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16 people share stories of meeting celebrities who surprisingly weren't total jerks.

16 people share stories of meeting celebrities who surprisingly weren't total jerks.


People always say 'don't meet your heroes' but what if your 'hero' turns out to be a very humble, chill, and funny down-to-Earth person?

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Has anyone ever met a celebrity who turned out to be super-cool?' people who are lucky enough to have met a famous person who wasn't a nightmare were ready to share their stories.


Keanu Reeves. I live in Sydney, I didn't recognize him but I was having lunch with a friend who did and was a massive fan. She spotted him having lunch by himself but was too shy to say something/approach.

So I did, he was very polite and charming, even to the point where he asked us what we did (students at the time), where & what we studied. etc It was very nice of him to chat to us for a few minutes and sign an autograph. Turns out he was in Sydney filming the matrix. - edenite


When I was about 10 years old my dad was working on a commercial that Faith Hill was doing and I got to hang out on the set for a few days. I have to say, I can't stand her music to this day, but that lady was a f*cking saint.

There was another famous actress who was closer to my age who very clearly didn't want to hang out with me. When I would get snubbed, Faith Hill would invite me to come hang out with her while she got her hair and makeup done, told me I was beautiful and that I could be a singer like her. It was really awesome. - [deleted]


Danny McBride. Eastbound and Down is filmed where I live, and he likes to go to the actual bar that is used in the show. He was playing Big Buck Hunter one night and people started asking him for pictures, so he posed with the orange plastic shotgun in his hands. Real cool guy, talked to anybody and everybody that came up to him. - kosmox


Marylin Manson. Met him backstage at some concert (no make up or leather). He was one of the most well-spoke and intelligent people I've ever met. We were talking about music, movies and politics. I totally forgot about the concert and just enjoyed the conversation.I told him I wasn't really a fan of his music, and he just laughed and appreciated the honesty. Then he started to take the piss out of his fans (little gothlings in makeup). Real cool cat. - kill_monkey


My dad is on the radio, so I grew up meeting tons of celebrities. The vast majority of them were just completely normal people. Anyone met under the right circumstances can be a prick.

Anyway, the first person I remember being super awesome was Dave Attell. He came in during the peak of his show Insomniac when I was 12. He was really cool and asked me what I was interested in, which, looking back, was pretty awesome. Anyone who put up with conversing with a 12 year old at 6 AM is good in my book. So the next year, he came in again, and he immediately remembered my name, asked how I was doing etc. He was just super nice.

The kicker, though, is 10 years later I went to NYC for school. Hadn't seen Dave in years and I noticed him talking to a rather large group of people. He caught me out of the corner of his eye and yelled out 'how ya doin' kid.' That was pretty cool. So basically, he is really cool. - samgrizzy


Kevin Bacon - Twice. The first time I was a complete dick to him. It was at a little bar in Florida when his band 'The Bacon Brothers' were playing. I was drunk, in college, and sitting in the front row. I kept shouting 'Play footloose!, Play Footloose!' over and over again. Didn't matter that it wasn't his song, I wanted to hear footloose. Needless to say, I didn't get to meet him, and I didn't get to hear footloose.

Fast Forward several years, and I was working Footloose the musical tour. We played thousand Oaks, CA for a week, and guess who stopped by? That's right, Kevin Bacon. I make it through the show, and head back to the LX racks to power down, when Kevin Bacon comes backstage to meet the crew. So, the whole time I'm slinking around back stage, trying not to be seen. He's on stage, shaking hands and talking to people, when he sees me, does a double take, and then points at me and says 'YOU!, I know you!, You're a d*ck!'

Needless to say, my entire crew is stunned into awed silence while I apologized all over myself while trying to get out of the building. A bit later on I was standing on the loading dock when Kevin Bacon came outside. He stood next to me and said 'Dude, that wasn't cool.' I apologized again, In earnest, and he seemed to accept that. To this day I have some insane street cred with that crew. - alfalfasprouts


I met Jane Gooddall. A lot of people might not be too impressed with that, but I'm a biologist so I was freaking the hell out. I was shaking and nervous as all get out. She signed an autograph for me, took a couple pictures with my group, was just fantastic all around. I liked the way she spoke to 'her people', always giving suggestions instead of orders. She'd say something like 'we should take the picture from this way, shouldn't we?' rather than 'move over there.' Very nice lady. - [deleted]


Willem Dafoe is a pretty awesome guy. I worked for him for a summer. I saw him a bunch and also his son, who is just as nice. At the end of the summer he and his wife took all of us to dinner. This was years ago, but I feel like if I saw him on the street and told him who I was he would be genuinely happy to see me. Dude just gives off good vibes. - welllllllok


Ed Helms (office, hangover...) is into bluegrass and I go to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival every year. A few years ago I was watching Bela Fleck by myself, super stoney, and he was sitting a little bit away, and we caught eyes and I go 'hey!' and he said hi back.

Fast forward a bit later and it starts down pouring, I run under an awning. He shows up under the same awning and say 'thanks for that really great smile earlier!' we chit chat. I don't mention anything about his work, ask him what he does, he says he works in Hollywood.

This was summer before hangover came out. I ran into him the next day and offer him some of my ice cream cone. I make a joke about smelling bad and he jokes back. The next year I ran into him again at a coffee shop and he remembered me! - elenaaaaaa


Mr. Rogers. Met him at an Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh. He came in with a small group of people for the lunch buffet. He smiled and said hi to everyone, he would firmly shake your hand, ask your name, then say things like 'It's nice to meet you', 'I feel so honored to be recognized', etc.. He was just as nice in person as he was on TV. And yes, he was wearing a sweater. And apparently he was a vegetarian. - raxtich


I ran into Johnny Depp while he was filming Public Enemies. He opened a door for me, smiled, and said 'After you, miss.' We continued to chat for about ten minutes. I was in awe that he was so nice with all of his fame. - AnonyMRS


Met Hulk Hogan at Walmart when I was 8 or 9, he signed my shirt and called me brother. - BeeKeeperReno


I own an ice cream parlor in NY and Frances McDormand is one of my regulars during the summer. She does a little dance when I pour hot fudge on her ice cream. Awesome lady. - nmc1988


I live in NY. I somehow came across 3rd base line seats to a Yankees game. I was just sitting there and all of a sudden a guy sits next to me. It happens to be one Mr. Shawn Carter (Jay-Z). I am a HUGE Jay-Z fan and was just trying not to geek out too hard on him. So I turn to him and say 'Sh*t, how'd you get these tickets they must be giving them away to anyone.' He laughed pretty hard and that was my 'in.'

Sat there for about 3 hours talking to him about sports and music. He was cooler than just about anyone I had ever met ever. He bet me 20 bucks that A-Rod would hit a home run in the 5th inning and lost. Jay-Z gave me 20 dollars. It was a boss evening to say the least. - tacotacotaco_1


Charles Barkley. The Rockets were in the same hotel we were in after we got back from a wedding. My buddy Mike, short, elfin, red head, was drunk as hell and went up to Barkley and thanked him, told him how much he admired him, etc. Barkley said, 'Thanks, my man. I appreciate that.'

So we left, and we were leaving Mike turned around and said, 'Take it easy Charles' and then walked right into the wall. Really hard. Barkley got up, came over and said to me, 'You're not driving are you? If you are, I'll get you a cab. If you get into a car, I'll kick your a*s.' I assured Charles we had a room in the hotel. Super nice guy. - jfrizzera


Cindy Crawford - LOVED her modeling career, and her 'House of Style' show on MTV. She was signing a makeup book at Wal-Mart (of all places) in Plano, TX. I wait my time in line, get up to Cindy, and my mind goes blank. All I could say was, 'You rock Cindy!' like a total dumbass. She smiled big and asked my name, then said, 'Reideen - YOU rock.' I walked out of that Walmart like a BAUS knowing that Cindy Crawford just said I rocked. - reideen

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