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Dad overhears son discussing plan to come out; writes him funny and heartwarming note.

Dad overhears son discussing plan to come out; writes him funny and heartwarming note.


Turns out, eavesdropping on your kid's phone conversation can have a wholesome and positive outcome.

When a dad overheard his gay son's phone conversation discussing his plans to come out to him, he decided to make things easier by writing him a note.

The note, which is loving, supportive, and complete with a dad joke, has the internet bawling. Get your tissues ready because this one'll get you right in the heart strings.

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In the note, the dad explains that: (a) he already knew his son was gay, (b) he loves him anyway, (c) he needs him to pick up OJ and bread, and (d) thinks he and his BF make a 'cute couple.'

It reads:

Nate, I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I've known you were gay since you were six. I've loved you since you were born. - Dad

P.S. Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.

Someone shared the note on Reddit, where it went viral. Commenters are loving the dad's supportive sentiment and his use of a double-entendre (classic dad).

Kuchi_Kopi_number2 writes:

It wouldn’t be a note from Dad without a dad joke

And Thot_Destroyer_666 adds:

This brings a small bit of warmth to my cold dead heart

Others are sharing their own experiences with 'obvious' coming out stories.​​​​​​, like unbannable4:

These are great. My cousin came out at my sister's wedding reception. The general response was, 'everybody knows, nobody cares.'. Now go dance with your 'roommate.'

In an ideal world, no one would have to 'come out.' You could just love who you love and your parents would only care about you being happy. That's why this dad's casual-yet-supportive attitude towards his son being gay is so refreshing—it's a sign that we as a society are moving in the right direction.

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