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People are debating which Christmas film is the #1 greatest of all time. is it "Elf?"

People are debating which Christmas film is the #1 greatest of all time. is it "Elf?"


The number of Christmas movies feels like it might be infinite. Every year there are new additions to the genre, and during the holiday season, these movies can be caught on our favorite channels. At the same time, there isn't an oscar for best Christmas movie, but that didn't stop Reddit users from having that debate on a popular thread in the AskReddit Subreddit.

The debate kicked off when Blueberry_Mancakes nominated:

The original How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966). It's fun, charming, memorable, and it's done in 30 minutes. It's the best option for a yearly X-mas watch.

The critics chimed in:

liege_paradox said:

Done in 30 minutes is the selling point for me. My heart always grows two sizes at Christmas, and then immediately shrinks six, imploding into a black hole from which no Christmas cheer can ever escape.


Easily the best Christmas Eve movie right before bedtime

Some dissent


2000 (the Jim Carey version) is better in my opinion.

VERDICT: A good, dare I say great, Christmas movie, but it seems that there is a generational gap over which Grinch is better.

Next up savior_self_ nominates:

Trading places.

The critics have thoughts:


In Italy, it's a tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve. I have been watching it since 1997 and every year at Christmas Eve it's broadcasted on one of the biggest channels here.


There is a Facebook group named 'How many days until Trading Places', which updates every day the countdown. Ovviamente sono iscritto.

but some don't understand the hype.


I don't understand the climax of the movie at all. Something about orange juice.

VERDICT: This is the best Christmas movie if we only ask people in Italy.

The next nominee is from TinyTeaLover:

Muppet Family Christmas. All the Muppets go to visit Fozzie's grandma for Christmas, the Sesame Street crew get lost in a snow storm and end up there, Kermit and his nephew go visit Fraggle Rock. Oh, and the Swedish chef wants to cook Big Bird as the Christmas turkey. Just my absolute favorite.

The critics share their reviews:

MiikeG94 says:

YES! Thank you!! I remember as a kid when I first saw it on TV and the sesame street gang showed up and to my childhood self it was as though the Backstreet Boys showed up at an NSYNC concert, just unfathomable

xxtoejamfootballxx says:

I demand the full version come back!!!

VERDICT: Real potential to take home the title, but it may not hold as the 80s, and 90s kids are the only ones that probably caught this film.

The next nominee is brought to us by un4spyder:

Scrooged. The blend of comedy and heartbreak, the pacing, the performances. Top tier.

Do the critics agree?

Bank_Gothic says:

It's awesome. The first movie that Murray made after Ghost Busters was a huge hit, like 4 years later. It also has three of Murray's five brothers. I always have to remind myself that it wasn't directed by Tim Burton. The Danny Elfman soundtrack throws me off.'

TH3T4LLTYR10N says:

My favorite scene is when he pours a drink that's all scotch and then puts the tiniest splash of coke into it.

Not everyone is a fan of Bill Murray.


Scrooged is great, but the 80's cheesiness of the third act makes it less than perfect.

VERDICT: Close! But there seems to be some disagreement about the film's third act.

Easy_Ear_2409 brings us the following nominee:

Klaus (2019)

Critics want to say:

PuppetryOfTheP*nis says:

It shows true Christmas spirit! Has an origin story for Santa. Promotes putting your differences aside to come together. No commercialism or advertising of products. Introspective thought and growth. It's probably the film that captures the spirit of Christmas best.

Spurklie says:

It's a fantastic Christmas film, that gets hidden away on Netflix because of all the new Christmas stuff they have to bring out every year. But since it came out, it's become my tradition to watch it during the holida;, it's so lovely.

Sunny__Jim says:

Yearly tradition now to watch Klaus while trying not to cry.

Some can hold back the tears.

Keydoway says:

Such an overrated movie

VERDICT: Even closer! Most people seem to love this film. There are just a few who don't seem to 'get it.'

Our last nominee is brought to us by NotGreatDoodles:

Jingle All The Way. Hear me out. You have:

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a man named “Howard Langston” while using an Austrian accent

Jake Lloyd Pre-Anakin Skywalker

The late & beloved Phil Hartman plays a single father lady's man

Arnold fighting black market Santa clauses, including mini me actor Verne Troyer

A fake bomb threat, followed by an actual post office bomb that explodes and is never mentioned again.

the greatest line reading ever, “PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!”

Arnold being Iron (Turbo) man ten years before RDJ & the start of the Marvel Trend

The reviews are in:

chrisleesalmon says:

100%. Though I am very upset that you did not include the perfect postal postman, as portrayed by post-Shazaam Sinbad!

AMBIC0N says:

As a kid the secret password to the underground Santa warehouse being “Jingle Bells Batman Smells” was hilarious

VERDICT: A strong front-runner! As next to nobody had a negative take on this movie.

People debate over what the best Christmas film is. Do you agree with their choice?

Finally, some honorable mentions:

Elf (2003)

Home Alone (1990)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Year Without A Santa Claus (1974)

The Winner: It's hard to choose a winner, but Reddit users seemed to all be awakened with Christmas joy with the mere mention of Jingle All The Way.

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