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16 people share their favorite go-to holiday gifts that you can get for under $20.

16 people share their favorite go-to holiday gifts that you can get for under $20.


'Tis the season to endure the chaotic journey that is holiday shopping...

Do you brave the crowded malls or opt to order everything online and risk shipping/doorstep thief problems? Do you stare at a clothing rack in a store for 20 minutes wondering if your son's new girlfriend who you barely know will ever wear this sweater or is it the year to get everyone the ever-popular but debatably impersonal envelopes full of cash?

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's a decent Christmas present you can get someone for under $20?' people dared to reveal their favorite holiday hacks.


Portable Hammock. There are a few on Amazon for $10-$15. I bought a $10 one a while back and I just keep it in my car during the summer. It's perfect for random hangouts at a lake or a bbq at a friend's house. - MiniMcArthur


A 13 foot charging cable. They will worship you - agent-doge


Slipper/Pads that go on the floor and they are heated! You put them in front of your couch, tuck your feet in them, and they heat up! It's awesome and cost like $18 - shuckels


Okay, I've done this twice with great success: DIY coasters!

Step 1: go to home Depot. Grab 5 ceramic tiles and a packet of felt pads (the ones that go under furniture)

Step 2: continue on to CVS: print out 5 photos of loved ones (or alternatively, see below)

Step 3: get yo-self to Michael's, grab 1 bottle of mod-podge, and a paint brush

Step 4: Assemble!!! Use a layer of mod-podge on the back of a photo and attach to shiny side of a tile. Wait to dry. Then, paint two layers of mod-podge over the front side of the photo, waiting to dry each time. Attach the felt pads to each corner on the back of the tile and Bam! Heartfelt gift for $15.

Photos can also be swapped out for a bunch of other things. For example, cutouts from the packaging of a favorite beer, thus making awesome bar coasters. Or a map of a favorite place. - xrf_rcc


Books, games, gift cards, classy chocolate, wine, coffee, soap, bath bombs, candles etc. Or make something. Knit a scarf, paint a picture, write a song, poem or heart felt letter, have a meaningful photo printed and mounted, or transferred to a mug or shirt or whatever.

If it's family or friends, the latter is always a hit. If it's some workplace secret Santa or random obligation, the former discharges your obligation with minimal effort. The best gifts show the recipient you've paid enough attention to have some idea what they might like. Nobody worth knowing cares about the price tag. - MissAnthropoid


Bag of Pistachios


Pair of warm slippers

Basket of meats and cheeses

$20 steam gift card

Bag of my (at the time) favorite coffee

All the stuff a guy needs but hates to buy, shaving cream, deodorant, a few razors, gel, body soap, etc. Was nice to have 6 months worth and not have to buy it myself

money clip, key chain and wallet that all matched

A nice set of bowls (don't laugh, microwaveable soup/cereal/ice-cream/chip whatever bowls, I use em to this day)

Charging cable that plugs into my car for my phone, VERY useful so I didn't have to take it out of the car... ever. - Banlish


Ok, everyone, I got this. Here's what you can get for under $20:
-Magazine subscription (like National Geographic)
-RECENT nice photos in frames for your poor parents walls, fridges, and desks. Prints are like under a dollar for a 4x6.

-Desk toys, like finger traps (not sure what happened with autocorrect here, that was supposed to be like, those impossible finger puzzles where you have to get like the ring off a piece of metal or something) , maze pens, magnetic building toys, etc.
-Heirloom local produce
-Boutique chocolate in strange artsy flavors
-A six selection pack of really weird beer
-A new planner or calendar for the new year
-Sport specific gear, like hiking or snowboarding socks.
-A concert ticket to a local show

-A vinyl they've been wanting
-A giftcard to a snooty coffee or dessert place.
-A kit to make a paw or foot print of their pet
-Good stationary
-A Ravensburger or Clementoni puzzle
-An electric hot water kettle for the tea snob in your family or ramen-sustaining college student. Do not get Sunburst.
-Have a beloved old shirt or bandana made a pillow
-Nanoblock mini building sets
-Coffee mugs with cool patterns, weird Etsy sayings, or heat transformations. (One of my favorite Reddit Secret Santa gifts was a mug that has a heart that changes color in the heat. My grandmother loves flamingos, so I got her a 'I don't give a flock mug' and she adores it.)- PlasticGirl


Find out where your local lapidary shop is (or even new-age shop) and check out their crystals and fossils and things. Kids tend to be blown away by a multi-million-year-old fish or ammonite, and many people love little bits of nature like amethyst or opal. - carmium


If you're a fan of baking: Infused butter and homemade bread. One year I made honey-butter with banana bread, herb butter with sourdough, and orange rum butter with French loaf. They were a hit! Also, my husband makes homemade moonshine that is always anticipated. - ArielofIsha


If your parents live in another state, make them a gift basket filled with local products. Last year, I sent my mom a basket filled with locally made hot sauces, coffee, chocolate and other things. She loved it. Bonus: wrap anything fragile in t-shirts with local sport teams, silhouettes of your state, etc. - [deleted]


Toilet paper. I received a big pack from Costco for Christmas and everyone thought it was hilarious. But joke's on them because I didn’t have to buy toilet paper for months. - xoxomaxine


Depends on the person but anything hand made, a pie, cake, cupcake, handwritten letters, list of favorites i.e. books, movies, games, if a friend adds these things to a generic (candy bar, chips, beer, bacon) gift it really ups the value for me - FeSki


For one Christmas, I bought cheap photo albums from a craft store and printed out some of my friend group's instagram pictures on photo paper. They basically all got photo albums chronicling our friendship, and it cost me maybe $5-$10 each. They loved 'em. - dannisaurrs


If someone doesn't tell you what they want get a consumable item like chocolates, candles, liquor, wine, etc. - Ter_Paragon


My friends and I use to buy each other $20 supermarket gift bags for birthdays - it’s as basic as it sounds. Buy a cheap gift bag then spend $20 at the grocery store/supermarket on treats they like - Snickers, Beer, Cigarettes, chips, pickled onions etc. - JoeyJoJoShabba


Favorite candies, warm socks, ugly sweater, depending on your location a pineapple, or a book - TheShoosher

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