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23 people who have met celebrities reveal which ones were surprisingly rude or kind.

23 people who have met celebrities reveal which ones were surprisingly rude or kind.


While people always warn fans that they should 'never meet your heroes,' sometimes a celebrity sighting can be a delightful surprise...

However, sometimes your absolute favorite musician in the world can come into the coffee shop you work at and ruin the entire staff's day with a series of completely unhinged and entitled demands. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Who is the kindest/rudest celebrities you've met IRL?' people were ready to spill the piping hot celebrity tea.


I used to serve Rachel McAdams at a restaurant fairly regularly. She was always super sweet. Very lowkey and soft spoken in person. She and her husband would come in late and keep to themselves. - overintoxikatied


I was an extra on The Last of Us and met Pedro Pascal. He was super nice. We technically weren’t allowed to talk to the “talent” and they’d usually ignore us but he and Gabriel Luna talked to us anyway. - _PlaZma


Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively live relatively close to my hometown and show up to this Christmas event every now and again that our town puts on. Walked out of the ice cream parlor downtown and sitting on the bench right outside is Ryan Reynolds eating an ice cream cone.

I looked up at him as I was walking out and made eye contact, and I looked away, then I looked back to make sure it was him, and he looks me dead in the face and goes “I know right, isn’t it crazy?” And then he gets up and walks away. 10/10 - Euuphoriaa


Bryan Cranston- he was filming an episode of Malcom in the middle in a Sherman oaks shopping mall. I happened to be there with my kids and we had just bought some see’s candies.

We were walking and he approached us and said “ oh you bought me candy? “ we laughed gave him a piece and he autographed the candy bag. He spent a few minutes with us and was very down to earth, and funny. - ferretfamily


Back in 2004ish John Cena and Batista gave me a spot at the gym at like 5am. Super nice guys. Saw me on the bench press working alone and just walked over unprovoked to spot me. We talked for a little bit and finished our workouts together. Gave me a couple pointers. I've always rooted for them to succeed since then. - Emotional_Raccoon651


Not me but a friend of mine, he works as a professional body gaurd and when Rhianna came to town he was tasked with watching her. Said he's never met a person who was that rude to their subordinates as she was.

Allegedly threw stuff as the stage hands, spoke shit about her dress/makeup people infront of them. Even he had a turn at enjoying her opinions of him. He's worked with a few other big names before but according to him she takes the cake. - Excellent-Captain-93


Usher tipped me in “Usher Bucks.” These have “non-legal tender” stamped all over the bills. - L0neW0lfMcQuade


Met Adam Sandler in Hawaii. Super nice guy. - SendLocation


Patrick Stewart made me feel like he really listened and cared about every word I said to him in the 2 minutes we shook hands and chatted. Proper gent! - Korean_Street_Pizza


I met Tyler the Creator at a Chick-fil-A in LA, and was terrified to ask for a photo, but did so anyway. He agreed very sternly, on the firm condition that i hold the sauce for his nuggets, and so in the photo I’m holding the lil packet, but in the background he is absolutely cackling with laughter.

He then broke the facade, dapped me up, said he loves pranking people like that, and proceeded to ask me all about my life for 5-10 minutes. He also shared some fairly intimate details of his own life. A strange and beautiful man. - squeakycleaned


Jeff Goldblum, after a matinee of “The Pillowman.” Autographs, photos, asking people where they were from, what else they had seen/were going to see.

One girl mentioned they were in the city for her birthday as she was taking a photo of him with her friends, he stopped and said “How can you not be in your own birthday picture,” took her camera and grabbed someone from the crowd to take a picture of the group.

Would not leave until he was sure everyone got what they wanted (despite his assistant or handler trying to move him along for dinner before the evening performance) - alter_ego19456


I met Weird Al at a con once. While he was signing the photo I bought, I told him about how he inspired me to write my own parody songs. He seemed genuinely interested and asked if I had a YouTube channel, but I told him I just write them, not record them. Super nice dude (at least for the brief time we spoke). - Avandra


I proposed to my wife at a restaurant in Kauai. Afterwards, Michael Keaton leaned over from his table with his family and enthusiastically congratulated us. Very kind and friendly. - Warren_Puffitt


Ian McKellen came to the spa I worked at and was absolutely lovely. We didn’t sell ice cream but there was a farm shop across the road and I mentioned it and he asked me if I’d take him there.

My friend who worked in the farm shop had his mouth open the whole time seeing me buying ice cream with Gandalf. - ClydeinLimbo


I have worked with Steve Martin and Martin Short, they’re both super nice, respectful, and incredibly dedicated to their craft. They’ll spend hours finessing a couple lines in a show they do every night just to get it right for that evening’s performance. - snakefest


My wife worked at a private jet company. Rihanna was one of the clients. She is an utter douche bag. The food she ordered was not loaded on the flight but a different menu was served. She flung the plates and cutlery inside the plane and threw a massive fit mid air. - Great-Hornet6968


Worked for a company that did all the security for the local theaters. Met a bunch of musicians and comedians. The nicest was hands down Tori Amos. She's was the first celebrity to come up and introduce herself to me. Just so down to earth and sweet. Cyndi Lauper is another that was extremely nice and gracious. - Blackbeltchicken


Kurt Cobain was genuinely one of the nicest guys I ever met. This was their first ever UK gig on the Bleach tour, and I'd actually mainly gone to see Tad who were headlining.

They were just sat around and I mentioned how much effort it took to get a hold of their album over here and Kurt and I just chatted about bands for like 20 minutes or so. He seemed really genuinely interested in what I liked. - L1A1


I worked at a PetSmart in Atlanta and one day, out of nowhere, Queen Latifah walked in. I swear, you'd have never thought she was a celebrity.

We just chatted about dogs and whatnot and there was no pretense. She didn't even have a bodyguard or anything. Just a regular gal coming in in PJ pants, getting food for her puppies. Such a great woman.

I also got to meet David Hyde Pierce after a show of Curtains on Broadway. This was the day after he won the Tony, and he was SO gracious. Let me take a picture and everything. Love him. - La-Z-Bear


Salma Hayek was super cool! I used to walk my dog around soho/tribeca and she saw my dog on the street and was gushing over him and we chatted for a bit. Around 2 weeks later she saw my dog from a car and she got out to say hello and pet him again. Very funny lady, totally cool and chill to talk to. She just had a natural charisma to her.- frogvscrab


Ellen Degeneres. I've never met someone as rude or as self-entitled as she is. She damn near had the waiter in tears. I wanted to go and flip her damn table. I thought the stories about her were a joke. She very much proved they were not.- JustAHellSpawn


Kindest I've met was Stephanie Germanotta (Lady Gaga). I was working in a hotel as a tour guide and she was a guest. So incredibly lovely. Went out of her way to learn everyone's names, was polite, interested in everyone and their personal story. I was blown away - sgtgs42


My sibling has a terminal illness in the 80s and Make A Wish sent our family to the set of Knight Rider to meet David Hasselhoff. Was cool, but that's not what matters. Fast forward 30 years and I'm at Heathrow picking up a family member when I see the Hoff standing there on his phone.

I approach him and wait for him to end his call. He looks at me and says hello. I tell him that we met. He looks at me and say, 'Was their name ...?' He remembered their name after 30 years. That will always stay with me. - AnsweringLiterally

Sources: Reddit
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