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16 people who went to high school with a famous person share what they were like.

16 people who went to high school with a famous person share what they were like.


High school reunions can feel awkward, competitive, or shockingly boring, but what happens when the kid who used to sit across from you in Algebra II is now a movie star?

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Any one of you go to high school with someone who is pretty famous now? What were they like then?' people were shared the halls with future stars were ready to share their stories.


Taylor Lautner. That guy is an arrogant jerk. - ansabhailte


I went to high school with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I would see him once in a while walking to class or chilling with his friends. He seemed pretty laid back. - crazyiris


Kesha. She was weird. Not hot weird, Just weird. - thelowbrow


My dad went to high school with Bill Murray, apparently he was quite well liked. - rubrix


My sister's friend went to school with Heath Ledger and he was good mates with him. She told me when she herself met him he was a really friendly guy. - Dascrazi


I went to high school with LeBron James. In high school, he was pretty humble and down to earth, even when he (and the rest of the school) knew he was going to be an NBA superstar, he kept his class and played it cool through graduation. IMO, his ego didn't blow up until after high school. - leonardtheleopard


According to legend, my mom's friends strung Rob Schneider's underwear up a flag pole at their band camp when he was a Freshman...I brought it up with him a few years back when he was visiting town and he jokingly scolded me for 'bringing up that painful memory.'

In high school he was supposedly a dorky, goofy, kind of annoying but lovable kid...from my own experiences more recently, he's silly and loves to make jokes and everything but mostly he's just laid back and very kind. He funded our town's band program and tries to come home for concerts and to stop by and say hello once in a while. He's a real genuine good guy. - lalalobster


Old friend of mine went to HS with Christopher Mintz Plasse (of Mclovin fame), apparently he was the class clown - mix0


Went to high school (and middle school) with John Mayer. He was a good guy. We had a number of friends in common but I didn't hang out w/him often. His band ('Villanova Junction') played at graduation, and I don't think anyone thought anything of it at the time. - MrDNL


Rebecca Black was my 'little buddy' when she was in kindergarten and I was in 4th grade. Honestly, she was adorable and very well-spoken and polite for a 5 year old. And I remember for the two other years I went to that elementary school, we still bumped into each other every now and then--she spent most of her time in the library reading, keeping herself only two a small group of friends. And now we've been on Facebook for the past two years or so, even before Friday debuted. - [deleted]


Zac Efron was in my high school speech and debate league. He accused me of wanting to kill Oprah in a debate. And he won. - GinDeMint


Went to primary with Peter Jackson's son (before Lord of the Rings came out). He told us his dad was making a movie, I laughed at him. Oh god why... - cumby2012


I went to highschool with Ludacris. Back then he was just Chris, and he was hilarious. - xGRANITEx


My mom went to school with Steve from Blues Clues - she was in the drama department with him. She said he was always acting kooky, but he was super nice and artsy - [deleted]


My Grandma went to school with Elvis. They had P.E. together. She said he was a real ladies' man and he was a total sweetheart. - BroadwayxBeauty


I used to play youth baseball with MC Hammer's son. His entire family was so nice and some of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. MC Hammer even gave me my very own nickname while I was playing a game once.

A grounder was hit straight to me and I 'scooped' it up and made a double play to end the game. He was yelling from the crowd, 'Atta Boy Scoop!' He and the rest of my team called me that until I moved away one day. Good times. - Raayder

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