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Woman commits forgery instead of telling her parents that she dropped out of college.

Woman commits forgery instead of telling her parents that she dropped out of college.


Delivering bad news is hard, especially when you'll disappoint someone. On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, a woman has trouble delivering bad news to her parents.

TIFU by being a coward and not being truthful to my parents about dropping out of uni

Getting help is important and valid.

Since my grandma died in the fall of last year I ( F25) have been on a continuous downward spiral due to my mental health failing me hence why I also dropped out of uni earlier this year. But instead of actually getting the help I just festered in my misery in hopes I can find a way to resolve everything without getting anyone else involved and becoming a burden on someone else.

Obviously, I didn't find a way because that's not how this sh*t works, and instead, it just got worse and worse and I just withdrew from all the social circles that could have helped me out.

Sounds like a cocktail for mental health issues.

The thing is I am the child of very strict parents that pride themselves on having such a well-performing and absolutely not mentally ill self-sustaining daughter ( i wish). We actually got into huge fights in the past whenever I didn't perform that well in school so in my delusional mind I thought if I ride the depressive phase out and just re-enroll everything would be alright and my parents would still be proud of me and never be the wiser.

There's always a time when lies come due.

Well, that didn't happen either and since my parents are claiming some financial benefits because of me being a university student they asked for a certificate of enrollment a few weeks back to keep on getting those benefits. I always talked myself out of having to present it (like blaming some server issues on not having it already) despite those moments being the perfect opportunities where I could have come clean. However, today is the deadline for my lies.

Unfortunately, anxiety, my delusional mind, and a good chunk of cowardice kept me from cleaning up my mess while also robbing me of sleep. I actually haven't slept in a few days. And what happens if your mental health is already sh*t and you don't get any sleep? Exactly you do something very stupid.

Oh no.

The stupid thing I did was actually sitting down with a brain fueled by pure fear of owning up, starting up photoshop, committing forgery, and actually sending it to my father's email.

Yes, I committed a crime just because I am too afraid to tell my parents that I am actually not okay. Anyway, my only hope now is that my father doesn't read his emails before the evening so that I can numb myself enough to actually confess everything

Baetonnian_duke says:

Good luck, that's extremely tough and honestly, the only real solace might be a fresh start and realizing you're actually very normal. A lot of people don't finish or get to university. Maybe try finding a talk group at the university or college to normalize your situation and see if you want to go down a different path.

Baby steps are all that really matters and you don't need to speed through life, start with something small and really own the victory like maybe doing a single course in something or trying out a skill or something you really like or workout a little bit more than last week. Hopefully, this helps. I'm an M 26 and taking it slowly too so you're all right. Try to find someone u can trust to talk to even if it's scary. Doesn't have to be your parents after this. Good luck op, rooting for you.

Majestic_Scale-1868 says:

Massive TIFU there. Fix it fast before you get into real legal trouble.

Terriblis_Pater says:

Dang dude, as a father my heart goes out to you. My oldest dropped out and lied to his mom about it, and I caught him in his lie. I always tell my kids “You can lie to me, but you can’t lie to yourself.” The truth catches up with you and does so in very unkind manners.

Just know that we all make mistakes. Dropping out of school does not make you. What you do after makes you who you are. Owning up to, and fixing your mistakes, is what allows you to move on. Best of luck.

OP, remember that secret secrets are no fun secret secrets hurt someone (you can be the person that it hurts).

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