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'AITA for calling the police when the parents I babysit for were late?' UPDATED 2X

'AITA for calling the police when the parents I babysit for were late?' UPDATED 2X


"AITA for calling the police when the parents I babysit for were late?"

I (16f) sometimes babysit on weekends. My mom's coworker needed a babysitter, and she gave him my number. I agreed to babysit 3 kids from 2 pm till 8.30 pm. Because the parents had some party to get to. It went okay. But the parents didn't get back at 8.30. At 9 I tried calling him, but he didn't pick up. I texted a few times. At 9.30 I tried calling again. And again at 10. And 10.30.

I tried calling my parents, but my dad was at a work dinner and my mom didn't pick up. I tried calling the parents of the kids again, but they still weren't picking up or responding. At 11.30 ish I called the police, because I didn't know what else to do. And I was worried something might have happened to the parents too.

They came, and around the same time, the parents came back. The dad screamed at me, and he's still very upset.

People had a lot to say.

YouthNAsia63 wrote:

I’m sorry, the parents came home three hours later than they said they would. They gave you no heads up-and they wouldn’t answer their phone.

What were you supposed to think?!

Alll this drama could have been avoided if they had …

Been upfront with you on how late they reeeeeally planned on staying out, or

Let you know by text or phone call they were going to be later than they expected, so you wouldn’t worry, or

If they had just answered their damn phone any one of the numerous times you called them.

But…no. The parents drift home on their own sweet timetable and are surprised and shocked to find flashing lights and officers at their house. Well, I hope they were embarrassed. And then dad took it out on you by “screaming” at you. Oh, and he is “still very upset”. Well, you are upset, too.

I bet he didn’t apologize for worrying you, did he. Or give you a bonus for making you stay later and worrying you. lol. That’s classy behavior right there. Yep. (s) So you called 911. I hope you never babysit for them again. And you should let alllll your babysitter friends know what these people are like. Just tell your friends the whole story, like you told Reddit. NTA.

Prize-Bumblebee-2192 wrote:

NTA. You did the responsible, safe, logical thing. They can blame themselves for not calling you to tell you they were going to be late and for not being reachable when you tried to call them. You can bet your a*s that if their kid was supposed to be home at 8:30 and was completely unreachable that they would be calling the police bc they would be concerned.

maryjeanmagdelene wrote:

I used to babysit a lot, and personally, I wouldn't have called the police. I would've just fallen asleep (if the kids were long asleep) until they got back. But that man has no right to scream at you when he told you 8:30 and didn't communicate with you for three hours. That's ridiculous.

Artistic_Thought7309 wrote:

NTA. Do not overthink this. The father screamed at you while she should have screamed at himself and his wife. You did the best you could. Putting a minor like yourself in that situation is pretty irresponsible.

Hadtosignuptofothis wrote:

NTA, you absolutely did the right thing. WTF is wrong with these people, your sitter is calling and you don’t answer? You could simply text or call and say so sorry we’re running late is that okay. What did they expect you to do, because their behavior is ridiculous.

After receiving a lot of feedback, OP jumped on with two updates/clarifications.

Edit: I called the police because I was worried about the parents not picking up / being late, and because I really had to get home. Not to involve CPS or anything like that.

Edit 2: Since some people asked. I didn't call the emergency number, I'm not in the US (police aren't violent here), and I was paid upfront, so not for the extra 3 hours. (This was a response to a few comments, I don't think all US cops are violent).

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