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16 people share the subtle signs that someone might be evil.

16 people share the subtle signs that someone might be evil.


Littering, refusing to clean up your trash at a to-go restaurant, revealing other people's secrets for the sake of gossip itself, putting others down out of petty jealousy--being a human being is unfortunately a constant journey of "looking inward" and "growth..."

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What is a subtle sign someone isn’t a good person?" people were ready to share the slight signals and pink flags that someone might not be a person you want to hang out with. Note: always check to see how much your dinner date tips your server.


Passively aggressively insulting you in front of a group of people in such a way that you can’t say anything back without looking like you’re the emotional one even though you know that they intentionally insulted you to disrespect you. - HackTheNight


They're only nice when things are going their way. - grandLadItalia90


When you’re going out and they judge or make a rude comment about a random person passing by. - kilmock


When they talk about themselves then stop listening when u talk about yourself - Chronicl-ill-Daniel

Sources: Reddit
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