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19 employees share the absolute rudest thing a customer ever said to them.

19 employees share the absolute rudest thing a customer ever said to them.


Entitled customers and clients are unfortunately part of any job that involves working with fellow human beings, but sometimes the adult temper tantrums cross a line...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s the rudest thing a customer has ever said to you?' fed-up, ready-to-walk-out mid-shift workers everywhere were ready to vent.


I was working retail part time in college. There was a back to school deal where the company would donate 5% of a sale to the school of the customer's choice. To do so we had to look up the school and find their number to input into the register. We were swamped and I forgot.

The lady and her kid left, then returned a few minutes later. She was mad I hadn't asked which school. I apologized and had to return her whole purchase and rescan it in.

I was embarrassed and moved her to the front of the line. Her kid was impatient and wanted to leave. 'Why can't we leave?' he kept whining. Mom responded, 'we'd already be home if this high school dropout knew how to do his job. They must have some quota of handicapped people they have to hire.'

I walked away from the register and left her standing there. Opened the next register and called the next customer over. Manager had heard everything. He was only mad that he had to listen to her after I walked away. - silverfallmoon


'You look cuter without glasses.' Well you too. - swtlol89


A customer once explained my own language to me. - [deleted]


'I spend more money every day here than you make in a month.' Jokes on her, I guess. Starbucks isn't that great. - AlternateUniverse564


Customer I knew socially for a bit asked me to create a website, database system and mobile app for their retail store. All in a month and at the price of about 500 USD. I told them I couldn't do it for that price and that no one else competent enough would.

They screamed my head off saying, 'This is why you are broke and jobless. You should be honored that I even considered you for this opportunity. I now realise that you don't know how to do it and that's why you're looking for ways to weasel out. You can go to hell for wasting my valuable time. Stupid idiot.'

I was in my last year of Uni and just starting out in my field. I have since graduated and gone from broke and jobless to well paid and on a 7 year contract. Their store has since died out and they moved back to their mom's. Whose the stupid idiot now Mr K? - 68kgsofKenyan


I worked as a bartender. English isn’t the first language where I live, but I grew up in the states. An American dude was trying to pay while speaking the country’s language but it was so broken I could barely understand so I told him his total in English, thinking he might be relieved.

He freaked out at me, asking why I was speaking to him in English when he wasn’t. Every customer stopped what they were doing to watch him rip me a new one for trying to keep him from an uncomfortable situation. - nmij


Well, got threatened to be shot once, so I guess that? Over a warranty of a battery that he had no information of buying at all. - OrbitalOdin


I was working a register and have dyslexia that makes reading numbers slow. A spoiled college kid handed me a $50 and because I just glanced at it quickly, I thought it was a $20. I gave him change for $20, he looked me dead in the eye and said 'Can't you read?'

I paused for a bit then answered, 'actually, I'm dyslexic. Let me get my manager.' He looked so ashamed as the manager came and got him the correct change. - JellyBeansBeam


Christmas day someone cussed me out because we ran out of sugar cones telling me to 'f*ck off!' Meanwhile, her entire family was with her while my family was about 800mi away. - TDIfan241


Well, I had one throw a vibrator at me when I refused to let her return it. I think that beats out anything a customer has actually said. - GloInTheDarkUnicorn


Him: “Are you in charge here?” Me: “yes” Him: “Well you are doing a f*cking awful job.' I cried in my car... - Jabriddles


A rude family was arguing with a coworker until he finally dismissed them. The father, who must have been upset that he lost the argument, marched up to me. He asked me what the temperature was outside. I said ‘I don’t know’, to which he snapped ‘well you don’t know much, do you?!’ Dude really needed a win I guess. - [deleted]


'This is why you work at a restaurant. You're too stupid to do anything else.' I was in college for pre-med. - persondude27


A customer was speaking to me disrespectfully throughout the whole transaction, so I called my supervisor to deal with them. The customer proceeded to scream, 'You shouldn't be working here if you can't handle a little bit of criticism!'

It was more than a 'bit of criticism'; they had been making constant rude comments about me and my ability to work. My supervisor had to threaten to kick them out of the store. - [deleted]


Several years ago when I was 16 I worked at McDonald’s. They had those rewards stickers on every McCafe beverage, and once you got 5, you got a free medium McCafé beverage of your choice.

You could get coffee, a frappe, hot chocolate, etc. This guy that I’d never seen before just walked up to my register and handed his full rewards sticker to me and said nothing.

In my peppy Big-Mac Barbie voice I asked which free drink he’d like, and he responded my yelling at me that I was a “f*cking idiot” and “obviously he just wanted a black coffee.” - Occasional_Vegan


I was working at the register of a department store during holiday season. I can’t math for the life of me. It’s a sore spot for me. I’m pretty positive I have some kind of learning disability regarding math, I had to take all my math classes multiple times in college.

Anyway, a customer was confusing me with the specific way she wanted me to give her change back. After working multiple register type jobs I was always warned against and had had my own experiences of people who try to manipulate a cashier by getting complicated with their change back- it can be a sign of them trying to swindle you and ultimately get more money back from the transaction.

I had seen it first-hand so I started to get suspicious of her and just told her sorry I’m going to give you the change back the way I’m giving it back.

She became enraged and called me an idiot and told me I needed to take math classes (lol). Then she asked my name and I happily circled it for her on the receipt. After she left I started crying, it was so humiliating and brought up all my insecurities of struggling with math my entire life.

I understand her frustration since it was my own fault but I could never imagine caring that much about the type of change you get back to request it in a certain way so maybe she had bigger issues in her life that it seemed like such a big deal to her. - Halloween_Queen1331


At Walmart: heard a guy say to his sons, 'And that's why poor people don't matter and aren't real humans anyways kids.' I've never wanted to assault anyone in my life until that guy. - [deleted]


I was installing a car battery for a customer, dark and cold as hell too. He turns to his 8 year old son and says 'see son, this is why you go to college. So you don't have to work jobs like this.' I was in college.

I needed money to eat. Now I'm getting my doctorate in physical therapy. So, suck it guy. That kid is going to become a brat because of his father. - coltzxli


I had a guy scream in my face at the gym I worked at about how the pool is always closed....we hadn't closed the pool in months. - LoadedArmidillo

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