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17 customers share their pettiest dealbreakers when dining at a restaurant.

17 customers share their pettiest dealbreakers when dining at a restaurant.


According to TikTok, it seems like everyone thinks they're some sort of expert, renowned food critic when going to a restaurant...

Are you entitled to a staff of tired servers rolling out the red carpet because you spent $17.99 on a tiny plate of vodka penne? The jury's out according to everyone who has ever left a 'zero stars if I could' savage review.

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s a deal-breaker for you at restaurants?' people were ready to share the tiny hiccups of the service industry that might inspire some Karen-level behavior. If you're asking for a side of Ranch, reevaluate whether or not you deserve a 5-star dining experience...


Small napkins. - rboller


Kids running wild. Apart from the inconvenience of the other diners it’s dangerous when staff are walking round with hot food. - McSillyoldbear


Bringing me a tiny little glass of water. - Opportunity-Horror


Paying and tipping on a handheld electronic device while the waiter stares me down. One guy actually “instructed” me to press the 25% tip option as if it’s a required step of the transaction. Infuriatingly rude. I waited tables and bartended for over 8 years and it was always considered a huge no-no to stand over someone while they tipped, totaled, and signed the slip. - MowBooVee


Not having hours and menu posted on the website or Facebook or somewhere. As someone with some food sensitivities I am not wasting my time showing up and getting seated just to discover I can't eat/don't like any of the food. - siwokedaj


Not being seated (or even greeted) at the door for 15-20 minutes. This actually happened, and I never went back. And no, they weren't busy AT ALL - TerryOrcutt


Hard cold butter for the bread. Just let the butter out of the fridge for the day so we can spread it on our bread without destroying the bread - goingTofu


When they keep the lights so low that you literally can’t see the menu. I’ve been in three places like this, and the food is always bad. The place is dark for a reason. - onthedownhillslope


Hidden fees or changing prices regularly. I'll go once, but if that happens, I won't return. - ruvol23


Taking forever to get the check grinds my gears. I'm less likely to return if I had to wait a long time to leave. I don't want to be held hostage after my meal. - LuckyLawyer21


Having no seats with backs. Nobody wants to sit on a bench. - steve-lp


Dirty menus. If they can't be bothered to wipe the menu then what else are they not cleaning? - IAmSagacity


No prices on the menu. If I’m going to spend money, I want to know how much I’m going to spend. Just tell me the steak is $40 - indigoassassin


Tables packed closely together to the point where you might as well just be sitting with the strangers next to you. - jimcol


Loud music. I've been in restaurants before where I can't hear myself think, let alone hear people opposite me talk. - Philcycles84


Being seated next to other diners *in an otherwise empty restaurant ** - Isorry123


If the table is sticky and it gets stickier after they wipe it. - kissingdistopia

Sources: Reddit
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