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18 people who won a 'lifetime supply' of something reveal all the weirdest details.

18 people who won a 'lifetime supply' of something reveal all the weirdest details.


Winning a lifetime supply of anything is a rare feat, but for those of us who haven't had the chance to cash in on infinite M&Ms or Chipotle burritos, the fine print of the prize seems mysterious...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'who have actually won a 'lifetime' supply of something, what was the supply you won and how long did it actually last?' people were ready to share.


My mom almost ate the white m&m that they promoted like 25 years ago - if you find it, send it in, you get a lifetime supply of m&ms. They sent us a voucher pack, that almost no store would take, but still managed to make it though the lifetime supply in about 1 month (granted there was 8 siblings). Prob for the best tho. - teenwoof69


When a new Tropical Smoothie Cafe location opened in our neighborhood, they ran a promotion for free smoothies for a year for the first 50 people in line on opening day.

My husband made me stand in line for three hours before they opened. We were 24th and 25th in line. The “free smoothies for a year” was limited to one smoothie per week. Still, we each had 52 free smoothies. Not a bad deal. - violent-green


I got a years supply of hot pockets when I was 17 because I bit into a hot pocket that had no filling and I sent them an email pretending to be my mom complaining about it.

To my surprise they actually replied and sent me a golden coupon that was good for a year. I ate so many hot pockets that I hate them now and haven't had one since - eddington_limit


I once waited out a McDonalds for the grand opening. The first 100 people got free fries for the year. I was #3. It consisted of a box of 365 coupons for free medium fry. I think we gave away maybe 200+ of them. It was maybe 13-14 years ago now. - VladTheImpHailer


I know someone who won a free gas for life contest many years ago. They get a $100 giftcard every month. - Good_Community_6975


My Uncle gets free Ben & Jerrys for life. He's been Friends with the actual Ben and Jerry since before they opened the first shop. He has a card that says free ice cream for life and he can get pints or cones at any scoop shop (at least locally).

He also gets decks of free pint coupons that he can use at grocery stores and gas stations. When Unilever bought them out they tired to buy back all the 'free Ice Cream for life cards' I guess it was a fairly generous offer because my uncle is one of only a few that chose to keep the card. - dillydally85


I won the Cash 4 Life $1,000 a week lottery about 10 years ago. Every year I send them proof I'm still alive, and they send me a check for $52,000 in the mail. - rileyrulesu


I won a years worth of Tombstone pizza from a Coca-Cola bottle cap thing as a kid. They sent 52 coupons to use at the grocery store for a free pizza. - JethroB313


My parents won a lifetime supply of toiletries. Soap, toilet tissue, and some other stuff. Once per quarter, you mail in the coupon and they send you another quarters worth of stuff. It’s all institutional grade. Like what you’d expect prisoners to use. - robertlandrum


Not me but a couple years ago my friend won Cedar Points (amusement park) Halloween costume contest and received a life long annual pass. It’s a special gold colored pass and comes with of a bunch of other perks. I am very jealous. - dseeburg


I had a friend in college who won a lifetime supply of gillette razors. They just sent him a crate of Mach 3 razors and refill cartridges and that was that. It was just a one time shipment but it would be hard to get through that many razors in one lifetime. - 4Ever2Thee


Not a lifetime supply, but I won a “year supply” of Chipotle entrees once. Came as a stack of 52 “free burrito” cards with a gilded farmer embossed on one side and a unique code on the other.

At the time, they didn’t limit what I put on these freebies or when I used them, so I gave away a lot to friends, family, and the occasional homeless guy and told everyone to add guac and double meat and make the most of it. I did keep one as a memento, which I still think I should frame. - darwintologist


My mother bought a Toyota Yaris years ago and the dealership was running a ‘Tires for Life’ promotion. She gets free tires whenever she needs them, but she has to do all of her maintenance work at the dealership, and the deal won’t transfer if she sells the title.

The dealership didn’t run the promo for long, and she was told recently she’s the only participant left from the promotion. - BigREDBeard4


I once worked a job that had me purchase Subway sandwiches for mobile working crews and let me keep the tickets, when you could fill the card up for free sandwiches. All the tickets were numbered and purchases valid.

After 2 years I had enough tickets and receipts to redeem multiple sandwiches daily for at least 6 months if I wanted, and still accruing more. I started filling the cards and giving them to friends to eat a free lunch.

Within one month, my friends and I were banned from every subway in a 5 mile radius in Los Angeles. They put our pictures up on the wall and refused to honor the stamps, no matter who brought them in.

Inside of another 2 years, Subway corporate cancelled the stamps altogether and no one would accept them. I couldn't even give them away to a food bank or the homeless to get a free sandwich. Thanks Subway. - failedtherobottest


My grandparents were gifted a lifetime subscription to Reader's Digest as a wedding gift. They were offered that, or some other magazine that went out of business a decade later so they made the right call.

Being a frugal family, that subscription was utilized fully. After grandma & grandpa were done with each issue, it would be passed along to siblings and their kids with this little round robin thing they did (sharing photos and updates of what everyone was up to, passed along in a manilla envelope and when it came back to you, you remove your items and put new ones in).

They had been together for 62 years when grandpa died, but RD honored the subscription an extra decade until Grandma passed. I forgot how much was paid for it, but I'm certain the gifter got their money's worth. - Just_call_me_Marcia


My dad won a lifetime supply of cat food, but a) they delivered it all at once, and b) our cats didn’t like that flavor (of course). We donated it all to a local animal shelter who were super pleased! - HazelKathleen


18 years ago we won a lifetime of vet visits for my cat. They expected to give it to someone with an old pet, not a new kitten. The cat’s still alive. The Vet Clinic has moved and rebranded 4 or 5 times, but they’re still honoring the award. - aegis_526


Won a lifetime supply of mini chocolate milk cartons during a milk day at school lol (if you opened a carton of milk and it mooed at you, you had to call the number on it and report that you have mooing milk).

That was in 2007. I’m still getting milk shipped to me lol my fiancé drinks it because I’ve grown to hate milk - AkKik-Maujaq

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