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Parents send baby to daycare with iPad, demand reimbursement when it breaks. AITA?

Parents send baby to daycare with iPad, demand reimbursement when it breaks. AITA?


'My baby broke another baby’s tablet at daycare, am I wrong?'

My daughter of 9 months is at daycare with her twin brother. They are at it 6 days a week. They didn’t go last Friday or Monday and Tuesday as they had a double combo sickness but have since gotten better

There is an 11 month old girl whose mother sends her with an iPad Pro. you're allowed to send in your baby’s toys if there’s a specific toy that helps them calm down. this usually means like a rattle or truck or something simple, not an iPad

The daycare lets her use it. they said they tried weaning her off it when she joined at around 6 months old, but the parents didn’t agree to it and just said to offer it when she has a meltdown and to let her use it during the day to help her learn. they gave a specific set of videos and channels on YouTube to be used

My daughter was sitting bellow the other girl, playing on the floor with rubber balls. the daycare handed the 11mo her iPad and went to change another baby boy as well as start feeding some of the other babyies (20 baby’s 6 staff).

they kept and eye on them, but add for a Skoda apparently started playing which upset the 11mo — so she threw the tablet out of the high chair it landed beside my daughter face down.

Being a baby, she was intrigued by the sound and picked it up but she had the screen facing the ground not her. At home she has these blocks that if you hit them off the ground they play a small jingle I guess she thought the iPad would do the same so she started hitting it off the ground

An attending noticed and immediately took it off her but the screen was already done in, as well as a small chip taken out of the corner, when I went to lift my twins the situation was explained to me and the other mom.

since mom signed a waiver that the daycare isn’t responsible for any personal property damage, the other mom is demanding we pay for a replacement iPad.

I don’t want to. I don’t think I should have to. she was the one who gave her baby a valuable piece of equipment to take to daycare. She’s saying it’s my fault for not teaching my daughter not to bang stuff and that I’m raising a violent child.

Am I in the wrong for not wanting to pay? Should I just relent and pay?

Edit for some more clarity:

The daycare has routines and “classes” that the babies take but you can opt out of them if you want. the other mom has opted out of everything she can so the daycare has to treat her kid differently.

her kid dosen't do any of the regular playtime activities or allowed to do parallel play or the make a new buddy class (they take diffrent babies and put them in a circle with different toys to encourage them to interact safely with each other. obviously we all know they can’t share or play together, it’s just a stimulation thing that all the parents like)

The iPad was still working when my girl got it as you can see the Skoda add playing when she lifts it above her head however the chip from the corner was gone before my daughter grabbed it

The daycare is great, the only incidents they’ve ever had have been with this one family

Here's how the commenters interpreted the situation.


A BABY WITH AN IPAD PRO?!?! God sometimes i think I’m doin things wrong but I’m sure as hell doin alright I think 💀😂


Absolutely don’t pay, number one it’s their fault for having it there, number two, maybe the iPad broke when the owner threw it on the floor.


You are not even remotely responsible.

iPad Pro? In a daycare? What did they expect was going to happen?


Don't pay. It's entirely appropriate for 9 month olds to bang things on the ground. Giving a baby a tablet is questionable. This should be on the daycare to watch the tablet more closely or ban the iPad completely, or on the other parent to find ways to sooth child without the tablet


Wtf. You should not be responsible.

How do they know the iPad didn’t break when the 11 mo dropped it from a high chair and it landed facedown on the floor?


Is this a joke? That parent has not a leg to stand on! This is some judge Judy nonsense. Invite her to sue your 9 month old for criminal damage. I have my popcorn ready!

OP added this little gem of info, as well:

I kinda hope she threatens to sue me

Cause then I can drop the bomb that I’m a senior partner at my corporate law firm

I’ve decided I’m not going to pay. thank you everyone

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