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Cheating ex loses out on his expensive gift, bonds her with her little brother. + Update

Cheating ex loses out on his expensive gift, bonds her with her little brother. + Update


"I discovered that my boyfriend is cheating after buying him an expensive Christmas gift"


I (female 25) discovered that my boyfriend (male 26) had been cheating on me for 5 months. I was really devastated and felt a lot of rage inside me, especially after buying him a new Playstation 5, since he wanted one but couldn't afford it. I was saving up a lot of money to buy him the console with some games.

We've been dating for 3 years and living together for a year and a half, I immediately kicked him out after his side girl messaged me apologizing not knowing that he had a girlfriend.

I didn't believe her because I trusted my boyfriend a lot but she came with receipts. They were a lot of messages where he flirted with her and sent n**ds, I was disgusted, really disgusted.

The worst part is when I confronted him, he didn't even try to deny it and called me boring, he insulted me a lot, saying I was no fun and he deserves better. I was really enraged and for the first time, I slapped him, he was shocked so was I, because I was never violent with him and always tried to solve things quietly but he made my blood boil.

I started screaming at him that he doesn't do anything around here and never paid rent because he's a lazy jobless piece of shit who can't even bother looking for a decent job, at one point I mentioned how he will never get the ps5 that I bought and return it soon to the store, he looked like a deer in headlights.

That bastard, he immediately changed his attitude and acted sorry, started apologizing and crying, saying he never meant to cheat and promised he would make it up to me. He's a disgusting pig, he never cared for my feelings, he only cared when I mentioned something he wanted, such hypocrisy.

I wasted no time and kicked him out, he's still sending me a lot of texts filled with apologies and even an ugly photo of him crying, I told him to not waist his time because he won't get the ps5, we're done then I blocked him.

I won't take the ps5, I already have one but I remembered that my parents were planning on buying it for my little brother, the plan was going to be them buying the ps5 and I will buy the games for it with an extra ps store gift card but looks like I will give my parents a call and tell them there's a change in our plans for my brother's gift.

Here were the top rated comments from readers after the OP's initial post:


Your lil brother is gonna be so excited tho.


Make some photos of your brother while he enjoys playing the PS5 and rub it under that piece of crap's nose. Make him cry a bit more. I'm happy for you that you got rid of that loser. You deserve much better. And for the next one, stand up for yourself!


Let me guess. When you previously asked him to get a job and contribute to the household, he called you a gold digger.

Good for you for not taking his gaslighting and BS any longer. I'm sure you've figured out by now that he was never going to contribute and intended to use you for a free ride while he had his fun. You are so well rid of him. Best Christmas gift you could give yourself!

The OP responded here:


He actually called me controlling, we fought a lot about it but this was my first time showing a serious reaction to it.


hahahahahahaha he can get bent!! good on you, you should tell the other girl what a lazy jobless POS he is! Also, happy holidays to you and your family, I hope your brother enjoys the new ps5 that your ex is not getting.


Good on you for not falling for his BS. Had you kept him and given him the PS5, he would likely continue to love bomb as a thank you for the game system.

However, once he feels you are comfortable again, he'd have just gone back to his old cheating ways and not do a thing to help you and then gaslight you blaming you for being boring and whatever else he can come up with to make you feel bad. Your little brother is going to love his gift thanks to your ex! 😂

Five days later, the OP returned with an update.

"Update: I discovered that my boyfriend is cheating after buying him an expensive Christmas gift."


Hello everyone! I'm back with an update! First I wanted to thank all of the people who commented and shared some of their experiences with me, I really appreciate it💕

Today was amazing, I celebrated Christmas with my family, my parents and little brother. My parents cooks the best food so I ate well after not having an appetite for a few days, it was wonderful.

As for my parents agreement about the gift, we agreed on something, i'll gift the ps5 and games to my brother, my parents bought an oculus for my brother's new ps5 and other accessories for the console.

When the time came for the presents, I was shocked to learn that my brother got me an expensive gift, he got me some make up from Sephora and a gift card. My parents then informed me that my brother was saving for my gift since the beginning of the year, I cried, I literally start bawling my eyes out then I gave him a big hug, my baby.

I thanked him a lot for the gift and said that I loved it, when he opened my parents present, he was really confused and stated that he doesn't have a ps5 for this oculus, I told him to open my gift, when he opened it he started crying and immediately hugged me. I don't know what came over me and I started crying with him.

I really REALLY love my brother, he's a sweet little boy and a good behaved kid, he's 12 btw. That's why he deserved every gift he got, it was expensive yes, but it was worth every penny to see him happy.

After we all opened our gifts, I helped him set up the ps5 in his room and played some games together. Suddenly, he tells me that he loves me and i'm the best big sister in the world.

For the third time, I started crying (probably because i'm on my period and my hormones are not making it any better) So yeah there you have it, I had the best Christmas with my family and seeing my brother so happy was worth the heartbreak I went through.

As for my garbage ex, he's still making new accounts on Instagram to apologize, I told him to f off and I know that's he's only apologizing because he wants the ps5 not because he's feeling guilty.

I mentioned that I gave it to someone who deserves it way more than he does, he started cursing at me and I said if he didn't leave me alone I'll report him to the police for harassment, he stopped after that and I never heard from him ever since. So that's all for the update! Happy holidays everyone! ❤️❤️

Here were the top rated comments from readers after the latest update from the OP:


What a satisfying story to start 2024 with! A garbage ex got kicked to the curb plus an adorable little bro and big sis. Wholesome!


This is the most wholesome post I have read in a while. I'm glad that you decided to make your brother happy by gifting him ps5. You sound like a lovely person and I wish you all the happiness. Merry Christmas!


I read the first one, and was so happy she told him she got him the PS5 but he wouldn't get it. As someone with an ex like hers, it made my Christmas lol. Her little brother getting it and being so grateful made the post even more sweet.


I’m so glad she was on her period at Christmas! You know: not pregnant.


The audacity of this man-child. The actual child is great though!

So, sounds like she played the player, am I right?

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