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Woman gets coworker fired for 'trying to ruin' her marriage. UPDATED

Woman gets coworker fired for 'trying to ruin' her marriage. UPDATED


Some people have too much time on their hands.

One woman was shocked when her coworker, and friend for over decade, was telling people that she was cheating on her husband. She even claimed to have photos. Worst of all, she sent the 'evidence' to her in-laws. And her husband? Well, he was wondering who to believe.

Try to ruin my marriage? I’ll get you fired.


This all happened within the span of about 3 months. It all started towards the end of December. This girl at work decided to post and text my husband that I was cheating on him with her baby daddy.

Obviously it wasn’t true but she claimed to have pictures. She sent it to his brothers and even my mother-in-law. None of the pictures were of me and they had no face or any distinguishing features that would make it obvious it was me.

All of this made my husband doubt me because if someone sends stuff like that you question if it’s true or not. This caused a lot of trouble in our marriage but we talked it out and eventually worked through it.

I mentioned she had sent the messages to my mother-in-law, she sent them all at the same time but I wasn’t aware of the messages to my mother-in-law. It wasn’t until almost a month later that my sister-in-law messaged me and said she wanted to ask me something.

She was afraid I would be mad but she said someone had sent my MIL some nasty messages about me. I immediately knew what she was talking about and asked if it was certain person. She confirmed that it was so I explained everything that was happening.

I was going to let it go but when I found out she had also messaged my MIL I just got more angry and decided she needed to face some consequences.

It’s important to note she also posted some nasty stuff about another coworker I’m friends with, so I talked to her and we decided I should report it to HR. They did a full investigation in which I gave them screenshots of what she posted and what she sent my husbands family. Some of the things sent were very inappropriate and not something HR would like to be associated with the organization.

Fast forward to now, they finally concluded the investigation and found what she did inappropriate and she was fired. I don’t feel any remorse for her and I’m glad she got what she deserved because what she did almost cost me my marriage and mine and my friend’s reputation at work.

What makes me most happy is that because she was fired over something she did, she won’t be able to receive unemployment benefits. Good luck taking care of her family now.

Here was the initial reaction from readers:


Nothing petty about this. Glad you got through it! Any idea why she did this?


Oof, jealous rage and mommy hormones are a dangerous mix. I feel bad for the kid, and for her a little bit, but she got what she deserved with how she handled the situation.


Why did she say you were the one sleeping with someone else and fabricate evidence?


My take is you let her off light. Really light. Let that b*tch find another job, and smile a happy smile as she does.

This post blew up, causing the OP to provide more clarification:

EDIT: Hi guys, so I’m posting an edit to address some questions a lot of you guys have. First of all, I was definitely not expecting so many people to read it and reply!

How did she get their numbers? She didn’t. All this was through social media. She went to their accounts and messaged them.

Why did I only decide to report it when I learned she sent it to MIL? I was busy dealing with a newborn and a toddler I just didn’t want to have to deal with it. But once I found that out and after talking to my other coworker we decided we couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

Why did she target me? She didn’t only target me. In the screenshots I got of what she sent I saw she had other pictures of other girls as well. She only sent the ones that she couldn’t directly link to anyone else. One of the pictures she sent claiming it was me had a completely different username than mine on social media.

When my husband asked her how she knew it was me she said she didn’t know if it was me. She also blocked out some other pictures in the screenshot she sent so when he questioned her about who that was or why she blocked it she refused to say anything. Fun fact, I mentioned in a comment he used to be into me.

She was actually one of the people encouraging me to pursue things with him like 6 years ago. This guy had already cheated on an ex and got someone pregnant long before I even met them. She still decided he was a good option to have kids with and now they have more than 1 together.

How did she get those pictures of me? I post a lot of selfies so it’s not hard for anyone to just save them on their phone. From now on I’m keeping my things private and not post anything anymore.

It does sound fake because of how it blew up but I promise it’s true. Whether you believe it or not is up to you guys.

Her kids will be fine, baby daddy is in the picture and last I knew he had a good job. It’s not their fault their parents are a mess.

My husband has major trust issues because of his previous relationship. He was with someone and they had 2 kids. Turns out the kids weren’t his so even the most innocent message he sees he thinks it’s a red flag. It’s something I know he needs to get help with because I’m honestly tired of having to deal with the aftermath of what she did to him.

With new info, there are some of the top comments shared to the OP:


Your edits answer a lot of questions, and really solidly the fact that girl is a sideways nut job. YIKES!!!


I love it! I’d be your friend and partner in crime any day!


The mystery here is why it took the MIL getting the messages to talk to HR - why on earth didn't you go to them after your husband and his brothers got it? Talk about a hostile work environment!


Perfect revenge... I would have gotten a restraining order against anyone who lied about me. I was married to a jealous man who always thought the worse. Because he was a cheater he thought I would leave him for another man... And I absolutely never ever gave him any reason to doubt me.


Good on you. Maybe she will think twice before she tries to ruin another persons marriage.

What do you think? Did the wife take her revenge too far or not far enough? And, if it's not true, why would anyone take the time to make up such a salacious lie?

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