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Man gets risqué revenge after gym asks him to stop wearing short shorts. AITA?

Man gets risqué revenge after gym asks him to stop wearing short shorts. AITA?


Who likes short shorts? This guy. This guy absolutely loves short shorts. Unfortunately, he ran into someone who specifically does not like short shorts. On Reddit's AITA, he asked:

'AITA for wearing short shorts to the gym even after being asked to stop?'


So I am a big guy. I work out daily. I go to three gyms regularly. I wear and have worn what we lovingly call ranger panties. They are short shorts. Think magnum pi. I usually get attention for this, but it’s usually just old men that roll their eyes.

Occasionally women stare. Nothing out of control. I’ve been doing it for years. Well recently a woman joined my gym that seems obsessed with my legs. She will walk over everytime she sees me. Well her husband came with her the other day.

He proceeded to have a mental breakdown over his wife talking to me. He came over and asked if I thought my shorts were appropriate. I responded by asking him not to objectfy me for being beutiful.

Which made him very mad. Staff got involved and asked me to cover up for a little while. I said sure. So the next day I came in smaller shorts but with a long sleeve shirt. He was with her and lost his mind.

When staff came again to talk to me. I said I had been working out like this here for years. I’ve also seen women wear a hell of a lot less. So I would not be changing anytime soon. Which they just shrugged at. So Reddit Aita?

Here's how the jury responded.


NTA - not your fault his wife has an obsession with your legs and that HE is jealous of.


NTA, you are in fact my hero.


NTA. Next time they bother you about it, ask them for a copy of the dress code in the contact you signed when you joined so you can review it together to fully understand what the policy says.

The inform them that you’ll be filing a complaint against the husband and the employees for sexual harassment after it says jack shit about your shorts in the contract.


NTA. Next time they ask you to cover up, show up in a ski mask, long sleeves, and even shorter shorts.

OP responded:

The shorts I showed up in the 2nd day were so small I was going to send them back.


So... he has trust issues with his wife, and you have to do something about it?



NTA. You're allowed to wear whatever you want. Clearly the boyfriend was jealous of you and the attention his girlfriend was giving you.

I'd keep doing you, my guy. Who cares what others think. You're not hurting anyone. If he doesn't wanna see it or doesn't want his girlfriend to see it, then they can go to a different gym or go at a different time


Absolutely not. It seems the ladies love it, but on a serious note you’re free to wear whatever you like. It’s not your fault your legs attract the ladies!


NTA. You’re doing a public service imo. People who don’t know how to check someone out on the down low without being disrespectful are ruining it for everybody.

OP responded:

One of my best days ever was getting ready for a race. I had been running stairs twice a week for months. The salon across the street from where I run stairs was the only bathroom close. So I went in one day to ask to use the restroom.

The lady behind the counter was smiling in a uncomfortable way. That’s when I noticed that me running stairs without a shirt was her screensaver.

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