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Baker doubles price of cupcakes and snaps 'you can afford it' to customer. AITA?

Baker doubles price of cupcakes and snaps 'you can afford it' to customer. AITA?


When a part-time baker was asked for a rush order by a mutual friend, she didn't expect such a conflict to ensue.

But after seeing a social media post that set her off, OP came to Reddit for support:

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for charging someone more than usual for cupcakes and saying I'm not running a charity?'

Glass_Ad_1364 writes:

I (26) have a small business baking cakes and cupcakes. It's not my primary job- my customers are mostly family and friends, but it's something I'm good at and enjoy doing. It depends on the size, but since I can't do commercial quantities, my time frame to place orders is at least 2 weeks in advance.

So a couple weeks ago a mutual friend, Liv, (29) reached out asking if I could make some cupcakes for her daughter's 3rd birthday. She gave a outline of what she wanted and it's something I can do, so I said sure. Difference is she wanted them in a week.

Liv said there's a lot going on for her right now and she decided to give her daughter a surprise and doesn't have time to make cupcakes too, so the late order. I had spare time that week, so I said I could make them.

The cost I gave her was more than what I'd normally charge, but Liv started saying how it's too much and if I could bring it down. I said no, because this is a late order. She made some excuse about how she understands that and she's happy to pay more, but not 'this much'.

Liv kept insisting, so I got kind of annoyed and told her I'm not running a charity, she can afford it. If she can't, she doesn't have to order from me. Liv gave a pretty snarky reply to that, got pissed. Didn't end up placing an order. I then saw from a friend's insta she made some posts on her stories, which I'll admit irked me.

I do have a couple people telling me I was way upcharging and was rude to her in my replies. I don't think I was, so AITA (a I the a-hole)?

Reddit had a few follow up questions, and OP revealed some information that clinched it for those who were on the fence...

Princess-She-ra asks:

INFO: how much extra were you charging? Typically there should be a rush fee, but if people are telling you that you were 'way overcharging' then maybe it was too much.

OP answers:

She wanted 12 cupcakes, for the type she wanted an usual order, within my time frame would be $40-$45. I quoted $85. (Canadian dollars)

Mysterious_Megalodon then says:

YTA (You're the a-hole) based on your comment clarifying that you doubled the price. That’s much different than charging more because it’s a late order. If you had time, why would the price be double?

And “she can afford it” is a terrible and rude reason. Not to mention, reminding her you aren’t running a charity would have made a lot more sense if she was asking for free or discounted cupcakes. But no one asked for that. If you didn’t want to make the cupcakes just say that.

Creative-Pie8769 disagrees:

Um no. It's her time. There is no 'way overcharging.' This is what her time is worth to her and she gets to decide. I don't care if she quoted $100 for the rush on a $10 order. IT'S. HER. TIME. OP didn't surprise her with a rush price, she gave her a quote and the quote is either accepted or not, period. What is happening here?

lastofthe_timeladies writes:

Yea I'm confused. If I go into a store and see a garment that is priced what I deem as way too much, I just say 'damn, that's overpriced, they lost my business' and shop somewhere else. I don't take it as a personal affront. However, the friend may or may not be an AH depending on the insta posts.

I don't think I'm an AH when I call certain businesses overpriced or criticize their policies. As long as I'm being honest and not making it personal. If a friend posted about a business wanting double for an order given a week ahead of time and saying 'I think that's unfair and a policy that makes me think poorly on this business, I recommend Y place instead,' that's fair imo.

Trying to argue for a lower price was dumb though. So I guess I'd say NAH (no a-holes here) depending on how nasty she actually got. But OOP def isn't an AH.

OP responds:

She made a birthday cake for her daughter herself and posted it on insta. It was very detailed and over the top, sort of a 'haha I can make it so much better than OP didn't even need to ask her'

And then Reddit want bezerk.

Emotional_Bat_279 goes:

What the hell? So she decided to take matters into her own hands so her daughter could have cake on her birthday and somehow you think she's trying to one up you? Get over yourself lmao.

europeorbust2030 agrees:

Are you serious? You are jealous that she made her daughter a beautiful cake and, gasp, posted a picture of it? YTA.

Derpstercat sums it up:

So now you are sh*t talking your friend for making a birthday cake for her own kid, because it looks too fancy and you interpret that as some kind of a slight against you? You sound literally insane. YTA. I hope all your cupcakes crumble.

So, there you have it!

Is OP allowed to charge what she wants for her work? Yes! But will Reddit be on her side? Not in this case.

Sources: Reddit
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