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19 people share stories of betrayal by a formerly close 'friend.'

19 people share stories of betrayal by a formerly close 'friend.'


Our friends are supposed to be there for us, to support us and build us up. That's the whole point of friendship (other than an excuse to get wine-drunk with on week nights)! Unlike the families who raise us, we get to choose who we let in to our lives as friends.

So ideally, those people bring more to our lives than they subtract. But friends can also let us down—and when this happens, it can be the most painful kind of betrayal.

Someone asked Reddit: 'What’s the sh*ttiest way a friend has shown you they weren’t really your friend?'

Here are 19 stories from people who experienced betrayal from someone they thought was a 'friend.'

If you have 'friends' like any of these, they are NOT your friend:

The 'friend' who ditches you:

From Ahstia

Promised to invite me to a group outing, only to text me one day out of the blue that they already left and 'oh well'. From mutual friends who went on the outing, they told me that this friend never told them that I was invited.

The 'friend' who uses you as their personal chauffer:

From AnEven7

They called me up and invited me over to play a game with them and their friends. At the time I had only barely started driving, but I decided, yeah, that sounds like fun, so I went over to play. When I arrived I found out that they had volunteered me to pick up the other friends. I was not prepared to do this, but she trapped me because I had already agreed to come play 'with her friends'.

I was pretty annoyed by this, but I went ahead and drove to three places picking everyone up, and no one was really ready to go when I arrived and one of them also needed me to drop them back on campus to drop off their school assignment.

By the time all was said and done it was really late and I needed to get back home because I had to get up in the morning to go to work. Not one of them even said thank you. The friendship didn't really last much longer after that.

The 'friend' who 'forgets' to buy your movie ticket:

From alwaysmyfault

Had one friend that bought a bunch of tickets for a midnight movie premiere for myself and our entire friends group (bout 15 of us). Day of the show, he texts me and says he forgot to buy a ticket for me. I ask 'what do you mean you forgot to buy'my' ticket? Of the 15 you bought, how is it MY ticket that you decided wasn't purchased?'

Turns out, he did buy a ticket for me included in the 15 he bought, but he just met a girl the week prior, and decided to give my ticket to her. So our entire friends group went to the movie, minus me. There's other things he did to me as well. We're no longer friends.

The 'friend' who was a thief:

From Solomon_Grungy

Going over to their house to hang out and finding around 10 of my missing xbox games in a loose stack of discs in his living room.

Arriving late to a friends birthday party a few years ago, the birthday boy introduced me as 'the guy I was telling you all about. Cool dude but I wouldn't trust him with my wallet!'. He was drunk and it wasn't a joke.

The 'friend' who had a mysterious change-of-heart:

From Due-Time-8151

After 25 years of friendship...I announced to my best friend that I was moving to the city she was in. I had a great job opportunity and felt like it was an awesome time to make a big life change. I was so excited to tell her, I could hardly wait. She flatly replied with, “cool”...and when I asked her what parts of town I should look at to live she stated “I can’t help you, you should just figure it out when you get here”.

We never had a fight, had been close for our entire adult lives and I had continually helped her in all aspects of her life without hesitation. To this day, I cannot tell you why she started treating me this way. Long story short, we live in the same city and haven’t seen each other in 6 years. And I’m quite sure we live minutes away from each other. I will prob never know what happened

The 'friends' who stand you up on your birthday:

From daisydoom456

It was my 17th birthday. I had invited 2 of my 'best friends' to stay the night. I waited for hours and finally got a text saying they got in trouble (they were twins) and couldn't stay the night. About an hour later they were tagged in pictures. They were at another girls house.

I confronted them the next day and they stuck with their lie and said their mom wouldn't drive them because they were in terrible so they walked to this other girls house. My mom asked their mom because she knew how hurt I was. She didn't even know about my birthday, and they weren't in trouble.

I stopped hanging out with them. Learned a few months later that one of them had decided she didn't like me because her 20 year old crush (another friend's brother) had said It was a shame I was a minor because he thought I was cute.

The 'friend' who judges your life choices:

From chazzieboii

I had a very close friend in highschool, she moves to Alabama for uni after we graduated, but we kept close! When she came back we didn't talk much, but I still considered her a close friend. We went out for coffee about two years ago, she kept asking me about my life and my goals and I said I was happy where I am (I coach gymnastics) and my boyfriend and I will eventually take over his family farm, and start our own family.

She texted me two days later and said 'hey so my entrepreneur friend is hosting a workshop, do you want me to sign you up?' I said no but thanks for the offer, she then texted me 'so clearly we are at two different points in our lives, you have no goals, or ambitions, and I don't want that kind of negativity in my life. I wish you the best' and I never spoke to her again.

The 'friend' who lied and cost you your job:

From puzzleslut91

Lied about me at our government job where I was investigated by the AG and ultimately caused me to leave a job and a boss I loved. She quit when we found out it was her who lied as she knew my boss would can her ass. Oh and I’m the one who got her hired

The 'friend' who sucks you into her pyramid scheme:

From quelaiin

Made us come to her seminar thing for some pyramid scheme thing (I just know it is), I thought we were going to hangout and she told me that she was going to bring us out and eat. She just abandoned us right after that shit

The 'friend' who stabs you in the back:

From tinymom7674

Invited me to her wedding as a gesture of reconciliation and then uninvited me when I RSVP’d (or in other words, responded to her invitation). Also, another friend took me out to lunch and let me cry to her after I broke up with my ex. She said she had to go to her moms for awhile and she’d be back that evening with treats and a Redbox. She ended up hooking up with my ex

The 'friend' who doesn't make an effort to see you:

From lifeofjeb2

I drive 6 hours(one way) twice in the span of a year to visit this f**ker because I thought we were friends and he acted like we were. It cost me $300 each time to visit him but he was alone in his new city(he moved away for his first job post uni) and kept msging me saying I should come visit blah blah blah.

Later I find out this guy has came back to my town multiple times and didn’t hit me up once, and he stayed for months at a time! Then I tell him about this and he says okay he’ll visit next time he’s back in town. So then next time comes around and he stops by literally right before he’s about to drive home, to say hi for 5 mins... like dude you don’t wanna see me why are you just going through all this bs and making me waste my money.

The 'friend' who borrows money and doesn't pay it back:

From EraseRewindPlay

We were friends since babies, our moms worked at the same place. My mom saw him as her own child and frequently he was at our house after school, because her mom was kind of absent. His family moved out of the state but we kinda kept in touch then he came back, while we were on our 20s; my mom was going to start remodeling the house, he insisted on helping us since he was working with a construction company.

Long story short, he said he needed some money for the construction permits, in hindsight it wasn't even that much but he took the money and we never saw him again, he even blocked me on Facebook. We later found out that the permit costs was a fraction of the money he took. Biggest pain in the heart was watching my mom crying, disappointed that her 'own son' would do that to her. So f**k him.

The 'friend' in an MLM:

From darthbiscuit80

“Friend” found out I had cancer. She took me out to eat. She then took me to a MLM presentation.

The vindictive 'friend':

From eab33305

my “friend “ (we live on EST) texted my roommate/ owner of the condo who was living in California at 5 o’clock in the morning PST to say I was having sex parties every night (I was fast asleep). He was upset at me about something I stood up for and tried to make me homeless.

REASON: We were at a bar he was very buzzed and high sitting at a table and my other friend and I literally just got there just in time to miss a big disagreement between two other friends and he was pumped up to fill me in but they way he snapped his fingers and slammed the table to demand me to sit next to him was too much- I said “let me get my first drink first then I’ll walk over don’t snap your fingers and demand me” that escalated quick where he threatened to tip the table over ugh it was ugly

The 'friend' who takes you to court over a fridge:

From CompletelyFlammable

A friend was moving internationally, he offered me a fridge and washing machine for about half price. I was in Uni, but desperately needed it. I told him i had like $20 p/w to work with and he was cool with it. We agree to $15 per week for a year.

6 weeks later his girlfriend comes around to tell me he wants to take me to court to get the rest in one payment. I get served and go to court and present the original agreement. His girlfriend says he needs the money urgently and the judge says that don't mean shit. He then calls my dad and says I stole his shit, Dad calls me and I lay it all out. Dad ends up paying him the remainder just to get him to go away.

The 'friend' who doesn't show up to your wedding:

From breakingwaves67

I offered to pay everything and even pay her for her time off work for my best friend to come to my wedding but she didn’t. It was a really small backyard wedding and I didn’t have any bridesmaids nor did I want anyone to spend money getting dresses blah blah blah. I just wanted her to come.

The excuse she gave was work and so I understood but then later found out she lied and had planned a trip with her other friends. I still don’t know why she didn’t want to come. we were friends for over 10 years and although It wasn’t the first time she had really hurt me, it was the last

The 'friend' who laughs at you not with you:

From Topgun157

Wasn't laughing with me but at me and always pressured me into doing things I didn't want to do.

The 'friend' who takes but doesn't give:

From Squirrel8021

Ignored me when I asked for a small favour from them even though I helped them so many times.

The 'friend' who pulls a fast one on you:

From nsngrl16

She invited me over to hang out, 35 mins in she was like “I will be right back” gets in the car with her boyfriend and leaves me at her house with her kid siblings....she f**king tricked me into babysitting

Sources: Reddit
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