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18 of the best comebacks to any insult that could be used against you.

18 of the best comebacks to any insult that could be used against you.


Living life means you'll be insulted at some point, sometimes in playful jest and other times to try and get under your skin. Responding to these insults can be difficult, especially when caught off guard. But a great retort can make your insulter look like a fool.

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit Subreddit, users share their best comebacks to any insult.

They write:

1. ohnomysoup says:

I bet that sounded a lot cooler in your head.

2. labbykun says:

Any time my mom would get called names or insulted, she'd shrug and just say 'everybody's gotta be something.'

3. adamb0mbNZ says:

'Well, I guess what everyone says about you is true.' My Dad told me to say this, and the typical bully type will generally go crazy thinking everyone talks about them behind their back.

4. Alph1ne says:

I found out that just asking 'Why?' And putting them in a position to explain their insult, which didn’t have much thought behind it works well.

5._Goose_ says:

Pull my earbuds out with a confused expression and ask. 'What?

6. ohyoushiksagoddess says:

That sounds like something you would say.

7.ndpirate says:

Hold a stare and blank face for at least three seconds, and then ask in a concerned tone, 'are you okay?'

8.Coloeus_Monedula says:

'Well that’s just, like, your opinion, man.'

9. Nansya says:

Once, I saw an AITA post where a bride was jealous of a guest (because she was too beautiful and 'stole her day, even if she was perfectly elegant), and she was insulting her. The bride told her: 'So next time, can I come to your wedding in a wedding gown?' The guest replied:'If you think it'll help.' And I found that EPIC.

10. UsableIdiot says:

I once had someone say to me, 'Jesus they let you out for the day, and this happens,' and I had to laugh and give them that one.

11.Dr_Identity says:

Just laugh out loud. If someone's trying to make you mad, acting like nothing they've said matters to you in the least and their best attempts at making you feel bad are laughable will really take the wind out of their sails. I've done it, it's immensely satisfying.

12. iiiaaa2022 says:

Just say 'okay' and move on. People who insult want a reaction don't give it to them.

13.nightcana says:

Stick your finger in your mouth/cheek and pull it forward and out, so that it makes a popping noise. There arent many people who wouldnt be speechless after witnessing that during a conversation/argument.

14. IandIreckon says:

'Up your butt and around the corner.' Worked when I was ten.

15.fotofiend says:

And? Takes all the wind out of their sails. They want to get a rise out of you, and responding like this doesn’t give them the satisfaction.

16. Hanakin5309 says:

Big fan of the pause for a beat, deadpan, and then some variation/combo of 'you done?' 'Feel better now?' 'Got that outta your system?' Just that pause and a bit of a patronizing tone while dismissing the childlike behavior usually does more to the ego than a counter-insult.

17. PM_UR_REBUTTAL says:

Aussie here, you guys are overthinking this, let me help:

18. Ailok_Konem says:

I envy the people that don't know you.

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