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Woman tells BIL his kids aren't invited back after dinner party, he calls her 'brat.'

Woman tells BIL his kids aren't invited back after dinner party, he calls her 'brat.'


Children need to be taught how to function in the world, that's the whole purpose of parenting. Obviously, there are going to be messes and annoyances along the way. Having young children over generally means you're in for a world of chaos and noise you wouldn't normally experience.

However, there's a big difference between the inevitable quirks of kids, and a hailstorm of bad behavior that isn't being monitored by parents.

In popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for telling her BIL his kids aren't free to come over soon after they made a mess at dinner.

She wrote:

AITA for telling my BIL I wouldn't invite his kids over anytime soon?

My wife (26F) and I (27F) moved to a new house. We thought we'd throw a dinner party and invite both sides of our families. We used to live in a different state for 5 years and now is our opportunity to catch up with our loved ones. My BIL has two kids (Daniel - 5M and Rosie 3F). These kids were absolutely horrible during the entire dinner and their parents did not say a single word or even try to control them.

Just to name a few examples: They moved pillows from sofas and chairs, spilled drinks and food on different surfaces, threw an orange on my Persian carpet, sat on it, made it explode and spread the orange on the carpet with their hands, broke two glasses, and overall ran around, shouting and screaming.

I was the youngest in the family, and I didn't see kids much in my entire life. But this was horrifying to me and I was so pissed at my BIL and his wife for just watching their kids do these things and not saying anything. I told my wife to talk to her brother. She was as pissed as I was. However, she said she already talked to him but he said they were just kids and that's how kids grow up.

He also said he wanted them to have a strong sense of self-confidence. While we were all saying goodbye, BIL told his kids now that your aunties live nearby we'll come visit often. I said no I don't think that's going to happen very soon. BIL was confused and asked why. I said because we actually love the peace and comfort in our home and these guys are a little cute tsunami.

This made both BIL and his wife angry. He called me an entitled brat, and told my wife she was a horrible host. My friends think I was too rough. So I thought I'd ask. AITA?

Parents and childfree people alike had things to say about the situation.

CrystalQueen3000 wrote:

'These guys are a little cute tsunami'

That is hands down the nicest way of saying “your kids are a handful and I don’t want them in my house” that I’ve ever heard. I’m stealing that. NTA.

Sensitive_Orchid9773 wrote:

'He called me an entitled brat.'

If you're an entitled brat, what are his kids? NTA. You were right to nip this in the bud. You barely know the kids, so no emotional bond there. If they want their kids to be invited to stuff, then they should teach them to behave.

Cultural-Guide1325 wrote:

NTA. And as a parent, please know this is neither normal parent nor child behavior and I hope this doesn't sour you towards responsible families with children.

lilohihi wrote:

NTA- that is incredibly disrespectful to you and your wife. Not to mention teaching kids to be inconsiderate. I would tell them that they were invited when they are taught manners. My parents would horrified if I were to go to someone’s house and destroy their property.

deweltanschauung wrote:

NTA! I would be MORTIFIED if my kids did this at my sibling’s place. Calling you a brat, that’s rich coming from BIL. At 3 and 5, they would be capable of basic manners and social graces. My 4-year-old apologizes for spills and cleans up the messes she makes, without asking.

If she ran around screaming, all I had to do was stare at her and she’d have gotten the hint to tone down. Your BIL and wife are absolutely doing zero parenting.

OP is absolutely NTA, but if her BIL doesn't up his parenting game, he's a giant one.

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