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17 people reveal the weirdest Christmas tradition they have in their family.

17 people reveal the weirdest Christmas tradition they have in their family.


Sometimes a holiday tradition becomes such a sacred routine that everyone in the family forgets why it's critical to sacrifice one cookie to the snow every Christmas...

Why do we leave a martini with a candy cane in it for Santa again? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are some of your families' weird christmas traditions?' people started to share the funny, bizarre, or sentimental family rituals that have become an important part of celebrating the holidays.


When Mr. & Mrs. Smith first came out on DVD my sister got it in her stocking. Our family's rule was you can go through stockings before the adults are up, but no presents. We would wake up at 5, then play with the stocking stuffers till they woke up at like 9. We watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith that year and my mom walked in and loved it. We now watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith every Christmas morning. - walkingcarpet23


We hide an Xmas ornament shaped like a pickle in the tree somewhere and let the kids try to find it. Whoever finds it would get $10 or a small gift. We had to separate into a group of the boys and a group of the girls, but since we're older and none of us have kids yet we just break it down into a small group. I'm not sure if other families do this or if its just a family tradition of mine, but anytime I've talked about to friends or co-workers no one knows what the hell I'm talking about. - MurDoct


A Christmas Story playing on whatever station is airing it this year (TBS, TNT, or PeachtreeTV). The TV is locked on that station, nothing else, for the majority of the day. - PatrickRsGhost


Wrapping paper fight. After all the presents are unwrapped we crumple the paper and throw it at each other. - hadespersephone


Every year we watch White Christmas on Xmas eve and rag on what a stupid movie it is. Going on 28 years now. - [deleted]


My dad's name is Luke. We aren't a religious family. But every Christmas he makes everyone sit around and listen to him read from the Gospel of Luke. We never really know when he's going to stop reading either.... usually when he feels like he's made some kind of point. We also listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas album on repeat for the entire day. - SweetperterderFries


My grandma gets all the guys some kind of themed boxers and we have to put them, over our pants, on after and take pictures, and most of the men also eat pickled herring which I hated as a kid but has grown on me - Capt_Optimism


We wear our pajamas all day. That may seem normal on the surface, but its a bit funnier when you consider that my siblings and I are all grown and married with our own kids, and all 25 of us still congregate at my parent's house for Christmas.

It started out when my older brother and his wife would come over in pajamas because the rest of us still lived at home and didn't have to change to go out. Now its a tradition where we'll do the normal shower routine, then change into our finest Christmas pajamas before heading over - nyuhokie


After Thanksgiving dinner, my sister and I (both adults now) will engage in a friendly fight with leftover dinner rolls (my mom always burns a few). We'll throw them at each other outside, and hide them in each other's cars. This year I got her pretty good by hiding one between the gas cap and the gas tank lid.

The rolls then re-surface as rock-hard Christmas gifts a month later. Rolls from past years have been re-gifted, so you open up a package that contains a mummified roll with '2011' written in sharpie on it. - theshoegazer


My dad has this thing where every year he gives people pajamas. Like he'll give you a regular gift, but aside from that he will also give you pajamas. He's done this to me and my mom for years and also does it to every girl I've dated. I don't know why he does it and I've honestly never asked, but I feel like if he stopped doing it, I would be sad because I actually look forward to seeing what kind of weird pajamas he got for me this year. - eDgAR-


Watch the Muppet Christmas Carol. As long as we see one second of it the tradition is kept alive. - bettingthoughts


My family re-gifts odd things, like a messed up version of tag. Gifts you might be the unsuspecting receiver of in our family:

A pan full of cinnamon rolls so burnt that you can't even chip a piece off with a knife

A little priest doll that looks like a penis from the back

A can of SPAM

A bowl of dried-out oranges and apples

It's a great tradition, you always get that 'Oh no' expression when you're the receiver, then immediately start planning the re-gifting with giddy anticipation. - Xacktar


Our family always makes one hundred 'pigs in blankets', little cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon. There's only 5 of us but making any less is considered sacrilege - violet_may


We make a Six foot long burrito by laying down a lot of tortillas. Once all the food is on it we all gather around it and roll the burrito together as a family. - juiceboxheero


On Christmas Eve we all pack up into the car and drive around looking at the Christmas lights around town. Oh yeah, and we drink Chocolate Milk from Baby Bottles while we do it. - FourtE2


On Christmas Eve, we have a tradition of the Christmas Elf. All the kids take turns putting on the pointy green Elf hat and putting a present under the tree. They are all in their 20's now, and my wife still makes them do it. We have a bunch of pictures of bored, annoyed 20 year olds posing with a present by the tree wearing a stupid green Elf hat. - ParkingLotRanger


I have a family of 5 and when we visit my parents for Christmas they scatter all of the gifts across their 10 acres of wooded property. Last year I had to cut a rope to lower a gift down because it was suspended 30ft in the air. - cloudywater1

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