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Husband gifts wife a vacuum for Christmas; one year later wife gets petty revenge.

Husband gifts wife a vacuum for Christmas; one year later wife gets petty revenge.


"Christmas gift revenge"


This was about 23 years ago. My husband was lousy at giving gifts. He would get what he wanted for himself. That year, I came home to a large box wrapped up, about 10 days before Christmas and he said it was for me.

He was so excited. Mind you, we have always been pretty broke, so we (or should I say I) always bought for our children and his greedy family (MIL demands). We always did without.

For some reason, I wasn’t that excited about this gift. Intuition. Well Christmas Eve comes and we open gifts. He gets all excited, telling me that I am going to love this present. I open the box, to find…. A ShopVac. We had hardwood and linoleum so I always swept and mopped and had no need for it.

He told me that it is wonderful because it cleans up the garage, his domain. Even picks up water. And he said it worked great cause he already tried it before wrapping it up. I was livid!!!!! He bought it for himself. I would have been happy with a $5 necklace that turned my neck green.

That night, I wouldn’t even go to bed with him. He comes into the living room where I was laying down at and told me to come to bed. I told him I wouldn’t because I couldn’t look at him.

He then tells me how I was extremely selfish because gifts were to be what we as a family could use, not what we would want. I laid there all night and plotted my revenge. I had to wait for a year, but like they say, best served cold. I kept quiet and told nobody of my plan for revenge.

50 weeks later I found it. I wasn’t even looking for it, but it was staring right at me as to say here I am and it is time. It was in a huge box. I quickly purchase the gift, got some wrapping paper for it and hid it. Didn’t want any sneaky Pete’s.

Christmas Eve, while he was at work, I put the present under the tree. Took two rolls of cheap wrapping paper and I put some ribbon and a bow on it. It also had a nice weight for it.

We start opening gifts, and I wait a bit. Finally, his eyes light up seeing this big box and finding out it was his. He was so excited, and I told him that this is specially bought for him.

He opens the box, to find a case of toilet paper. I then quoted him. Christmas was not for what we would want but what we as a family need or could use. We all wipe. He was furious.

He complained to his brothers and everyone. My family and his brothers told him that he deserved the toilet paper. To this day, no husband in my family will ever by a vacuum cleaner for their wives as gifts.

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My late FIL giftwrapped an obvious mop for my MIL. She was pissed until she opened it and discovered, yes, it was a mop, but it had an expensive necklace wound around the handle. FIL had a sense of humor and wasn’t a jerk.


My husband gave me an alarm clock for Christmas. I don’t use an alarm clock, just the alarms on my phone, though I did have an older one on my nightstand. His alarm clock was broken. He said that since he bought me a new one, he wanted my old one. So basically he bought himself an alarm clock. Well… his birthday is a week after Christmas. I wrapped that new alarm clock as his birthday gift.


My dad got my mom an orbital sander for Mothers Day - he justified it because they were (really, he was) refinishing some furniture. Somehow he was less pleased to receive a Fathers Day gift of a crystal cream and sugar set … even knowing how helpful they’d be the next time he hosted a departmental meeting at their home.


My dad bought my mom a lawn mower for her birthday. When he got a girlfriend and moved out to his own apartment, he tried to take it, but my mom said that was my birthday present.

So twice a week my dad would come to our house, mow the lawn, then load up the lawn mower and drive to his girlfriend’s house and mow her lawn. Then he’d clean the lawn mower and bring it back to my mom’s. The man didn’t even have a yard of his own at the time.


My ex used to buy me things we needed & were going to buy anyway, or things that were actually a gift for himself (like uncomfortable lingerie & a hand written booklet of vouchers for sex). Just one of the many reasons we split up.


After my parents divorced, getting gifts for both parents from all three of us kids was complicated. My mom always took my brothers and I to buy gifts for my dad because she said it was the right thing to do while we were so young. My dad was more hit and miss, but I was always on it either way.

After my brothers moved in with my dad and stepmom, it was my dad’s job to help them get mom’s gift. One year for Christmas the only gift my brothers gave my mom was a set of ShamWow towels. She just looked at them and asked so you got me rags? Their defense was my stepmom loved it.

You can imagine how well that also went down. She forgave, but never forgot. When one of my brothers got married I just calmly reminded him to never gift his wife household items as her only present if he wants to remain married.

So, do you think the OP's revenge was justified? Have you ever gotten a gift from a loved one that left you feeling unappreciated?

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