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20 employees share their job's version of 'spitting in a rude customer's food.'

20 employees share their job's version of 'spitting in a rude customer's food.'


Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows that the "spitting in table 2's side of mashed potatoes" ritual is mostly a myth, but that doesn't stop waiters everywhere from dreaming about some sweet revenge...

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What is your job's version of 'spitting in the food of rude customers?'" disgruntled and burned out employees everywhere were brave enough to confess to the petty and hilarious ways they get back at the complaining Karens of the world. Oh, you want to speak to the manager about nothing? Looks like a mysterious fee just got added to your tab.


I work access control at a data center for a multi-national bank. Have you been a sh*tty employee recently? Prepare to no longer have access to random doors in the building, and that will change as the day goes on. - WadeNotSlade


I make their sandwiches with a little extra mayo or sauce and then I squeeze it as I wrap it up. - Sexyazzwife


Manager at domino's. We usually will just blacklist the number if they try to complain too much. As managers we can totally push back in a formal and calm manner. If you have a genuine complaint then we'll give you reimbursement but if it becomes a regular thing then we will blacklist you and you can no longer order from us - yung-sprout

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