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20 People Who Caught Their Significant Others Cheating and Hand Over Some Major Karma

20 People Who Caught Their Significant Others Cheating and Hand Over Some Major Karma


Cheating is a common thing you hear about these days, and while no one likes to be cheated on, we all like to dish on the latest gossip.

The 20 people share not only the details of the cheating, but the awesome ways they got back at the cheaters, too.

1. Nope, she won’t

Walked in on fiancé in bed with a friend of her’s she met while I was away. The engagement ring was on the nightstand next to them. I just calmly walked over, picked up the ring, said “looks like we won’t be needing this anymore” walked out, returned the ring, went home, punched a hole in the garage wall.

2. Impressively calm

Left the bar we were at (together, I might add) to get some fresh air outside with a friend we were with. Came back in and saw her sucking face with some dude at the bar. Friend looks at me, very confused. Not wanting to cause a scene, I had us go back outside. Came back in when they were done, got everyone home safe where they needed to be, called her out on it at home, and broke up with her.

Granted, we weren’t working out and I was looking for an excuse to break up with her, but it still sucked.

3. Gone, girl

I ghosted her. In a big way.

I left on a Wednesday afternoon to go out of town for work until Friday night. She wasn’t working that day so I kissed her goodbye and left figuring that she’d probably crash at my place while I was gone. Once I got on the road I realized I left my paint meter (I was going to an auto auction) at the house so I turned around and went back to grab it. I guess I was gone an hour? Anyhow, I get home and there’s a strange car in the driveway… I enter the house quietly, grab the paint meter that I had left by the door, hear her clearly doing some guy… Ok, it’s on. I walk outside, snap a pic of his car in my driveway and leave.

I sneak back out, call a friend of mine who works construction, he gets me in touch with his friend the locksmith. The next morning after she leaves for work the locks are changed.

That night I get a panicked phone call, many of them. I ignore them. The next morning I text her a pic of his car, told her the locks were changed and to not bother calling me or texting me as she was now blocked.

4. A bit chilly

I screamed that there was a fire. Locked them out of the house. They were naked in January in Hungary. -30 celsius. Happened 20 years ago.

5. The Calm Behind the Fury

I was having a lot of complications when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and had extreme pain one day, so I came home early from work. When I got home I saw two purses sitting on the stand that I knew weren’t mine. I head to my room to see if my then boyfriend could explain the purses. I hear noises coming from our room and I know exactly what those sounds were. I opened the door to peek in and he’s having a threesome. I close the door and just go back into the living room. I was shocked. I was supposed to be on bedrest, but I was the only one who had a job, so I was going to school and working while he got to stay home all day. I was livid, but what was scary is that I was so furious that I remained calm. I went into the living room, sat on the couch and waited for them to come out. When they finally did I asked them if they had fun? Told them they needed to get out of my apartment. He tried to talk to me, but I told him he needed to get out. I calmly packed his stuff up, had a friend come over because I couldn’t do heavy lifting being 7 months pregnant and dropped his stuff off at his parents’ house that night. It’s still shocking to me that I remained so calm being that angry.

6. Never went back

This didn’t happen to me but a co-worker. He came home early and she was banging the best man from his wedding. They didn’t see him, so he left, and never went back. He worked as a mechanic days and a bartender nights to buy her a nice house and nice car, he drove an 80s Chevy truck with 350,000 miles. She didn’t know why he didn’t come home. He quit the shop with no notice. Each day he was missing her calls to the shop and she became more frantic. He showed at work two weeks later to get his check. Told us why he ghosted on us. Left her with a fine house and a car she can’t pay for. They didn’t have kids, so I guess it’s good.

7. “You made me do it”

I was out for a friend’s birthday and my boyfriend was out with his friends but was supposed to meet up with us. We were texting but his replies seemed like he was drunk until he just stopped replying. So last call happens and I go back with my friend to her place which was just down the street from my boyfriend’s apartment. I’m drunk and I know he’s drunk so I decided to head to his place so I can surprise him and get laid.

Funny story. I got surprised because he was getting laid. I straight walked in on him with some woman naked on top of him. There was lots of yelling and he tried to blame it on me. I will never forget the sight of him naked in the kitchen trying to hide his junk while telling me I made him cheat.

He also tried to tell me he couldn’t get it up so he never really had sex with her.

All in all, it was a really awful experience and it made me incredibly insecure for the next few years. Also jealous. It really messed me up in my next few relationships.

8. …ballsy

It was actually at a bar. I spotted him with another girl about a dozen yards away sharing wine and an appetizer. I went up to them and was just like “Hi, uh, I thought you were at Joe’s tonight?” He just kinda looked at me dumbfounded and went “oh, hi, this is [anon], this is Laura”. It was VERY bizarre and we all just stared at each other for a minute before he had the balls to say “we are just finishing up here but I’ll come by your apartment later”.

9. What a schmuck!

He wouldn’t take my phone calls or respond to text messages while I was at work. I looked and found his online dating profile. Came home, went through his phone. He had been cheating on me with multiple women. Sent and received nudes. Went to their houses. Took pictures of MY house and sent them to women claiming it was his and he “just bought it.” He didn’t respond that day because he had a date with a girl at Walmart. Woke him up after I went through his phone and told him I knew. His response, “this couldn’t wait till the morning?”

10. Good call

I went in planning to beat up the guy having sex with my wife. I then saw he was comfortable 6ft 4 and all muscle. I decided to close the door and calmly take my stuff and go.

11. R u mad 🙁 ?

So, it wasn’t a big love story obviously, but it was pretty fun. This pretty woman and I had been dating for three weeks now, and we were supposed to meet in town for our 5th date. But a few hours before, she canceled saying she was very sick and maybe going to the hospital but that I didn’t need to worry. I still told her I was worried and to keep me informed, that I’d gladly go with her, but she told me not to, she was adamant. Well, I was already downtown anyway so I decided to go shopping, check some stores, get a hot cocoa and some cookies.

A few hours later, I’m on my way back home waiting for a tramway when she shows up with her friends and she seems well. So I walk up to her and say that I’m glad she’s feeling better, and maybe she could introduce me to her friends. She blushes really HARD and is panicking, and takes me away and she doesn’t have the time to say anything when this guy comes up and says “Who are you?” he looks at her and says “Who is he?” he’s obviously jealous, but in a way that he’s suspicious that she’s cheating on him. Before she says anything I tell him: “Nice to meet you I’m [anon], and you ?”, “Nice to meet you too, I’m Denis”. So Denis is what I believed was my “girlfriend”‘s boyfriend. I leave them both to it and tell the girl never to call me again, or text me. Just plain and simple. I tell her that I won’t answer any of her calls or texts. Seems cheesy now but I couldn’t come up with anything better. I remember it was rainy, and then there was a big scene at the tramway stop between them both and people were watching.

I felt stupid making my “exit”, because I couldn’t just sit next to them and wait for my train after I had said that, so I decided to walk to the nearest tramway stop on the same line.

At home in the evening, I still received a text from her saying exactly word for word “r u mad 🙁 ?”. Couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Between that and the hospital excuse, I really had no regrets.


12. …NONONOno

I called my ex while I was out with my boys to overhear her sleeping with someone else. I stayed on the call for 7 minutes and 13 seconds until I was 100% sure it was her. Never figured out why she answered the phone. She then called me about 10 minutes later and denied that the event ever took place and began to say she was raped while begging for me to come comfort her. I’m so glad to be rid of that one.

13. The Trunk Boy Incident

This actually happened years ago to my significant other with his ex-wife but the story is sooo worth telling. We refer to this as the Trunk Boy incident. My significant other (we’ll call him Tom) was married with 2 small children, working hard to support his young family (they were both in their early 20’s). She’d had an affair before, saying that she was lonely because they didn’t go out much (remember, he was working a lot… very long hours). He forgave her and made an effort to work less and take her out to more. He had to work Thanksgiving and for whatever reason, needed to swap out the car he was driving with the one that was sitting at home in the driveway. It was late so he just went home and switched cars without bothering to wake her and the kids. He only worked about a mile from the house and hadn’t gotten very far when he hit a bump and felt something rolling in the trunk. He pulled over into a parking lot to investigate, opened the trunk and lo & behold, curled up in a ball pretending to be asleep was the guy she’d had the affair with. Tom couldn’t believe his eyes… he’d played pool with this guy on one of the nights he’d taken his wife out! He closed the trunk and had an internal debate over whether to back into a telephone pole or perhaps drive the car into a lake. He concluded that this dude wasn’t worth going to prison for, opened the trunk and told him to get out. Guy blearily got out and walked off. Tom went home, woke his wife up and calmly, coldly relayed what just happened and said we’re through. He got a divorced as soon as possible. Trunk boy & floozy wife had gotten drunk and since he had nowhere to stay that night, they came up with the brilliant idea of him sleeping in the trunk and leaving before “Tom” got home. Tom divorced his wife as soon as possible.

Her loss, my gain. If there was a trophy for Best Husband Ever, he’d have it on the mantle… this guy is golden. We’ve been married 12 years now and I tell him every day how damn lucky I am to have him.

14. Hidden away

I never quite walked in on them having sex but a few years back, I was coming home from a week long, out of province course. I came back a day early and walking into my house, every trace of me was hidden. Calendars with my writing, pictures that are normally on the wall and beside the bed, my perfumes, makeup and shower stuff – everything. I opened our bedroom closet and everything that appeared to have vanished was chaotically shoved in there. I had an inclination my ex-boyfriend was cheating for a while but suppressed the fear way, way down – that day, doing that was no longer possible, and I left.

15. Her fault

I dated a pretty girl for 3 months from my college classes.

One night I had to attend a committee party for my society and I told her I’d be late back to the dorm so I gave her my room card and left to go to the event which was about 20 minutes away from campus.

At around 8 pm, I left early because truth be told, I wanted to go back and sleep with my girlfriend so I left 2 hours before the event ended. So I’m walking towards my dorm block and I remember I left my phone next to my bed so naturally I walked over to the dorm reception and asked for a spare room card so I could open the first set of doors and knock on the second (four single rooms within a bigger living room for each dormitory).

So I unlock the entrance door and as I’m walking towards my door, I can hear faint moaning. I remember my throat immediately clenched and my mouth went dry because I knew everyone in my dorm quite well and I knew that they were single.

So the predicament arose when I was left with the choice of walking towards my door where the moaning sounds came from or leaving the dorm. I chose the latter but maybe half way down the corridor, I felt really angry and I walked back to my dorm and knocked on the door. The moaning obviously stopped immediately and a minute later, my ex-girlfriend comes out crying saying that she regretted everything and that I shouldn’t hurt the guy since it was her fault.

I pushed past her and went straight for the guy who was already fully dressed, pushing him into the wall and just as I was about to hit him in the face, I told them both to get out. I’ve had trust issues ever since. Staying in that dorm for the semester also messed my grades up.

16. Payback

I was 17 years old living with my 18-year-old boyfriend. I had a job and he didn’t. About a year and a half into being in a relationship I came home early from work one day and found him and my supposed best friend in the bed I paid for. They didn’t notice me and I just backed out of the room. Went to his wallet on the bench and took his debit card and then went to a friends house. I called a furniture removal truck (he bought the couch and fridge) and used his card to pay for it. Organised it for the next day when I knew he would be out and while he wasn’t there I packed up all his stuff and put it in the truck as well as the couch and fridge. I gave the driver my “best friends” address to deliver it all at. I ended up getting a call from her asking why they were there and I said “well since you two want to sleep with each other, he might as well live with you.”

He called me and asked what was going on and I said the same thing I said to her and also to “lose my number, jerk.”

17. Sounds like a good drama

Not mine, but a physician at the hospital I work at once had his own medical practice. He fired one of his partners when he found out the guy was having an affair with a nurse at the hospital, reasoning that it was completely unprofessional and unacceptable. Fast forward a couple years and the same physician that fired a guy for messing with a nurse at the hospital ends up doing the same thing himself. His wife finds out and just happens to be one of the best divorce lawyers in the state. Guy shut his practice down to avoid having to give it to her. He works at a hospital a couple counties over now.

18. Into the night

Finally, a question that I can unload!

I had come home from working out of town and when I pulled up to the driveway there was an unfamiliar car parked in what would normally be where I parked. I didn’t think much of it and thought it might be my ex-wife’s sister. So I parked right behind it.

I walked in through the door, checked the mail and yelled that I was home. The bedroom door slammed shut and I still didn’t think too much about it as it was a few weeks before Christmas and thought they were wrapping presents. After a few minutes, I finally walked back to the bedroom and knocked on the door. My ex-wife yelled back and said, “just a minute”. After a few moments I knocked, and again was greeted with “just a minute” but this time there was a tone in her voice that made me believe something was up. I quickly reached up and grabbed the emergency key and unlocked the door. There was my ex-wife half naked and the French doors, leading to outside, were wide open.

I immediately started to interrogate her, asking her who is he, what’s his name. She wouldn’t give it up. I continued on asking and probing, over and over. She finally gave me his first name and refused to give me his last name. So I immediately got on the phone with a close work friend of hers and asked her friend if she knew his last name and what street did he live on. After obtaining this information I looked up his information and got his home phone number.

I called the number and told his wife, now ex-wife, what just happened. She said it couldn’t be true. I told her that if she wanted the license plate number from his car, I would give it to her. At that time she finally realized that what I was saying was true and she asked for my phone number and said she would call me in the next day or two. After I hung up the call, I gathered up his belongings, shoes, and shirt, put them on top of his car, moved my car (I had him blocked in) and yelled out into the darkness of night and told him by name to “get the heck out of here”. About ten minutes later I heard his car start up and he left.

19. Oh what fun

My 25th birthday present to myself was cutting him loose. I had suspected for a while that he had been cheating, but had never been able to prove it. We had a nasty confrontation with him texting another girl, but he turned the situation back on me and made me feel guilty for even suspecting him. Dude was a master manipulator. When I was on my own and re-analysed the situation, I realized what he did, and decided that to prevent that kind of manipulation again, the next time I confronted him it would be with solid evidence. So I start putting out feelers among our mutual friends, and one day one of them contacts me and says he has a recording of him bragging about his sexcapades. His condition for passing it on to me was that my ex could never know how I got my info. By happy coincidence, this dear friend finally relinquishes the recording on my birthday, and I decide even though I can’t use the recording to confront my ex directly, I cannot continue even one more day in this situation.

So I call him (the jerk had not even called to wish me happy birthday by this point) and tell him I have irrefutable evidence that he has been cheating on me, and that if he wants to find out how I know, he has to give me the name of the girl he cheated on me with. He didn’t know that I knew the girl’s name already, so he “uhm’s” and “aahs” for a while and finally confesses. But gives me a different girl’s name and details about when it happened. So by this point, I know of at least 2 girls he cheated on me with. I’ll never know how many times he was unfaithful in the course of our 4-year relationship. Marched straight to a clinic for STD tests the next day. What fun.

20. Naked

Caught her in the back of MY car with another guy. I didn’t have to do much, he ran like hell once he saw me and she didn’t say much. I made her walk home naked from there.

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