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Teen cooks for dad's birthday dinner, uses milk, dad berates him 'my friend is allergic.'

Teen cooks for dad's birthday dinner, uses milk, dad berates him 'my friend is allergic.'


Nothing kills the vibe of a dinner party quite like a triggered allergy.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a teen asked if he was wrong for not telling his dad's guests he was cooking with dairy. He wrote:

"AITA for not telling my dad’s guests that I marinated the chicken with milk?"

It was my (18M) dad (43)’s birthday. He wanted me to cook for him and some friends, and I said yes. Met some of them before. One of his friends is also my gf(18)’s dad. I did what my mom taught me : use milk to make the chicken tender.

A couple of them were surprised that I managed to cook roasted chicken well. I told them ‘Thanks. I just marinate it with milk to make it tender’ and one of them panicked. Turns out he has milk allergy and gets digestive issues. My dad started berating me, saying I should have told them ahead of time that I was using milk to check if anyone is allergic.

That it was careless of me not to check first when milk is a common allergy.

Redditors had a lot to say.

Ajohnson62 wrote:

NTA. Your dad should’ve told you. See your dad is the HOST and not you. Therefore it is HIS responsibility to find out all that information. Not yours. He asked you to cook. That’s it. It is definitely wise to ask before hand if you’re cooking for people you don’t know very well. However that one guy sounds lactose intolerant. The good news is he won’t die he’ll just not leave his toilet for a few good hours.

Also idk about where you’re from but milk allergy isn’t that common in certain countries while it is very common in other countries (mainly Asian countries).

Kindly_Barracuda_377 wrote:

NTA. Many foods contain milk. If someone has allergies, they should ask about the food before eating it. It’s not your responsibility to manage other people’s allergies.

SoImaRedditUserNow wrote:

This isn't a restaurant. If your dad's friend has such a bad milk allergy that he's going to spontaneously combust then he should have mentioned it. While I've never used straight milk for chicken but have definitely marinated chicken in buttermilk overnight, especially for fried chicken.

Marinating chicken in buttermilk is a pretty normal way to make it tender (and nice flavor too, mix in some garlic, onion, salt, pepper, chili powder. now I'm all hungry). Just aside from this chicken, milk is used in gobs and gobs of dishes, and not always...apparent (I mean, he'd know to avoid mac and cheese, would he know to avoid mashed potatoes?

Milks in a lot of soups, and not obviously so. Just cause there is milk, its not going to be called "cream of " whatever). At any rate, NTA.

chocolate__sauce wrote:

NTA, can’t believe your dad let berated you like that.

If you aren’t cooking your own food, it’s your responsibility to make sure your allergies or tolerances are covered.

OP is clearly NTA, his dad should've communicated ahead of time about any guest allergies.

Sources: Reddit
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