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Couple's store visit ends in unexpected $150 damage payment due to their 'bratty' son.

Couple's store visit ends in unexpected $150 damage payment due to their 'bratty' son.


"Kid breaks stuff and parents are surprised they have to pay for it"


Your kid breaks $150 worth of product? Don't be surprised when I charge you for it. My night job is at a specialty pet food and treats store, and we also offer grooming and a self-wash grooming station where you can come in and wash your pet.

Had a couple come in with their (human) son who was about 9 y/o to wash their dog. The couple went in with the dog and left their son to wander around the store. As I'm by myself, I didn't notice he was unsupervised until they had already gone in and started washing their dog.

I spent 15 minutes finishing my baking, taking care of customers, and following this kid around to clean up after him. He was grabbing random toys and playing with them then setting them down wherever, bouncing all the tennis balls, grabbing leashes off the shelf and pretending they were lassos.

He was also bothering my customers, asking them random questions as they tried to shop. After I asked him 3 times to stop messing with things and other people, he went over to our baked treats table.

I knocked on the self wash door and asked the parents to please bring their son into the wash with them or to let him sit in the car while they finish, and they told me that they were almost done, and that their son was never a problem.

I explained that he was disturbing other customers and playing with random items that I was having to clean up, and the woman looked me right in the eyes and said, 'Yeah..that's your job.' I told her my job was to run the store, not to babysit customers' children, and she rolled her eyes at me and said they were almost done.

I come back to the sales floor and the kid had crumbled 3 cakes and a whole bunch of treats, as well as snapped a bunch of bully sticks and other dried treats. He smiles and bounces off, and I start to gather and ring up the items. The parents come out of the self wash and I add that to the transaction, and tell them their total is $149.76.

Both their mouths drop and the guy says, '$150 to wash my fucking dog?!' I say, 'No sir, the self wash was $16; the rest is to cover what your son destroyed.' The mom says her son didn't destroy anything, and I gesture to the pile of broken cakes and treats.

'Actually ma'am, he did; he broke all of this after I asked you to please supervise him.' She started arguing and saying that I must have broke them all because I didn't like having her son in the store.

Yes, because I love baking a bunch of stuff just to destroy it; uh huh, yep, you got me! 🙄😂 I had a feeling this was going to be the reaction, so I already had the video from our cameras ready to go on my phone to show her.

'This isn't your son walking over to our table and smashing those cakes and treats? This isn't your son going to the bully bar and snapping them in half?' She didn't say anything for a second, and then told me she didn't think they should have to pay for them.

I told her that her child broke them after I asked them to watch him or let him sit in the car, so it was their responsibility to cover our losses. She asked to speak to the manager and was very disappointed when I pointed to my name tag that has 'Manager' under my name.

'You are speaking to a manager, ma'am. Anything else I can help you with today? If not, your total is $149.76.' She glared at me, but put her card in and paid and they left, looking like they were screaming at the kid the whole way to the car. Anyone else have fun work stories like this!?

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My brother, once in a supermarket, asked a child that was taking all the magazines of the shelves by the check out and shaking the contents onto the floor one by one, to stop doing it. The mother turns around and said “You shouldn’t tell my child not to do that”. “No, you are quite correct, you should” was his reply. Classic.


Yeah I was in a Barnes and Noble once and was browsing in one section. Some kid was sitting there and he started just pulling books off the lowest shelf and was just beating the shit out of them against the floor. I looked around for his mom and didn't see anybody.

So I just looked at him and and said "Hey!" He looks up and I just say "Those books aren't yours and you shouldn't be destroying them like that." He takes off and next thing I know I have mom in my face telling me how I'm not supposed to talk to her son like that. Gave her exactly that same kind of reply.


I don’t understand parents like that. Way to raise an entitled child who doesn’t care about anyone else’s stuff.


When I was a teenager I worked at a Round Table Pizza in a bad neighborhood. One night this family comes in, two toddlers in tow and proceeds to drink two pitchers of beer at a booth, leaving their children to wander around under the tables.

I was working the pizza oven which is a big conveyer belt heated to about 500° F. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the kids wandering towards the oven, hands out, ready to touch a scalding hot pizza coming out of the oven.

My babysitting instincts kicked in and I scooped the kid up before he got hurt, and he started screaming. It took a minute but the mom got up and started screaming at me that I hurt her kid.

I was trying to explain I was protecting him but she wouldn’t let me, she ripped the kid out of my arms with so much force that I fell backwards and screamed at me to never touch her son again.

Manager came over and asked what was going on, the mom tried to say I hit her son, wouldn’t even let me talk. My manager was just like “I guarantee my employee didn’t do that. I saw your kid wander into the employee area from the cameras in back.

You’re lucky my employee thought quickly. I’ll let you finish your meal, but you’re lucky if I don’t forward the footage of you assaulting my minor employee after she protected your unsupervised child to CPS.” The lady’s mouth was just on the floor, she left and I never saw that family again.


man…very few things more satisfying than when an entitled parent needs to actually PARENT their children.

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It's beautiful 😁

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