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Woman banned from campus bar for 'hustling' male coeds trying to hit on her.

Woman banned from campus bar for 'hustling' male coeds trying to hit on her.


All's fair in love and pool.

One woman was just trying to hang out with her friends when a group of guys wouldn't stop hitting on her. They finally said they would bet her $20 each if they could beat her at pool. Well, let's just say she has some walking around money now.

AITA for ‘hustling’ a group of guys?


I (27f) am a grad student at my university. Our teaching sessions have just finished and a group of my friends (all male) and I decided to blow of some steam at one of the bars on campus before starting to revise for exams next week.

We went to the biggest bar on campus, which has an array of pool tables. My friends decided that they wanted to play pool and I sat by the table and watched them since they don’t like it when I play with them, because I’ve never lost against any of my friends and I’m really good at it.

At some point a guy around my age who I’ve seen around campus a few times but don’t really know approaches me and hits on me but I politely reject him (and one of his friends).

The next time he approached me, he offered me a bet - that I play pool with him and his friends and they beat me, I have to let them buy me a drink but if I win they’d each give me £20.

I agreed, of course. I beat all 5 of them and ended up £100 better off. He tried to get me to buy him a drink and I told him that wasn’t part of the deal, that I’m gay and that maybe next time he should wonder why someone isn’t playing with their friends instead of assuming that it’s because they’re not good.

He accused me of knowing I was going to win the whole time, which I confirmed. Then he accused me of stealing and threw such a tantrum that all of us got kicked out of the bar and received a 1 week ban from all on campus bars.

My friends are pissed at me for causing the ban, and said I’m the a**hole for knowing I was going to win yet still playing and that I hustled them.

One of the guys posted about it on our university page and it’s caused a frankly ridiculous amount of gossip and debate on our school’s social media. I just wanted to be left alone. AITA?

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NTA. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Those guys were just mad they lost to a woman.


He assumed you would lose and this would be his in to buy you a drink with you’re own money. He assumed wrong. NTA. You don’t have to walk around with a label plastered to your forehead stating “I’m good at pool” or “I’m gay”.

You did not cause the ban, this fragile man’s ego and temper tantrum did. God forbid these boys can’t survive a one week ban from the local college dive bars. Take it from someone who has done this successfully, if the online bullying escalates, report it to the school, they are obligated to help you and you don’t deserve to be dragged across the coals for this.


NTA. This wouldn't even be a question if it were a guy hustling other guys


Yeah, they tried to hustle her and got their a**es handed to them. Too bad, their own faults.


NTA. I did this in college all the time to get free food, drinks etc and I would have considered myself an asshole, but you politely declined the first interaction. If they underestimated you and got hustled, that's their fault.

Anyone else ever have the pleasure of surprising someone with your secret skill?

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