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Pregnant woman gets asked by neighbors to 'cover up' in pool, 'we're uncomfortable.'

Pregnant woman gets asked by neighbors to 'cover up' in pool, 'we're uncomfortable.'


In a perfect world, everyone would mind their own business. But we don't live in that world, which means everyone from neighbors to coworkers has something to say. And sometimes they're so nosy you're forced to defend your personal decisions as if you're standing in a courtroom.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for not 'covering up more' in her backyard pool.

She wrote:

AITA for not covering up more to float in my pool?

I have an above-ground pool in my backyard. It's almost as tall as the fence, so you can see into it from my neighbours' deck and lots of their windows. In short, it's not very private. I'm 8 months pregnant and getting pretty uncomfortable. Being in water helps enormously, so I like to spend a good chunk of time most evenings just floating in my pool.

I wear a bikini to do this because it's about a million times easier than fighting with a one piece. The end result of this is that my neighbours get an eyeful of large, pale (wear sunscreen, kids!), stretchmark-covered belly when they look in the direction of my backyard. The other day, my neighbour stopped my husband when he was on his way out to ask if I could cover up more in the pool.

Apparently they're avoiding using their deck because seeing so much of my body is uncomfortable for them. My husband laughed as if they were joking and they didn't press, but now they've started giving me dirty looks whenever they see me. AITA for subjecting my neighbours to my pasty pregnant body on the regular?

People had strong opinions about this one.

emily_in_boots wrote:

Definitely NTA! You’re pregnant, and you’re relaxing in your own pool, in your own yard, wearing a normal swimsuit. F**k them. If it’s that big an issue for them, they can stay inside.

Icy-Bell7930 wrote:

How dare you have a body!


NTA, obviously.

AryaStark1313 wrote:

LOL of course NTA! I would laugh my ass off at those neighbors. I made a very private backyard so I can sunbathe topless by the pool and nobody can see me. That is until my backyard neighbors got a trampoline for their kids! They wanted me to stop because omg what if the little tikes saw BREASTS?

Oh the horror! They threatened to call the cops - I said go right ahead. Never heard from them again and they eventually moved (I guess because I was corrupting their babies).

West_Map4218 wrote:

NTA. They'll probably be the sort of neighbors that will ask you not to breastfeed while sitting outside because they are offended. They need to grow up and get over it - babies don't come from a cabbage patch, or brought down by a stork. Good luck - enjoy floating in the pool for the next month.

Clearly, the neighbors are giant AHs who have no business speaking about OP's body.

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