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Woman finds out 'Bridezilla' post is about her, returns hot fire. (Update and texts)

Woman finds out 'Bridezilla' post is about her, returns hot fire. (Update and texts)


Bride sleuths and finds out a "bridezilla" post is about her. Then, she tells everyone her side of the story.

A bride found a Reddit post that was about her posted to r/bridezillas. Below is the extracted text from the original post and the texts between the bride and (ex) bridesmaid as well as the bride's update post. Original post titled:

"Destination wedding nightmare"


Ok so going to a destination wedding for someone I've kind of not been mega close with, (to keep it vague, there's some things it feels like I owe them on so I ended up agreeing to go) my husband and I financially found a way to make it work it being our only vacation of the year.

We figured it would be 1-2 days spent at the wedding, and the rest it would be time to ourselves, however this is not the case, it had turned into 4 days of our/my time being occupied, because she wants 1.5 days before the wedding, 1 day for the wedding, and 1.5 days after the wedding to do girls things, etc.

I caved and agreed to be a bridesmaid (I was asked when everyone else was but said no because thought we couldn't afford it) and then got a sob story how no one else could afford to go so if I still wanted to I could. So I said yes and then find out she lied and there's actually 8 of them.

It's just really p!ssing me off how much of our time she is trying to demand, I'm all for a bachelorette day/night, and the wedding day/night but after that we want to have our own vacation i don't want to keep doing random like beach bachelorette days the day after your wedding.

Why don't you want to spend that with your husband. Sorry to vent but like god every time I try to get out of it I'm basically told nope not an option. We're at the point of just backing out altogether, or I'm just going to go back to being a guest at the wedding and that's it, because not only is it a 5K financial cost, but like 4 out of 5 days time cost is just too steep for me. Please tell me I'm not a terrible person. Haha

Comments taken from screenshots:


"That's what I'm coming from, like I just don't understand the giant time before and giant time after and when I was hesitant I was berated saying I never like to leave my husbands side."

User 1 responds:

Because she wants the wedding more than a marriage.

User 2 responds:

I wonder how long the marriage will last

User 1 responds:

These types usually end within two years.

Well, the bride decided to provide her own update after finding the post about her.

"Bridezilla here with an update!"


I’m an active Reddit user on all the wedding subreddits so anytime I see a post about destination weddings, it piques my interest! Once I realized this could possibly be about me, my heart sank. I checked the profile and sure enough, there were identifiable pictures of my ex bridesmaids dog, her work information, stories about her fiancés mom, etc.

I sent a screenshot of this to one of my other bridesmaids to ask why they’re planning an apparently 4 day bachelorette party for me, since I know they had a groupchat where they were all discussing and planning a surprise for me. But she said that this actually is not true at all. 😂 Actually, this whole post isn’t true at all.

So I of course confronted my dear bridesmaid (who I’ve by the way been friends with since middle school and we text every single day) and she pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about while quickly deleting everything on her profile.

I decided to have some fun and pick apart every lie she told in the post, reminding her that she knew the truth and again asking, why she lied about every single thing? Anyways, I gave her the out that she clearly wanted since I guess her saying how excited she was for my wedding the night before meant that she actually never wanted to be a bridesmaid?

Addressing some of the comments… she was already a bridesmaid and she asked how many there are, I told her 6-8 depending on if my 2 cousins could afford to come, no sob story or lies there I was just answering a question. Me not wanting to spend time with my husband?

The day after our wedding is a full romantic day for just the two of us so I have no idea what she’s talking about, she knows the plan, I have told about her this exactly a few days ago. After that, we are spending the rest of the trip doing excursions and stuff with all our guests as a group because everyone traveled so far to come celebrate us!

Some of our bridesmaids and groomsmen and other guests live halfway across the world and we haven’t seen them in 2 years, so why we would just go off and ignore everyone when they spent so much time and effort to see us? This isn’t our honeymoon people! We have a romantic honeymoon planned later in 2024, this destination wedding is a time for the people we love to celebrate our love with us.

Now for the text messages.

Between Bride and ex-Bridesmaid

Ex-bridesmaid: "Holy sh!t those meds are expensive as fvvck I couldn't imagine paying that"

Bride: "Yeah I couldn't imagine paying $5000 for a destination wedding of someone I didn't like either but here you are."

Ex-bridesmaid: "I'm sorry what?"

Bride: "I'm not stupid, Shannon, I'm on all the wedding subreddits. I always read the posts regarding destination weddings, and your post seemed a little too similar except for the lies you added in. I'm not going to lie, I'm very hurt, especially because I thought you were one of my closest friends.

Don't worry, you don't need to back out, because I'm doing it for you. You are no longer a bridesmaid and you are uninvited from the wedding as well as my life. And, oh I 'berated' you, more lies I see lol. Enjoy your vacation :)"

The bride's anger continued.

Bride: "Oh so you have nothing to say now, Shannon? You sure had a lot to say on Reddit. I think the only thing you 'owe' me (whatever the f0ck that means), is an explanation for why you think it's okay to pretend to be my friend to me face then turn around and make up some fantasy about me to get validation from Reddit."

(Screenshots of Text messages pt 1 Text message pt 2 Text messages pt 3)

Here were the top rated comments from readers here:


If you want to lie for attention on Reddit, why not do it on an account that doesn't have a picture of your dog? I assume this person has been a hater pretending to be a bff for a while.


So that's what they mean with, "ThrowRA because family knows my account."


Well that was embarrassing for Shannon.


Was it? Is there any evidence or proof that the “bride” isn’t just some rando who decided to make some bullshit up for attention and karma? If nearly everything the bridesmaid said was a lie, how was the bride able to figure out this was about her?


comment from the bride explaining how she figured out the post was about her also I don't know about you all, but personally I click and read through a LOT of profiles that make posts.

So, this was...pretty awkward. Do you think this truly ruined their friendship?

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