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10 companies that people would put on Santa's 'shut them down' list this year.

10 companies that people would put on Santa's 'shut them down' list this year.


The holidays are upon us, and children are getting ready to receive gifts. Kids celebrating Christmas hope they don't get coal in their stockings; while no child deserves coal, some companies definitely do. Commentators on a popular Reddit thread on the Ask Reddit Subreddit list the companies that would definitely be on Santa's naughty list.

Here is Santa's Fortune 500 Lumps of Coal List:

1. Bette-AnnLucas says:



Old-Day-1555 says:

A horrible company that barely pays employees in extremely dangerous work conditions in order to make poor quality clothing? And get teens/young women to buy so frequent that trends have now become micro-trends that turn over so fast they're practically disposable and clog up both landfills and local thrift stores? Yeah, f*ck them.

2. SuvenPan says:

The Church of Scientology


Squidgeneer101 says:

People would lose their jobs sure, but they make a living off scamming people.

3. JuneGudmundsdottir says:

Nestle is a good choice.


sanscipher435 says:

They have been monopolizing water in poor areas and selling water to the people there at ABSURD prices. Basically stealing a f*cking right.

4. burgundy_merkin says:



Manbeard1000 says:

Tickets 20$ okay cool...Plus taxes, fees, shipping and handling, insurance, arbitrary fee, nonsense fee, exploration fee, parking fee...that will be 189$ for nose bleed seats.

5. LeVraiBonhomme says:



ChrisFromLongIsland says:

A company set up to actually steal money from its salespeople and customers by playing on their hopes and dreams. It takes a special talent to be this despicable.

6. Specialist_Reason_27 says:

Wells Fargo


candafilm says:

They were just fined a couple billion AGAIN for doing the same sh*t they get caught doing every couple years. They’ll pay the measly fine, put out an “I’m sorry” ad, and then continue on as usual. Left them almost twenty years ago and was the best financial decision I ever made.

7. Rnoaaonr says:



Rnoaaonr adds:

Terrible influence on the environment and all they do is greenwashing to seem modern, but they still try their very best to keep the oil industry alive.

8. Historical-Lychee-34 says:

Blackrock. Everything starts here.


Conor_Electric says:

To all that are wondering why Blackrock, they are one of the largest financial institutions and large players in the stocks, investments, and commodities space. There is an inherent evil of any large company, but Blackrock has more power than most. One of the few companies that could legitimately claim to own the world. Trillions in assets in their books. For my money, Citadel and Ken Griffin are worse, but Blackrock is the biggest wolf among wolves.

9. f*ktardy says:

AirBnb. Stop taking up more space than a human actually needs.


Devrol says:

Because they have caused many properties to be permanently let on Airbnb rather than being part of the rental stock of the city it's in. This is causing rents and property prices to rise due to a lack of supply.

10. Ursa_Mid says:

United HealthCare.


Ursa_Mid adds:

As someone who has worked in healthcare for 12 years, I can confidently say they're the evilest health insurance company. They once walked into a hospital I worked for and told them that they had to cut their discharges to nursing homes by 50% with no clinical justification offered whatsoever. Just make the number happen, or you don't meet the terms of your contract.

Yes, that means sending old people home to die. The people they send to these meetings always look like cartoon villains that should have a Persian cat in their lap. Other health insurance companies are evil, too, but UHC is the worst by a very large margin. They lean into evil.

Sources: Reddit
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