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19 people share stories of betrayal by a formerly close 'friend.'

19 people share stories of betrayal by a formerly close 'friend.'


Our friends are supposed to be there for us, to support us and build us up. That's the whole point of friendship (other than an excuse to get wine-drunk with on week nights)! Unlike the families who raise us, we get to choose who we let in to our lives as friends.

So ideally, those people bring more to our lives than they subtract. But friends can also let us down—and when this happens, it can be the most painful kind of betrayal.

Someone asked Reddit: "What’s the sh*ttiest way a friend has shown you they weren’t really your friend?"

Here are 19 stories from people who experienced betrayal from someone they thought was a "friend."

If you have "friends" like any of these, they are NOT your friend:

The "friend" who ditches you:

From Ahstia

Promised to invite me to a group outing, only to text me one day out of the blue that they already left and "oh well". From mutual friends who went on the outing, they told me that this friend never told them that I was invited.

Sources: Reddit
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