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Woman catches MIL trying to breastfeed her child, MIL. says she's overreacting.

Woman catches MIL trying to breastfeed her child, MIL. says she's overreacting.


"MIL tried to breastfeed my baby, she’s 60 😃"


My MIL has been trying to make my baby call her mama, she HATES it if my baby tries to call her teta (teta is grandma in my language) and really hates it. She insists on him calling her mama.

I tried to brush it off and just every time I see her I tell my baby ohhh here’s your teta. Anyway, the other day I was exhausted and she came unannounced to my house so I told her to watch my baby (he was asleep) while I go take a shower.

Anyway my velcro baby decides to wake up after I got into the shower and my BEAUTIFUL MIL takes out her breast and tries to put my baby for him to latch on her breast (she is not lactating in any way. She is not his mother. I didn’t give her any consent to fictionally breastfeed my baby. She is 60 and if anything would come out of that nipple it would be DUST)

I leave the shower and run to her and snatch my baby from her. She’s now super upset and is insisting that I’m exaggerating and she herself is a mother to 7 kids 😀

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MIL trying to breasfeed your baby: DISGUISTING.

She earned a 6 month time out.


That is disgusting. I wouldn’t allow her near the baby and honestly would order her a reborn baby to her doorstep for extra snark bc wtf.


She would never see my daughter again if that was my MIL.


I barfed a bit in my mouth when I read the title. You handled this better than I would have, I would have made a comment about dust and whatever makes old people smell not being nutritious for baby.


MIL goes on supervised contact with LO. She needs told she is the grandma, if she tries to to have LO call he "mama", she won't hold LO again.


She definitely needs help.


I taught breastfeeding for 10 years and in some cultures this is a common and accepted way to to soothe babies. Explain to her (as I am sure you already have ) it is not acceptable in this culture. You and your husband need to sit down with her and dscuss with her what she has been doing and how going forward none of that will be accepted.

Make a list so that you can do it calmly. You will have to answer to your child someday why they do or do not have a grandmother so it is critical to take a calm and rational approach.

I've seen adult children abandon their parents in favor of an estranged grandparent because they feel the estrangement was not justified. Grandparents often have an inheritance to give as well.


That’s…creepy. Like, really creepy. I would never want her anywhere near my kid again. I’m sure it’ll just keep getting weirder, and eventually the child will be old enough to be traumatised by it.

The OP responded here:


This is what I believe will happen.

Whenever I ask her about this she would just say “oh I just thought maybe he would use my breast as a pacifier and stop crying.”

Like WHAT?

So, do you think the OP is correct for being upset about this? What advice would you give them?

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