid if you keep shitting on one of the most harmless choices your sister has yet made in your lives.

SweetBees102 writes:

YTA. You think Mary is an Old Lady Name, but MIRIAM isn't???

mysteresc writes:

YTA. This isn't about the baby's name. You're harboring ill will toward your sister and you need to figure out why.

The divine jury has ruled — YTA, OP, and don't take out your resentments on little Mary.

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