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Woman won't remove nannying car seats to drive family to Christmas, mom calls her 'dramatic.'

Woman won't remove nannying car seats to drive family to Christmas, mom calls her 'dramatic.'


Saying no shouldn't cause a stir, but it does, particularly if you say no to a family member dead-set on getting their way.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a young woman asked if she was wrong for refusing to take the car seats out of her car on Christmas. She wrote:

"AITA for refusing to take the car seats out of my car so my family can take one car to Christmas?"

I'm (20F) a nanny to 4 kids (9mo, 2, 4, 7). One of the requirements of the job was having a car that could fit 4 car/booster seats. Mine didn't but I applied anyways and they liked me so they got me in contact with a friend that was selling a 5-ish-year-old Ford Explorer for cheap. They bought the car but it's in my name and they're just taking some money out of my check each month for me to pay it back.

It is my car and I can do pretty much whatever I want in it but I need three car seats and a booster in there Monday-Friday. I refuse to take the car seats out because I do not know how to install them and I can't have the parents do it every time I want to drive a couple of friends. I still have my Civic that I used before I got this job so when I'm not working I usually drive the civic.

My family was about to go to Christmas and my mom told me to get the car seats out of the Explorer so we can all take one car. I said no because the only one I know how to install/remove is the booster seat. My mom said I could watch a YouTube video but I honestly don't feel comfortable installing the car seats and I couldn't live with myself if the seats weren't properly installed and something happened.

My mom thought I was being dramatic and that I was just trying to get out of having the family see how messy my car is. I ended up driving my Civic and my mom followed in her car but she's still mad that I made us take two cars instead of taking the car seats out. AITA?

Redditors made their opinions loud and clear.

Survive1014 wrote:

Car seats are not hard to install. And you should know how to remove and reinstall them for emergencies. NAH.

Livid_Refrigerator69 wrote:

NTA. Tell your mother very firmly if she ever asks again that the Explorer is Exclusively a work car. The people you work for bought it for you for transportation for their children. End of story. If she wants to argue she can call your employer & fight with them.

SeethingHeathen wrote:

ESH. Your mom is a little bit right about you being dramatic about it, but she should take no for an answer. Learn to install the d@mn seats. It's not that hard, I promise.

andurilmat wrote:

YTA - stop using weaponized incompetence, at the bare minimum a nanny that's driving kids around should know how to install a car seat. if you don't know how to install the seat, how do you know the kids are secure in it?

Clearly, no one can agree on this scenario.

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