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16 surprising things couples actually do in the shower together.

16 surprising things couples actually do in the shower together.


Many couples shower together, and most of the time, they aren't doing what you think they're doing. Don't believe what movies and TV tell you about shower time for couples. The reality of what it looks like is much more wholesome.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask reddit Subreddit, couples share what they do in the shower together.

1. CatnipChapstick says:

We take the cap off the bubble bath and mix a little bit of every product into it to make a magic potion.

2. North_Departure8333 says:

My wife and I usually end up having good conversations.

3. kincaidinator12 says:

This made me remember the time my husband and I spent half an hour in the shower discussing whether or not lobsters are sapient.

4. AndrewTatesTaint says:

I want hot water and she wants steaming hot water, so we compromise and have steaming hot water.

5. Defiant_Hawk_9892 says:

Shuffle round and round, taking turns to be cold and warm like f*cking penguins.

6. undeniablybuddha says:

Wash each other's backs.

7. mountainmorticia says:

We hug under the shower head so we are both warm and enjoying the hot water t*tty reservoir. Then when one is soaping up, they step out of the stream, and the other basks or rinses, then we swap. Most efficient.

8. v_4_valhalla says:

I have disabilities that make standing for more than sixty seconds (especially in a hot, humid environment like a shower) very painful for me, so my husband showers with me to help me get clean. He washed my hair, scrubs me down and makes sure I'm all taken care of. Do sexy things happen? Occasionally - but for us, showering together is an act of deep love and care. I appreciate him endlessly for it.

9. dadbod9000 says:

Giggle and spit water on each other.

10. swingofthings says:

My husband pees, and I hold my hands in a cup, collect it, then bring it up and loudly pretend to slurp and drink it up.

11. GirlWithFlower says:

Fight over water and water temperature.

12. malenkylizards says:

We hug tightly, stand under the water so it pools between our chests (she has some TOBs, so we can get a pretty good amount of water between us), and then pull apart so the water goes SPLOOSH on the shower floor.

13. Maiyku says:

We do it to save hot water. Our new place has a smaller water heater; if we both take showers back to back, the second person usually has to rush or finish in ice-cold water. Luckily, I’m a foot shorter than my husband, so he stands in the back with the water on him, and I stand under it and get all sudsy, then just turn the heat down to rinse off.

14. thisismylovelyhat says:

If it's a good relationship, farting as loud as possible and laughing.

15. gbbmiler says:

I get my chest hair all soapy and then rub against my wife in the most comical manner I can while shouting 'human loofah.'

16. bootscootboobie says:

Give each other wild hair styles.

Sources: Reddit
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