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Man receives funeral tie from wife as Christmas gift, he's bummed, she calls him 'ungrateful.'

Man receives funeral tie from wife as Christmas gift, he's bummed, she calls him 'ungrateful.'


Ideally, Christmas gifts are supposed to be fun treats, not depressing reminders of our mortality. But for every rule, there's an exception.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for telling his wife he would've preferred something more lighthearted for Christmas. He wrote:

"AITA for mentioning I didn't like getting funeral wear for Christmas?"

Sadly, I had to go to a funeral in November. I remarked at the time that I really should get a black tie sometime. Then on Christmas morning, I unwrapped my present and yep my wife bought me a black tie...I have to be honest it made me sad to think about funerals on Christmas morning but hey.

I bought her perfume, a necklace, and a nice jacket I knew she liked. Today I mentioned that it made me sad and now she's really huffing with me like crazy, really upset at my ungratefulness.

The internet had a lot of comments and questions.

CheerilyTerrified asked a crucial question:

Is that all she got you?

If it was then NTA, a tie you need for funerals is a terrible gift for someone.

And OP responded:

She also got me a CD even though when she asked if I would like it a month before I said no I don't like the singer...

buttercupgrump wrote:

Info: Is the black tie the only thing your wife got you for Christmas? Leaning towards NTA. You bought your wife gifts she would want. She got you a single black tie and a CD for an artist she knows you don't even like. It doesn't seem like she put much effort into her gifts. That being said, you're 40. You need to ensure you have proper funeral attire.

And OP responded:

She also bought me a random CD of an artist I told her previously I don't like.

Fub4rtoo wrote:

First NTA and I’m sorry you had to deal with a death so close to Christmas. I have to admit though, I laughed out loud about the you getting “funeral wear” for Christmas. I was expecting something more than just a tie.

Dogmother123 wrote:

You received a black tie and a CD you told your wife you didn't want. I assume the nice gifts she got she did want. NTA - so little effort went into this.

Icy-Conversation9349 wrote:

NTA. At first I thought well maybe she thought it would show she was listening to what you might want. But then read your comment on the CD and your feelings are definitely valid.

OP is NTA at all. If anything, this gift reflects how little OP's wife is prioritizing the relationship.

Sources: Reddit
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