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Bride secretly pockets $7K from bridesmaids on her Bachelorette trip. UPDATED 2X

Bride secretly pockets $7K from bridesmaids on her Bachelorette trip. UPDATED 2X


"Bride made a profit on bachelorette trip!! (SIL drama)"


SO MUCH TEA. I’m glad I can spill to my Reddit community because I can’t gossip about it to my family!

SO - about 6 months ago the bride planned her destination bachelorette trip and charged each of the 11 girls $650 for the Airbnb.

I was salty about the high cost but it’s my SIL so I sucked it up and paid her. I also was suspicious about the high AF price so I did cross check the Airbnb listing and it checked out. (Yes this b wanted a $2300/night beachfront house.)

Well today I’m chatting about wedding stuff with my brother (who is marrying future SIL) and he said something along the lines of “what a relief her dad paid for the Airbnb because that would have been so expensive for your group.”

I about choked! I said hey are you sure about that because all 11 girls paid $650 for the house alone. Maybe run it by her…:..his face turned purple so I take it he had no idea.

To add to the greed going on here - when I got married I flew her out, paid for her accommodations, paid hair and makeup, paid for her bridesmaid dress, and paid transportation because she was going through a hard time. Now she has the balls to steal from me.

I get that weddings are expensive but don’t have one if it requires stealing from your BMs. I’m assuming I’m the only BM who is aware of what’s going on here. Not sure if I should spill to the group or just let it go....

There’s a chance her dad stepped in and paid for it after the fact, and she just chose not to refund us. I’m not clear on the exact situation and want to avoid embarrassing my brother.


Thanks for all the advice and support! Yes - I agree with most of you who are saying I’m morally obligated to spill the beans because $650 is not child’s play. This is what I’m going to do. First, I’m going to talk to my brother and give him a chance to clear it up with SIL.

Before I make a scene, I want to understand what’s really going on. For example, did daddy pay for the trip but SIL decided to put that towards a different wedding expense? Things like that. That answer will determine when/how I tell the rest of the BMs. Im going to give my brother only 1-2 days because this trip is literally next week.


Alright so I regrouped with my brother. My mom also stepped in, bypassed my brother, and got some more info directly from her dad! HERE’S THE TEA - future SIL’s dad did not offer to cover the cost until a few months after we all paid for the trip.

This was after he found out the cost and was pissed that she chose a $2300/night house and asked us to pay. Apparently he threatened not to pay for the wedding if she added more expenses onto the wedding party. Turns out she originally wanted it at the Maldives and he forbid her!

According to my mom who chatted with him directly, he felt embarrassed when he heard about the Airbnb price and wanted to save face with my side of the family. So he gave SIL about $7k to cover the cost of the house. She was supposed to refund us but obviously that never happened.

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD - so my mom went total FBI and learned that in addition to not paying us, SIL didn’t put the money towards a different wedding expense either. SHE DOESNT HAVE IT. So where did it go?? What did she spend it on?? There is currently a FULL BLOWN INVESTIGATION going down between our two families rn!

I have been asked by my mom not to alert the BMs just yet until we get the last bits of info AND come to a resolution with both SIL and her dad. But we WILL tell them asap one way or another. I will come back tomorrow with another update!! Wow, CRAZY.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


She’s your future SIL and you’re letting this slide?! You’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of getting taken advantage of by her. I’d be demanding my money back and telling everyone else. That’s a crazy amount of money to steal from your “friends.”


Girrrrrllllllll. You’re better than me. I would 100% tell the other bridesmaids and demand my money back. That’s insane and completely inexcusable.


Play dumb in the group chat and say oh that’s so nice your dad offered to cover the expenses of our trip for us, here is my Venmo to send my portion to!


I don't know how well off you are but to me 650 dollars would never ever be "just let it go" money.


You’re doing all the other bridesmaids a disservice by not spilling. She literally stole from people who were nice enough to give their time and money for her and she took advantage.

You shouldn’t keep this to yourself, maybe some of the other bridesmaids are struggling and need the money back. Even if not- she literally stole from her supposed friends!! I would’ve already sent a mass text blast to everyone and demanded my money back. What a terrible person.


Your brother is already embarrassed and angry. That's why his face changed color. I'd call SIL, tell her I heard that dad covered the Airbnb and if she doesn't refund everyone, I WILL let the others know what happened. Of course, this is after hearing her side of the story.

So, what advice would you give the OP in this situation? Would you blow the whistle on the bride?

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