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17 attractive people reveal the worst part about being good-looking.

17 attractive people reveal the worst part about being good-looking.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but being undeniably gorgeous isn't always a glittering world of free drinks and strangers rolling out the red carpet at the grocery store...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the worst parts of being attractive?' people were ready to share the negative parts about being a certified hottie. VIP status of the gene pool unfortunately isn't all it's cracked up to be.


If you’re attractive right now, people assume you’ve always been attractive. People assume attractive people always get things handed to them.

So when you’re a nice looking 30 year old, but maybe were an ugly duckling until you were in your mid 20s, they assume you were a popular teenager, never bullied, and spent your young adulthood being taken on lavish dates and getting free drinks. - TerribleAttitude


My friend's daughter is 22 and just graduated from college. She's stunningly gorgeous, like Victoria's Secret model hot. She's also extremely smart and super talented, but people just reduce her to her looks and nothing else.

She's always getting cat called and hit on by old creeps, and she recently traveled to Italy and had a miserable time because crowds of horny guys would follow her around, and she kept getting groped in public places (it happens in a lot of places, I'm not just calling out Italy).

Older women are also really nasty to her, like in her previous internship and other professional things she was involved in. Just real catty and always rolling their eyes at her like she's a bimbo airhead. It's just a weird kind of attention that brings out the worst in some people.- doctor-rumack


A guy here. The weird amount of attention I get from older women. My wife being jealous of girls flirting with me when I don't even notice it. - half-a-duck


I don't know how to act. This problem is probably more uniquely mine though. I used to be far less attractive. I was overweight, had acne, and didn't understand men's clothes, hair, etc. Circumstances caused all of this to rapidly and dramatically change a few years ago. I lost 50 pounds and cleaned up.

With my dramatic change in appearance came a dramatic change in the way people respond to me. I'm not sure if I can truly describe the change itself in a way anyone would understand, but in a very general sense, I find people are more polarized about me.

Whereas I was once universally nondescript, approachable, and insignificant, people now seem intimidated and don more of a façade when faced with me. This can translate to kissing my butt, or staring at me, or avoiding staring at me -- or a myriad of other odd behaviors that I'm just completely unaccustomed to.

It feels off. I didn't grow up looking like this, so I don't have the confidence to match it. That might have made this something I had the training to appreciate and utilize for my benefit. I'm an introvert and a tech geek, but now even introverts don't feel they identify with me. I'm stuck not fitting anywhere - equazcion


No one ever complimenting you because they automatically assume someone already complimented you lmao it’s a cycle… then you end up not getting any compliments at all and now I’m questioning my attractiveness. - MommaTino


Complete and total objectification. It leaves you feeling as if you are never seen or even appreciated for who you are as a person, and is also why many attractive people struggle mentally. - NewbieRepGuy


That it won’t last forever. - XqueezeMePlease


People think you’re dumb - subtlyaggressive


People want to be friends for nefarious or superficial reasons vs actually wanting to be your friend - scared-bcnr-listener


Apparently being attractive means you're no longer allowed to have mental issues, you know because you're attractive. - commonsince


Everyone staring at you like you are a piece of meat - positive_charging


People like touching me inappropriately and think I won’t mind because I’m a guy - pelsy0217


People are always looking at you. And if you make eye contact, they try to talk to you. This made me very self conscious, and led to a bad habit of never really looking at other people.

I was never really attractive, just normal. But as a naturally shy person the attention was anxiety inducing and I think stunted my social ability because I was afraid to really look at people. I can only imagine how overwhelming it is for really attractive people. - ntmg


Being attractive while also being an anxious/awkward person. Not knowing how to react or being uncomfortable when people flirt with you. - -lighght-


People have genuinely interpreted my extreme shyness and nervousness as being stuck-up and egotistical because I have suffered from both throughout the most of my life.

I'm not frigid and uncommunicative on the outside because I think I'm superior to others, but rather because I'm scared of others. And I've also believed I'm unattractive and gross for a large portion of my life. Confidence doesn't equate to being attractive. - Fassescardeew


You think the world is a certain way. But it’s only because you’re attractive. - TomRiddlehasasecret


You’re never sure if people like you because of how you look and they won’t just ditch you as you get older or if you put on weight or cut your hair etc… pretty privilege does exist, I’m not under any illusions, but not to know where you stand in any other aspect is scary - ArachnidDancer


People equate being nice to being flirty - Anal_Iverson

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