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'Baby genius' makes OP uncomfortable. Is it wrong to avoid 10-yr-old at college?

'Baby genius' makes OP uncomfortable. Is it wrong to avoid 10-yr-old at college?


We all remember college fondly, don't we? The crazy parties, the early classes, the ten-year-old supergenius who joins the study group. It's the latter that's making one internet poster uncomfortable, and her classmates think she's being unfair. Since we've all experienced this, let's take a second to weigh in. She wrote:

AITA for skipping study group when a kid is there?

I'm (20f) a student at a community college. I have math 3 days a week and after class a group of us grabs lunch and coffee and sits down in the library to do homework together. Honestly it's just as much a social thing as it is academic and it's a lot of fun.

A month into the semester, a 10 year old girl joined the class. She's a genius and apparently high school math was too easy for her so she's taking math and biology here. As smart as she is, she's still a little kid. She has a princess backpack and lunchbox and her backpack has more toys than books.

Her nanny was constantly late to pick her up and she can't check herself into the campus daycare so someone invited her to join the study group. I'm not a kid person. Being in the same class as one is weird enough but I'm not going to get coffee (or in her case, a juice box) and hang out with one.

I went to study group when she was there once and it was just weird. The whole mood is different. She joins the group on Mondays and Wednesdays so I said that I have to work early on those days and do homework at home. Then on Fridays I joined the group and it's like the baby genius doesn't exist.

Then on Friday she asked if she could join us. Her nanny called in sick so she had to wait on campus until her mom could pick her up. The group said yes so I started to leave.

Someone asked where I was going so I said I got called in to work early. Well, that made them figure it out and I got texts from half the group asking if I'm seriously skipping the group because there's a kid there and all calling me immature and saying I hurt baby genius's feelings by not wanting to go to group when she's there.

I told my mom about it and she agrees that it's stupid and immature to miss study group just because there's a kid there. AITA for skipping the group?

Here's where the jury landed:

Booobutt wrote:

Hmm. NAH but also YTA.

I get it, I don’t like kids. I have one and I love him but I definitely need a break sometimes.

You’re not obligated to hang around if you don’t want to.

BUT what does make you TA is how you’re talking about this literal child. The whole tone when you’re talking about her is just mean. Of course she has a princess backpack? Of course she has toys???

Kids her age who graduated and are already in college do not get much of a childhood, if any childhood.

I don’t know. It might just be me who feels this way. Even if I don’t like kids, I don’t like adults who treat/talk about kids like they’re a burden. The vibe is there whether you intend it to be or not.

BiscuitFPV wrote:

You are free to not want to hang out with a kid in your free time so missing the study group does not make you AH. Calling her names however does make YTA

JustRight2 wrote:

'Baby genius'? Sounds like you think you got bumped or something. YTA

Bistromike76 wrote:

YTA. You're 20 years old referring to a 10 yr old as a 'baby genius' whose feelings you hurt. Do you understand how that makes you an AH?

Oneofakindnocategory wrote:

You’re not an AH for not wanting to be around a child but YTA for the way you talk about her. You act like she’s a plague upon this earth.

You heard them, OP. Be nice to your future boss.

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