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17 professors and students share the moment they almost rage-quit college.

17 professors and students share the moment they almost rage-quit college.


Sleepy lecture halls, horrible roommates, casual plagiarism, all-nighters with bad snacks in the library, and wondering if any of it is worth crippling student debt--college can be a complicated journey...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Students and professors, what moment made you want to rage quit college?' people were ready to share the brutal moment that made them question their involvement in the wonderful world of ivy-covered academia.


I missed a quiz due to a medical emergency and had the documentation of my ER visit and everything. I emailed my TA (our quizzes were during discussion sections led by our TAs) about making up the quiz.

The TA told me to email the professor because it's his class policies. I emailed the professor who then told me to email the TA because the TA is the one who administered the quiz. - Ohheyboo2


I was docked 10% of a final essay because I had the wrong date so it wasn't following MLA standards. I put the date I submitted instead of the date it was due. I got a 90% on the paper. - Ohheyboo2


My advanced foreign language professor dictated that we could not speak English at all during the class, or we would have marks taken away. This was fine, until one day a girl started coughing up blood and we all stopped to make sure she was okay and help her out. Professor took marks off because we spoke in English. I'm still f*cking angry. - pppingpong


I tanked my GPA due to missing half a semester for a health issue. I was allowed to appeal to the dean and basically get my grades tossed (I woulda been out the tuition but my GPA would have survived), however I had to have all my professors sign off that they agreed the appeal was justified. One professor refused to agree on the appeal and I wasn't allowed to turn it in. - slickheadoflettuce


I once took a class called “The Internet” to fulfill a requirement. It taught you how to right click, navigate to websites, and use search engines. This was in 2005. It was also an online course. That was probably the least ridiculous thing about my first college, but it only got worse; I noped out of that school after one year, thank god. - wrongsidestogether


All of my graded work added up to an A but the professor gave me a C because she 'didn't like my attitude.' I went to the Dean to contest the grade. He told me that he couldn't do anything about it because I would have her as a professor in the future and didn't want to make things 'awkward.' Instead, he gave me a CD of him playing Presbyterian hymns on the trumpet and sent me on my way - ateaspoonofginger


I asked a question and the teacher ignored me. Minutes later, a different student asked the same question and the teacher said “good question” and answered it enthusiastically - iamquiteamazing


I took a course called Companion Animals. No matter what I did I could not get less than 100% on anything. Missed a test, make up at home, unsupervised, 100%. Final project completed in 15 minutes with a glue stick, poster board and wikipedia, 100%. It was such a joke. Granted I thought maybe by finishing the class I could have an Animal Familiar like a goat or something, never happened though. - Richard-Hindquarters


The moment I got massive weekly group assignments that were only worth between 2-3%. We lost half the marks on one question because that page of the PDF submission was sideways. - dingoorphan


When we had to buy $400 textbooks when the previous edition could be bought second-hand for $50. The only difference between the two editions? The order of the practice problems at the end of each chapter... - Ethereal4R


I was fairly confident about a final exam I had taken, but when I checked my grade it was a 56. I spoke to the professor and asked him to take a second look, but he refused and said it was obvious that I just hadn’t put in the effort. I finally convinced him to recheck it, and it turned out that only one side of my answer sheet had been scanned. My actual grade was a 94. Thankfully he changed my grade to the correct score, but it was still frustrating. - [deleted]


First day in a particular Finance class senior year.

Professor: 'Who here is taking other classes?'

Pretty much everybody raises a hand.

Professor: 'Who here has a job?'

Most of the class raises a hand.

Professor: 'Well, that's a mistake because this class will take you at least 50 hours a week just to pass.' I thought he was just trying to be a harda*s, but then the guy behind me confirmed that the class would indeed take that much time per week every week just to get by because it was his THIRD time taking the class, and he was otherwise an A student.

Sorry, I have bills to pay, other classes, and other responsibilities. The time does not exist to put that much time into this class. So I DID rage quit...after trying desperately to get through the class for a couple of months. - TheRealHooks


When my supervisor decided that I needed to completely rewrite my masters thesis for publication to an angle that was complete nonsense and unpublishable. - smileedude


I had to write an essay about my feelings studying abroad. For reflection. So obviously I made the whole essay then had to resubmit it because 'that is not how you should be feeling.' She misspelled my name in the e-mail. Still makes me really mad - Ronnylicious


Usually when you take any kind of math oriented exam (math, physics, mechanics, etc.) You get a pack of problems slapped on your desk and you finish it in the time allotted. So you can generally blow through 90% of a test and get stuck on one difficult part for the remainder or just have that 'A-ha!' moment at the end to squeeze in a few extra points.

But this one guy had the bright idea if handing out and collecting each problem at 15 min intervals. So once the problem was collected, that was it. Even if you figured out the mistake earlier, it was already too late. Hate the prof to this day. - jewdenheim


Got a failing score on a lab report even though me and the rest of the group thought we did everything in the rubric. We went to our TA's office hours later to ask about the score. She basically reversed all subtracted points because she was taking off points for things we had done correctly.

The next year one of my lab mates got a grading position with that TA. She admitted to him that half way through the year she stopped paying attention to the reports and assigned random scores. WTF this is a college level course for our major. You can't do that. - Inv1ctus118

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