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17 women reveal what they really want from their partners for Christmas.

17 women reveal what they really want from their partners for Christmas.


Shopping for a gift for your significant other isn't always as easy as some flowers, chocolate, a steak dinner, or a handwritten love letter...

After many years together, it can be difficult to find a gift that the person who knows almost everything about you would actually use, wear, or enjoy. Is a new vacuum impersonal and not romantic? Would a gift card to a massage ever get used before it expires? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Women, what is the Christmas gift you'd like to receive from your SO?' it was time to get honest about the wishlist. No more heart-shaped eternity necklaces, Santa. Every kiss does not begin with Kay, some kisses begin with cash. Take notes, everyone!


A date. We haven't been on a real date (like dinner and a movie, actually made plans and dressed nice) in six years. Now we have a baby and I've forgotten what it's like to have a romantic evening with him. - [deleted]


I really want a crossbow but he says no - mrssac


Selfishly thinking, an engagement ring. We're married, and have been married since June but I have a $20 mens solid silver wedding band on my middle finger (too big, I wear a 5) and a $7 solid silver band to stand in until we get mine resized. I love my rings and don't want to trade them but..I just want something to go with it.

I want something feminine, it doesn't have to be expensive or flashy. Not that I'll ever tell my husband that I am anything less than satisfied, he does his best and I don't want to hurt his feelings. - therealslimshady19


I’d really love for my husband to get rid of some of his stuff. Mostly the clothing that doesn’t fit or suit him anymore. We have three closets at our new house, his clothing occupies 2.5 of the closets. - Catalystic_mind


His undivided attention for more than 5 minutes while we're together. - hophopbunny


I would like a sentimental piece of jewelry, maybe a pendant with a ruby for our kids birthstone. Nothing super expensive. Just something sweet and simple. It would also be nice to have some family pictures printed/framed/hung in our new house. I can never seem to find the time these days and it would be a nice thing we could enjoy together. Or maybe some clothes. My husband is pretty amazing at picking out things that flatter my figure well. So a new dress or sweater would be nice.

My husband is far and away the better gift giver in our family. He's always a good listener and gets just the perfect thing. He got me the exact rose gold opal ring I had described for my birthday.

I think this year I might have half a chance at matching him. I got him tickets to see his favorite band, booked a hotel in the city next to the venue, and I'm flying in his best friend that he hasn't seen in a year as a surprise. It's so very very hard to keep that a secret so I just wanted to share it. - lilylady


I love giving and receiving themed gifts. A box full of little gifts related to a theme, matched to the person's interests and hobbies. For example since I love cooking, I'd love to receive a box that he made himself with a few recipes printed out on a nice paper or a small book of recipes, with a note saying I can pick one whenever I want and he'll cook it for me, some fancy ingredients, a fun cooking tool, ... I also love stars so a stars-related box with glowing in the dark stars, a map of the constellations, a book about them, some stars-shaped homemade cookies... you get the idea! - Wiindhee


Planning a date start to finish without me having to do anything (make reservations, check out reviews, what we should wear etc). I want him to be decisive and take care of everything and just make me not have to make a decision - I do enough of that at work. - eradikateor


Mini break in a nice hotel without the kids, spa voucher, decent makeup. - MagikMirror


I want an automatic starter for my car. Preferably before it starts to snow. Or a cotton candy machine - olive_dix


Something that I mentioned months ago, like a book or that thing on Etsy I just HAVE to have. Knowing that he actually listens to me would be the best part of a gift like that lol - LedLover86


I’d like a night away from the kids with him, a nice stand mixer or that robot mop thing I saw last week. - UnsympathizingRobe


Used to work at Hallmark. Had a guy come in looking for a card because it was him and his wife's 5th anniversary. We helped him find the perfect card but he started to act jumpy and asked what else he should buy his wife. I asked him if he had gotten her anything yet--he said he had but he didn't think it was enough.

Long story short, this guy had hand-written a love note to her every day since they had been married. Then he hand-carved a box and painted it, and used the box to put the letters in. Then he tied them up with twine, and was going to give those to her as a present.

When he told me that information I just stared at him for a good 2 minutes. Then I snatched the Hallmark card out of his hand, threw it across the store, and told him to go home because that was the BEST present I had ever heard any man give his wife. He got excited and said, 'Do you really think she'd like it?' I told him that if she didn't like such a sweet gift then she didn't deserve to be his wife, and that I was available if he ever divorced her.

I say do something romantic and simple that shows you love her, appreciate her, and find her desirable. Those are always the best gifts. You could do a 25 Days of Christmas theme but each day you do something for/with her that she loves, or you can write her a love note for each day. Just throwing some ideas out there. - DreamGirl3


High thread count sheets. Silky ones you can slither into on a cool night. A benefit to us both! - KittenTitterBums


Popcorn maker - andramo-catali


We finally say f*ck it, don't attend any family nonsense. We get up Christmas Day and make an epic meal that we feast on all day while marathoning the Star Wars movies. With naps. And sex. - RedditsInBed2


I want one of those clear window bird feeders. I had one, but it was broken in a wind storm a few weeks ago and I miss seeing the birds in the kitchen window while I cook. - [deleted]

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